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Linux vs windows

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Hello. I'm a microsoft basher. Why am I such a cold and uncivilized basher? Because the Microsoft Image is what people believe! They are successful at marketing and image. ( I am repeating myself) Image is niffty and nice, but not real. If a company can size up to their image, let's say part way, then more power to them. Microsoft is the diameteric opposite of its image!


Trusted computing? Not!

Stable computing? Not!

Looking out for me? Not!

Where do I want to go? Not! It's where do they want to go!






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I once read an analogy to the "linux and windows are different" topic that I thought was quite good:


switching from one to the other is like getting job as an accountant for PespiCola when your previous job was being an accountant for CocaCola: you're still basically an accountant for a large sode vendor, but the corporate culture is different, the rules regarding vacation and health insurance have changed, things are not stored where you're used to, and probaly not exactly under the same classification, etc...


I do have to point out that sometimes Linux feels to me like I work on the 7th floor in both buildings, by Coke/Microsoft has an elevator whereas Pepsi/Linux requires me to take the stairs: may be I get to exercise (my body/mind) but once in a while, I get tired of climbing those stairs to get to my office.

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In my simple view this case is simple:


Linux gives you lots of headages for free

Window$ does the same if not worse and charges for it


So if i am going to have a headage either way, please dont make me pay for it!


As to the fast pace of upgrades, lets all embrace the pace of it, as far as i can see linux is moving at a faster pace as windows will ever be able to manage. If you are tired of all the options you have, just narrow it down and wait for the official releases. :cheesy:

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