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Hi MUB and Ixthusdan,



Here is all I can get when I hit esc during booting. Hope it is readable.


Here is shot i got.




Also during installation I remember that i have never gone


Package Group Selection, I was given right away with KDE

neither root password/user account. Nor resolution.









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I love my Opera browser! I had to use it's zoom feature to read the text in the image you posted. The last line reads: "Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!"


If you have any USB drives plugged in on boot up, that is one possible cause of your problem.


See the following threads for some other things to look for:




FYI, you can upload larger images to imageshack or choose not to resize the image, just optimize it.

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It stirs up my head David. Quite confusing for a beginner like me. I dont know where to start the

fix or should I reinstall it again. BTW, I have no USB drives connected during installation.



I hope I can install MAndriva as soon as possible. Ill dump all my windows OS....also install other distribution.

And become a full pledge linux user.




Its was the first time i uploaded a photo for forum use. Sorry about the size. Im quite surprise that the noob from your link did the same thing.

Get the camera and took the shot. and upload.



Thanks for the answer.

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I downloaded the


Mandriva Linux One 2008 - Free Download (Recommended: contains all drivers and common plugins) from


The file is




I burned the iso image using UltraISO burned it on a DVD.


Then boot.


Any problem with this? Thanks for the help.

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It is quite possible you have a less than perfect burn on your dvd.

If you have a fast connection to the web (as in broadband) it may be worth your while downloading the dvd iso. Lower the burn rate in your burning program so that you get a good dvd burn and re-install. If you take this option you will not need to re-partition your drives just use current partitions when you get to that part of the install.

For me that would be the better option, however if someone else disagrees or you do not wish to take that option then delay your install and see if a better answer comes along.

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Only question I have is - Mandriva One is live CD. Did it work OK before trying an install?

I mean, if you put it into drive and reboot, do you end up getting normal desktop?


And I would still try to go with MandrivaOne (in fact I just installed it into three comps in my house during last few days, one of them ending actually up as fileserver - oh that lazyness). This way one can avoid hassle with nvidia drivers and all kinds of proprietary plugins that otherwise come with DVD.

But your current problem looks like bad burn to me as well so you should

1. check that iso you got is OK. If not, re-download.

2. burn another CD.

3. See if this boots into nice Mandriva desktop.

4. Install. As SilverSurfer mentioned, you can probably use partitions made during previous install.

5. Enjoy and come back with next questions :)

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Thanks Wahur and SilverSurfer60...


I will check the ISO after I get back home tonight. Or download it. I got fast connection.


If I download, http://www.mandriva.com/en/download/free has I think only CD iso with KDE available ..so it leave me no choice...But Ill try to download it again the Mandriva linux one 2008.



BTW, how would i install it again when their is already an installed Mandriva 2008 as you said I install it again. Would I install it in normal process..

Use custom partition. Select the drive and auto allocate?


Thank you for your time.



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I am trying to keep this as simple as possible K1n6 Paranoia so that it is understandable.

The Live CD is meant to be a bootable system and run from the CD without installing, however, there is the availability of installing via a desktop shortcut that is placed on the desktop when you boot up. This release is meant to be burnt to a CD.

If you want to commit to using Mandriva there is the 2008.0 release which is a DVD iso, therefore is meant to be burnt to a DVD. This one you install as an operating system. During the install you need to select to use the current Linux partitions. This selection will re-format only the operating system partition of the hard drive, in your case it should be /dev/sda5


There are major differences between the Live CD install and the system DVD install. The one difference that you will see is the choice of graphical desktop you want to install i.e. you can choose KDE or GNOME. Many more differences you will notice if you choose to go down this route.


With the Live CD install I believe you do not have the choice of graphical desktop, user set-up etc. It is much quicker as most of the choices are made for you depending on the hardware you have on your computer.


A word of caution here! The iso for the DVD (2008.0 Free) is a very large file, as it contains a complete release of the Mandriva package.


I sincerely hope I have not confused you even more, but I can think of no other way to describe all of the above. It's all about choice you see.

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Guest milouxiv
This is correct, The Live CD gives you KDE.

There is a live cd for gnome as well, because I have used both.

Edit: The Gnome cd is smaller.

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Thanks guys for your answers...



i already downloaded it and check with md5sum and the files is ok. Very large file indeed.


when you are ask where to install the GRUB bootloader...should it be on sda5 or any drives will do. At my last installation i think I installed on

sda1...Should it be a problem..or ?



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