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Ulteo Linux


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We may see a beta of Ulteo Linux coming on May 15th. Not sure what it is yet except that it is a brain-child of Gael Duval. Welcome players!

Check for it HERE.

The forum is HERE.

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woow..it seems nice and full of suspense..lol

eager and curious to know how it would be B)


Since it is targeting at "ease of use" for a pc", i guess there is full implementation of HCI to make a really user-friendly distro..very curious to see that..

it would perhaps emphazise more on that aspect than in providing a variety of softwares..etc..

Basically perhaps a simple, easy to use linux based pc for anyone..to ease "pc learning process" ??!!


Thanks for the info Ixthusdan! :thumbs:


(btw if you happen to try the beta soon, lets us know about it)

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I copy Gael's message from the ulteo.org forum just make it clearer may 15th is the earliest date.

Not before the 15th May. When I started Mandrake, it took me 6 months to have a first release available, and it was way less complicated than Ulteo.


For Ulteo, I just want to release a beta as a proof of concept (with just basic services running), and I'm full time on it, but hey... I have to learn Debian in depth wink


Any help is welcome!



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The Ultro.com home page has now updated to "summer 2006" for the date of the first beta. So it looks like we are looking at June-July-August now.

Anticipation (it's a song)

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Posted today.

Hi everybody - ulteo.com is down again. Actually it seems that the hosting service Canaca.com is totally down. We have to cross fingers and wait. Very fortunately, we have asked for the transfert of ulteo.com domain name to a new registrar and have a new web server ready to serve.


So if we can access the DNS parameters soon, ulteo.com may be back before the Canaca hosting company :-) (again, I wouldn't recommend them at all)


Other good news: the first Ulteo liveCD - which will be the core of the Ulteo architecture - should be ready as an alpha download by the end of next week. For this "event" I'll describe what is different in Ulteo when we release it.


All services around the Ulteo OS and the full concept will be unveiled progressively after Alpha or Beta stage.



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iph, only non-techies use the term "web 2.0" :P and if he bases it on debian, i think that has better hardware support than RH which Mandrake was based on.


hence me calling it "silly web 2.0 thingy".


and as for hardware support... that depends more on each distro's implementation, what modifications they make to the kernel, what extra drivers they provide, how much research they put into finding extra drivers, what updates applied, what versions....


and then there's the detection system chosen... I can't remember what I used on debian when I used it, I think I just manually specified mine, so I havnt really got anything to say about it's detection... been a while since i used it.



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I do not know what Alteo is, but I do know that the Image Monster (Microsoft) has been pushing things that I do not like. Yet, the marketers are busy convincing the public that "on-line" software is what they need. So, if linux has a version to this marketing that is Open Source, what's wrong with that? People are swayed by the hype. Don't fight the hype, just take advantage of it!

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