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  2. Hi! My firefox 2.0 crash when I try to see webpages with flash. I have the flash plugins, and everything was ok with the old version 1.5 (mdv rpm version). Does anyone know what is the problem? Thanks
  3. My Mandriva is in portuguese. Can it be the problem?
  4. I installed the new mandriva 2007 and in the new menu command for the rpm installer, with the instruction /usr/bin/drakconf --start-with="Install Software", I get as result an MCC error, wich says that the command Install are unknown. How can I solve this? Thanks
  5. I installed a more recent version of Kernel and uninstalled at the same time the old one. Now Mandriva don't start:-( How can I solve this problem using the rescue console? Thanks [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  6. I tried to do that but, I can't find the galaxy theme in the kdm themes folder :unsure: Where can I find it? :huh:
  7. Hi! I changed the kdm theme in my Mandriva 2006. Now I want to put back the standard kdm theme but I can't find it! Does anyone knows where it is? Or where I can get it! Thanks for you help!
  8. Hi! Does anyone knows how I can use my Logitech® QuickCam™ Messenger in Mandriva? Thanks :D
  9. Hi Does anyone knows how to use an Epson PictureMate 100 photo printer in Mandriva? Thanks
  10. Hi Does anyone knows how to automaticly enable wifi connection during boot process? I always need to press the wifi card's on/off after the boot to get TX/RX on. How can I solve this problem? Thanks
  11. I restarted the menu configuration in menudrake and now my kcontrol menu came back :D
  12. Hi I installed new icons for my Mandriva 2006 and now my kcontrol menu disappeared Does anyone knows what is the problem? Thanks
  13. Hi I use the Mandriva 2006 in an Acer Aspire 1414LMi, with the wlan winxp drives via ndiswrapper. Everything worked well until today. I don't know why, today, my wlan connection don't starts when the system boots, and I can't start it with the netapplet, even after drive reinstallation. How can I solve this problem? Thanks
  14. Does anyone knows how to convert pdf files in text files? Is there any free program to do that? Thanks
  15. Does anyone knows how I can get 32 bpp depth in my Acer Aspire 1414 LMi? My Graphic Card is an Intel® 855GME integrated 3D AGP graphics featuring Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 technology and up to 64 MB of video memory Dual independent display support. Thank you
  16. joaonuno


    I used the Easy-Urpmi to update my Mandriva and now I'de like to know what I need to do: 1 - Where are the rpm's that Urpmi downloaded? 2 - Need I to install them or are they already installed by the Urpmi? 3 - The Urpmi via Easy-Urpmi download every new rpm's or only the updates of the rpm's that I have installed? Thanks for the help.
  17. I installed the Mandriva LE 2005 in my ACER Aspire 1414 LMi and the drives wireless that I got at ACER's site with the NDISWRAPPER. But I think that I need more help because I can't put Wireless working. In the boot process I got the error "b44 device wlan0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization". What I did wrong? Thanks
  18. How can I update my Mandriva LE 2005 without using the Mandriva Online? I heard about a thing called Synaptic... Thanks
  19. I changed the default reproducer of the System Messages, and I tried the kaboodle. Now I want to change to the default reproducer and the option is blocked. I have the Mandrake 10 in a Compaq Presario 1400. Thanks
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