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Newbie old guy (62) needs serious help! [solved]


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With regards to the CD's you'll be fine. I used 700MB CDR80 to burn mine, and the images were marked as around 700MB.


In terms of the MBR, if you're going to reinstall Mandriva afterwards, the install process will ask you where you want to put the LILO bootloader. Make sure MBR is selected, and everything will be fine.


It's only if you're not going to use Linux at all, that you need to fix the MBR to let Windows boot. Even if you remove Linux, the LILO will still exist in the MBR unless you removed it prior to removing Mandriva.


I have reinstalled many a time, and not fixed the MBR to boot Windows prior to installing Mandriva.

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soooo...just to be sure. can you give me the steps for removing all the partitions now? Reverting back to a pristine second HD? then I assume I only need to re-boot with the new mandrake distro and follow on screen instructions???


sorry again for all the questions and tentiveness. I have screwed up too many times already with the linux stuff. my ego from lots of windows years is somewhat beaten down. lol


thx for any and all help.

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You take no steps.

When you get your new 2005 cd's, just boot them.

and you'll be able to do anything you wish with the partitions there (return to the pristine state) using the boot GUI tool.

If there is no option to create a FAT32 partition, just leave it blank for now.


p.s. Linux is not really much harder than Windows, it just requires a different approach. I went 100% Linux about a year ago and have gotten very comfortable since then.


Do you have any questions about creating those new partitions? Maybe you should just try installing it.


p.s. 1. don't touch your windows partition (you'll recognize it in custom disk partitioning)

2. remember about LILO 1st sector MBR

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I don't think that Linux needs to be "very much like Windows" and it really isn't.

It's another Operating System with it's own pros and cons.

However I can not use Windows anymore, because it just feels too thin and hazardous for me now. Mandriva has given me peace, it looks very pretty, is rock stable and allows me to do my job. However Linux requires a more knowledgable user, partly because you can very much suite Linux to your own individual needs, but the power if managed poorly can backfire, i.e., user has to know what he is doing.


I wish you the best of luck!


p.s. Here's a screen of my system. screenshot

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if I delete the linux partitions, which I am inclined to do, I will need to repair my mbr, correct?  when i deleted simply MEPIS my system would not boot till I repaired MBR with xp install cd. Not sure if this is what you mean by scrap though.


edit: i almost have all 3 cd's dl'd. am on the last one now. they are all over 700 MB though. i am not sure i  can burn a cd image since my cd's are 700MB in size. Can I even get larger CD's? have not seen any but not really looked either so not sure.

1) they should burn just fine.


2 if MCC or Mandriva install does the partition delete you should be okay. Jusy don't let it douch HD0 (drive 1)


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ok.. almost perfect. I apparently chose a not so good option, for me at least. When it asked me if I wanted it to automatically logon my user I saaid yes. not good as it does automatically log me on but in console mode. I get thei:




and it sets waiting for me to do something, who knows what. lol


the install went great and i got my hd2 partitioned into 3 partitions:



/win_c2 (which is supposed to be fat32. haven't tried it yet since i can't get in)


/root is 5.9 gig

/home is 10gig

/win_32 is 10gig

all rest of 120 gig free.


any help on getting in and changing the automatic login to colsole would be very much appreciated. 2005 version looks great although I now need to learn the location of all stuff like configure etc again.. 9.2 was WAY different.

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nope. did not work. first one said no display configured and second one said something about not found..


maybe boot with the cd again and do repair??? i think there was an option for that. not sure though. really need to get rid of the autologon for username and go right into kde. don't know how to do that though. since i am at command line maybe there is a way from there. shrug.

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