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The sorry state of open source today


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... I don't agree with everything Radu-Cristian says in his article, but I very much agree with what he is doing, which is to take a brutally honest look at the failures of the open source community and demand that we begin to recognize them instead of continuing to ignore the parts that aren't working correctly. This is the first step in fixing some of the problems that frustrate us all as GNU/Linux and *BSD users. ...

Beware it's 26 pages long. But it's worth a read if you have a several free hours. Read it here.



source: hup.hu

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I wish he would have proof read it...there's definitely some spelling and grammatical errors through out.


there's definitely some = plural so "there’re"

throughout? :devil:


/me runs and hides ;)


sorry, but it is actually just transferred from a blog... I would guess the proof reading should have been made at that time... but one can find grammatic errors all over the internet :D, I was just prooving that.

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Well, it was an interesting read anyway. It's nice to get some perspective.

I do agree though it was a bit over-the-top, too much doom and gloom. And some of his examples aren't very well choosen either.


There are good counter-points to most of his arguments, but I'm not going to be the one to make those :P

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