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  1. I was already thinking about the need of a lawsuit. :lol:
  2. As long as they keep a free downloadable version of Mandrakelinux and offer free updates (not only security related) it's ok. Although Gentoo is my main OS now, I was planning to download Mandrakelinux 10.2 and see what's new. I guess I'll download 2005 Limited Edition instead :lol: .
  3. The random X lockups appeared yesterday for me. It's seems that the only workaround for this is to set the RenderAccel option to "false". Other than that, we can wait for NVIDIA to release a fix or downgrade the drivers.
  4. They run excellent on Gentoo as well.
  5. http://www.shanseifan.com/Famille/05_Murie...xembourg9cu.jpg Let's raise some billions and buy ourselves a law against M$. Now ... on topic. Let's say the retards pass that stupid law. If all European software projects are relocated to servers in Africa, Asia or NON-EU Europe (as AI said) can they continue to function ?
  6. GCC 4.0 is available in Gentoo since February AFAIK but I don't know how stable it is ..... I'd like to know how it works for you. Maybe I'll also take the plunge ;).
  7. Well, you can read the changelogs at kernel.org and find out what's different. The nitro patch makes your kernel faster, more responsive, increases performance in games and adds new features. Go to the Gentoo forums and read about all the new features.
  8. .... and of course the nitro patch: :D http://www.sepi.be/nitro/2.6.11-nitro0/pat...6.11-nitro0.bz2 More details here: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-302767-start-0.html
  9. I fully agree Cybr. Linux is way better. I've just finished installing Solaris 10 and tested it a little. The first boot was slow but after that, it's as fast as a normal Linux boot ~ 1 minute to the gdm screen. The default desktop is JDS3 which is GNOME + Solaris theme. I still haven't managed to get Sound and Networking going. One surprizing thing is speed. Although it is compiled for i386 it runs quite fast. I don't know if I will keep it ..... only if I get sound and networking going. ...... maybe.
  10. There was a bug in Vyqchat it seems. I wasn't able to compile it the usual way but it 'emerge vyqchat' did the trick. I'll stick with Vypress/Vyqchat for now ....
  11. I know about it but I can't get it to compile ..... it complains about qt libraries but I have qt installed. Anyway googling for chat software I found Akeni (www.akeni.com). It looks very promising but unfortunately it's not quite free. Does anybody know of an open-source or other free alternative to it ?
  12. The title says it all. I'd like something like BORGChat or Vypress chat (at least).
  13. The debate is getting hot ..... LILO vs Grub .... let's use NTLoader instead .
  14. LILO cuz I use Reiser4 and I really understand this bootloader :D and I'm too lazy to learn Grub. :P Yes ... there would be one more argument ... I don't like the way Grub sounds ... LILO is more pleasant to the ear . Paul, please give me some hints on how to make LILO look cool. I'd also need some nice themes for it.
  15. Most of the machines run XP. Yeah ... I'm an eye candy lover as well, that's why I hate LinNeighbourhood's look. Can I get iFolder for free ? :D
  16. What distro do you use ? Depending on your distro's packet manager you can install the kernel sources in a snap or you could download them yourself from kernel.org and untar them in /usr/src.
  17. I understand the risks, but you see, this is a friendly network. I know all the people who are part of it and since they all use Windows and therefore SMB/CIFS I have to use the same thing. NFS would proabably be great but it's not possible. I've used LinNeighbourhood before .... it's quite ugly but if there's nothing better I'm forced to use it again.
  18. Samba browsing is a nightmare in Linux. I'm a GNOME user and Nautilus does a poor job at it. It asks for the user name, pass and domain name for every share even though there is no user/pass required. And besides this it is very slow and sometimes it won't even display the contents of a share. Why can't it browse the network as smooth as Windows (this is one of the few windoze strong points) ? SMB4K works more or less but sometimes it causes locks and I have to restart X. xfsamba just sucks. I really need a working alternative to this.
  19. I'm really fed up with those lamers and their stupid software patents. Why don't these software patents supporters go home and shoot themselves thus ending their useless life and sparing us of their pathetic existence ? No offence to the Polish people but right now Poland is behaving like a bitch, switching sides with the uber lamers.
  20. Running as root is not such a tragedy. Yes, yes maybe it is unsafe but as long as I'm connected to the Internet through a Linux server and I have a firewall installed on my box I don't feel unsafe at all. I always update my software and open only the necessary ports. A hacker would have to hack my Server first, then find some 0 day exploit that will work on my Desktop computer. He would also have to map the network which I'm part of which consists of 30 PCs. And out of those 30 PCs he would have to choose mine. BTW 29 of those use Windows which is far more easier to hack. The chances for me to get 0\/\/n3d are quite low as you can see. The idea is that I can afford to run everything as root. Oh, and there is this little dose of insanity you need to have to do dangerous things like running everything as root, using Reiser4 or other bleeding edge stuff.
  21. If Linux received the funds winblows gets for development it would put Gates out of bussiness real soon.
  22. Most of them were predictable but why is Slackware the distro of the year ?? I would have expected Ubuntu (due to it's huge gain in popularity) or something else.
  23. a13x


    Why don't you do an urpmi superkaramba ? Set up your rpm repos and install superkaramba via urpmi. It's much easier.
  24. a13x

    Lilo [solved]

    I think this is the problem: other=/dev/hda1 label="windows" This is your Windows partition as far as I can tell and it probably is NTFS boot=/dev/hda1 You are trying to put the bootloader on the Windows partition. That will never work, I think. Change boot=/dev/hda1 to boot=/dev/hda (to put the bootloader in the MBR) or boot=/dev/hda7 (to put lilo on your Linux partition). Then run lilo -v or lilo -cv (if you want it to boot faster). I always put the bootloader in the MBR. I never had any trouble with it there. I hope this helps. ;)
  25. That would take a while .... :D So far I have only been able to test Mandrake 9.2 , 10, 10.1 10.2 Cooker, Fedora Core 2, Red Hat 7, Knoppix, Slackware 9, SLAX and my current main OS, Gentoo. That is 7 distros out of 300 ... There still are plenty.
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