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I don't particularly like it either, but never could be bothered to change it. I give myself +1 for the wallpaper though :P


Below (click the link) is my Linux desktop, I hope it'll be rated a little better... :rolleyes:




WinXP? Definitely gonna be a 0...haha
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The wallpaper is a picture I took at Chickies Rock.
very nice pics, tyme! But where are the carefully stitched-together panoramas? :o :P

i actually do have a panorama, but i didn't stitch it together myself...used a tool that came with my canon. This one is from chickies rock (some stiching issues on the left side), and this is from the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. I need to work on my panaroma skills ;)

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Oh... okay! :P


But then again the places around the Salar de Uyuni, San Pedro de Atacama and northern Argentina have v

been the most amazing places (scenery wise, ermmm not "nature" wise ;) ) I have ever been too, which might include your desktop wallpaper......

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