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Show Off Your Desktop: January 2005


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on a top or side panel, JUST making it a solid colr and sliding to transparent does the trick. However, this doen't work on the bottom panel. Hmmm...I wonder if I...nope, I moved the bottom to the top and created a new at the bottom adding applets and it still no worky at the bottom

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workin fine here...

just remember, not all applets do it, i know the menu bar, window selector, volume control, post it notes and the battery one semi does


others i havnt tried


keep in mind, the background goes transparent, not the content. ie, the menubar text isnt transparent, nor are the icons in the volume or any of the others, just the grey background is.



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welp, i'll nominate this one, but i never make the cut so i guess it's pointless........ :unsure:

don't be so pessimistic ;)


That was a "j/k" like how i can nominate it but it doesn't get listed :D (see previous month)


Anyway, i know mine rulz and all the windows users at work always want to look like my desktop.



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going to leave the first one nominated...this one is just here to look perty :)


click for larger image

GTK2 & metacity: Outcrop from gnome-look.org

Icons: Etiquette Icons from gnome-look.org

background: off of deviantart, don't have the link...

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