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Virtual Linux


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I think it will be great to have access to a linux box without having to install one in your machine.

This will be possible if it will be installed somewhere on the Internet and letting users to create their accounts. I would need only a minimum number of applications.

It would be used by people who have no other choice but to use windows (Office pc's)


This will give others the chance of try and why not, later, switch to Linux.


Please let me know if there is such a thing on the internet.



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This is what I am looking for ...

A internet installed distribution that I can use along with others.

Can you imagine where software development will be driven for to support such demand! I wonder how many people will be using this this super extra free linux box. So free that you don't even need to have a PC to have a linux box! Will be linux able to handle such power demand ?




Then just imagine win just a client to access Linux!!! This rocks! :cheesy:

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