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  1. hi. Its been a awhile! I just to let you know that I finally installed Mandriva successfully. But I virtualized it using Virtualbox. Thanks for those who helped me before. I always wanted to have a Mandriva on my own. Here. Thanks a lot. Mark p.s. Hi SilverSurfer60!
  2. SilverSurfer60, Mandriva Live CD has no problem in my laptop..It run smoothly but video card is not recognize... Ubuntu wont work..Even installation CD...huh.. I am now downloading the OPEn SUSE..its AMD 64 compatible..maybe it will work now.. Thanks for your time..Ill just post if i have question.. Maybe in MUB , linux is linux also. Nice to know you. Mark
  3. is the linux /swap,/,/home are the same in all linux distribution.....?So that i will not partition anymore.. i read ubuntu need only two linux-swap ,/.. mandrive is 3....swap,/ and home... Maybe i should consider other distribution.. mark
  4. when i try scarecrow advise....i hit esc...it will show 4 selection..i choose linux and hit c for commandline... GRUB> acpi=off error 27 unrecognized command If there is still some suggestion Thanks SilverSurfer60 and scarecrow....
  5. i still did not try that acpi=off...i dnt know about it...i try this one Im using AMD 64 athlon x2...i guess it is a 64 bit machine...am i right? Thanks
  6. SilverSurfer60 , Sorry. It did not work. I tried reinstalling it. But it seem the problem is on booting again. Thank you. Mark
  7. The result: Hope to here more advise. May my snapshot will help analyze the failure. Thanks mark
  8. Hi MUB and to those who patiently answered my questions, Im very sorry. Linux wont still boot. I tried already every to the extent of my knowledge in everyones advise. This was my fourth failure. I still want to install linux in my laptop. Here some snapshot from my installation in partitioning. I tried to partition it again after the 3rd failure. sda1 where my xp sda5..where my vista.. If you will notice..it skipped. I dont know why.. And the partitions after auto-allocate.
  9. hi, Thanks guys for your answers... i already downloaded it and check with md5sum and the files is ok. Very large file indeed. when you are ask where to install the GRUB bootloader...should it be on sda5 or any drives will do. At my last installation i think I installed on sda1...Should it be a problem..or ? Thanks..
  10. I think the installer is the problem. You see, I been trying to install Mandriva One live CD. I will download later the Mandriva Free, and try if it will work... I think it will work this time...................................... thanks
  11. Thanks Wahur and SilverSurfer60... I will check the ISO after I get back home tonight. Or download it. I got fast connection. If I download, http://www.mandriva.com/en/download/free has I think only CD iso with KDE available ..so it leave me no choice...But Ill try to download it again the Mandriva linux one 2008. BTW, how would i install it again when their is already an installed Mandriva 2008 as you said I install it again. Would I install it in normal process.. Use custom partition. Select the drive and auto allocate? Thank you for your time. mar
  12. I downloaded the Mandriva Linux One 2008 - Free Download (Recommended: contains all drivers and common plugins) from http://www.mandriva.com/en/download/free The file is mandriva-linux-2008-one-KDE-cdrom-i586 I burned the iso image using UltraISO burned it on a DVD. Then boot. Any problem with this? Thanks for the help.
  13. It stirs up my head David. Quite confusing for a beginner like me. I dont know where to start the fix or should I reinstall it again. BTW, I have no USB drives connected during installation. I hope I can install MAndriva as soon as possible. Ill dump all my windows OS....also install other distribution. And become a full pledge linux user. Its was the first time i uploaded a photo for forum use. Sorry about the size. Im quite surprise that the noob from your link did the same thing. Get the camera and took the shot. and upload. Thanks for the answer.
  14. Hi MUB and Ixthusdan, Here is all I can get when I hit esc during booting. Hope it is readable. Here is shot i got. Also during installation I remember that i have never gone Package Group Selection, I was given right away with KDE neither root password/user account. Nor resolution. Weird? Thanks. K1n6
  15. Good Morning BTW..... Coffee in the morning is great. siiiiippppp..sip.. wow..
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