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i used to love opera some years back. but i had serious trouble with the display of a lot of web-pages, despite the plugins installed. i don't know if it is much better now, but firefox is fast, easy and stable for me.


but after all, i would use any linux-browser, as long as it works okay. (even good old lynx :))

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Mainly use Firefox, but switch to Opera (used to use it all the time) for my daily marking off of orders in our online shop - have 20-30 tabs open at once, pasting a despatch date in and clicking a few tick boxes - there's a noticable and annoying half second or so pause with Firefox in between tabs - switching is instant in Opera.


This is on a 1GHz Athlon - probably not a problem ona faster machine.

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Don't like it. Reasons in order of importance:


Not open-source

Java problems



Poor ease-of-use

Less choice of extensions/plugins



lol. i'll agree on a few points.


not open source, yep. i agree there.

java probs? nope.

ugly? a matter of perspective. they have more themes than any other browser.

poor ease of use? also a matter of perspective.

less choice of extensions.....thats absolutely true.

cluttered? a matter of opinion there.


my wife and i run opera and firefox simultaneously. when i'm using firefox, she'll leave her opera up and vise versa.


i also use konqueror, epiphany, galeon and mozilla. other than firefox, konqueror is my favorite. but yes, i actually leave my apps up an running.

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lol. who isnt? the moment you stop learning......your dead.

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I tried Firefox for awhile but even though I was able to get it to do many of the same things that opera uses (long time opera user), the big thing I didn't like about Firefox is the lack of an email client within the same process. The opera email client is a big part of my decision to stay with opera. It's right there and supports views. I don't have to launch it separately.


At work, I tried Firefox for awhile, but ended up going back to IE for speed and compatibility. *SHOCK* *THE HORROR!*


Before you guys pile on me :)


I think Firefox had to negotiate the company's firewall so it often took way too long to start up. I had issues with some password negotiations too. SO the real reason is that my company favors IE and has designed their interfaces to work with it.


However, to play devil's advocate, firefox is a nice browser. I like that its open source too. I wonder how much my decision to stay with opera is simply based on what I'm used too. But I ain't kidding about how much I like opera email..

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I don't like the interface with opera, i also prefer mozilla suit to firefox.

Have used opera to render sites that mozilla wouldn't because of ie coded html.

Use konqueror to get on to my bank site as it spoofs the os well enough to pass the banks crappy compatability checks.

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