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Post originally by Bambino from suseforums.net, I'm just re-posting it:


Linux Supporters Celebrate World’s First Mainboard with Open-Source BIOS.

AMD, Gigabyte Release Source-Code for Mainboard’s BIOS



From a practical perspective, LinuxBIOS removes the need for ugly hacks and workarounds in the kernel that compensate for buggy BIOSes we can now fix the BIOS ourselves,” the statement proclaims.


Additionally from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linuxbios


A unique feature of LinuxBIOS is that the x86 version runs in 32-bit mode after executing only sixteen instructions (almost all other x86 BIOSes run exclusively in 16-bit mode). Running in 32-bit mode makes it run very fast, its current cold boot record is 3 seconds.


I searched some online shops, and this motherboard is indeed already available. B)


I encourage everyone looking for a new computer/motherboard to buy this; we should support

these kind of efforts.




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I've just been thinking about submitting my motherboard, to test it out on my five year old system and see how it is. I only use Linux on it, so Windows wouldn't be a problem to me.


It's a Gigabyte GA-7VTXE. I know it's old, but it should be a good one to test. If it goes wrong, then I can buy a new machine. I wouldn't want to buy a new board to screw it, and then have to buy another one. Working with an old one, at least it's not too much of a problem as it's value is much much lower.

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