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Your First Love?


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Red Hat 5. It came in one of those 4-disc box sets with SuSE, Caldera and Slack. I still have it somewhere. Technically it was my first Linux distribution since I installed them in the order the discs were packaged, but I much preferred Caldera at the time. I had a Compaq Pentium II workstation in my office with a whopping 196 MB of RAM, and the Caldera devs were able to give me the kernel parameters required to access all of it. The Red Hat support crew was stumped. Sadly, I couldn't actually do anything productive with Caldera. I had to rely on OS/2 for that.


Of course, my first love was a Commodore VIC 20.

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Mandrake 7.something, probably 7.2 I used briefly. Then every Mandrake/Mandriva version since Mandrake 10.0 which I've used solidly and learnt more since starting using them permanently in the last year.

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