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Convert pdf to text


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Kword 1.4.2 will open and edit PDF files and I believe you can then save them as you wish. 1.4.2 is not in 2006, but is in cooker. I've done some PDF editing with it. I haven't tried to see how the various options for saving work. I've only used it with Debian Sid, so I'm not sure how things are with cooker.

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You may be able to use the gimp too. I haven't tried yet, but there is a plugin to read and write pdf files.




It reads PostScript and PDF files. It writes PostScript files. To interprete PostScript, ghostscript with the pXmraw-drivers must be installed. To interprete PDF, the ghostscript must be able of interpreting PDF. (V1.01 : parse rc file) (V1.02 : support anti-aliasing, no progress bars for non-interactive mode, new procedure to set interpretation arguments in non-interactive mode) (V1.04 : support Encapsulated PostScript writing and preview) (V1.05 : save b/w-indexed images with 24 times less disk space) (V1.06 : fix problem with writing color PS-files)
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Does anyone knows how to convert pdf files in text files?


Is there any free program to do that?



Sure. Use Ghostscript. Inside there's a pdftotext utility.

pdftotext -q -f 1 -l 100 the_pdf.pdf the_txt.txt

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...and since an old thread has been brought back, one can also use right now "pdfedit" which can take a pdf document, add/remove pages, manipulate images, and convert it to text, image(s), or different resolution pdf... pretty much an "Acrobat for *nix"- surely with less features, but not bad at all!

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