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update to mandriva through easy urpmi


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Have you tried alternate mirrors in case it was unable to contact the one you had selected?


You may have to reinitialise your urpmi sources, as per the easyurpmi note towards the bottom of the page.  Another option, just check in the KDE Software Media Manager, and see if there is anything existing for PLF.  If so, can remove, and then see how you get on at selecting after that.  I'm assuming you were able to add the other ones OK, and just problems with PLF?


I've had issues before with certain mirrors, and by just selecting another one I was OK.


i tried alternate mirror (not that there are a lot) but it is exactly the same pb.


How do you access Kde Software and media manager.


The pb occurs only with PLF free and plf paying.


al the other ones are working fine.

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System/Configuration/Packaging - it's under here.


You can check if the sources exist and remove if necessary. If plf ones exist, might be why you can't add them again perhaps.

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i did it, this is when i get the message "Unable to update medium :it will be automatically disabled. Errors retrieving failed : curl exited with 19 or signal 0. no hdlist file found for medium “plf” problem reading synthesis file of medium “plf”"


i even tried to add them with the konsole using the line on easyurpmi.zarb.org but it is the same problem.

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There is this option which is mentioned on easyurpmi to re-initialise it, but this will mean setting up all your mirrors again, and it may still not work for plf, but if your connection is fast enough and you don't mind doing this, it's worth a try.


urpmi.removemedia -a


is the command.

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