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Trying to install Gentoo [solved]

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I have a free partition on my Linux box so i desided to try one of the 'for pros only' distros - gentoo.

I've downloaded a liveCD 2006.0 but it doesn't want to boot on my pentium 3. It sais there was a disc error. On pentium 4 it does ok, i was even able to play it for some time. How can i install it on p3 without booting the graphycs?



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The CD & CD-ROM are 100% all right, checked twice. I had more luck tring to boot with this option: gentoo-nofb, wich means without a frame-buffer. The error occured a little bit later, when a 'gdm' (i think it was) failed to load and the system stalled.


What is that gdm at all?

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gdm = gnome display manager. Thus you seem to have a graphic card compatibility problem. You can try to fix your Xorg.conf file from a terminal, maybe that works.

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I'm sure, (IIRC) there should be an option to run a text based install on the 2006.0 cd, you could try that (remembering to have a copy of the manual to hand).


I've been trying to find out. Most of their guides seem to be GUI based now, and the way they designed the CD, it's hard to find the stages, than compared to using 2005.1 when I started with gentoo.


I think I have to look again carefully at the CD and find where everything is. Unless there is a text based installer too, which I think there is to solve this :unsure:

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