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K1n6 Paranoia

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Guest Magwitch
What happens if you try to boot one of the other two configurations? (first linux-nonfb, and if this does not work too, failsafe).


Hi scarecrow, thanks for replying.


When the Menu comes up, I have just the following choices -


Boot Mandriva Linux 2008


Boot Mandrive 2008 (safe mode)


Boot MS Windows


Going into safe mode, I get a script running, but it doesn't go into safe mode, just stops. At one point in the script it has -


Mounting local filesystems:

Mount : special device/dev/hdc1 doesn't exist

Mount : special device/dev/hdc5 doesn't exist FAILED



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Guest Magwitch

All OK now - just upgraded my mainboard and graphics card (was going to do it anyway), and I can now boot to Mandriva and XP seamlessly.


Cheers, Magwitch

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Its been a awhile!


I just to let you know that I finally installed Mandriva successfully.

But I virtualized it using Virtualbox.


Thanks for those who helped me before. I always wanted to have a Mandriva on my own.







Thanks a lot.




p.s. Hi SilverSurfer60!

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