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  1. Come one folks, don't tell me i am shit out of luck here :|| I do want this x86_64 version working on my computer. I have tried every resource now to get this resolved, sofar nothing works. I have decent mobo and vid card very recent models and frewquently used. There must be more people struggling with this, any tips, hints, please?
  2. I cave I have tried just about everything i could imagine. I replaced the drivers with the default nv, i deleted via urpme the nvidia drivers reinstalled them tried to use the native nvidia installer, nothing worked. Worse of all there was no help available from the community. Appearantly i hit a snag that nobody else encountered yet so i cave (temporarily ). Meanwhile, i downloaded the i586 dvd version of 2005Le and that one worked out of the box, zero issues. If you have any suggestions still as how to get the x86_64 version working please let me know. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
  3. No I tried all that already, I tried, nv, nvidia, other from nvidia, vesa, vga, different color depths diferent monitors, you name it. none of the other drivers would work
  4. I found the older drivers from nvidia for amd64. I will try those later tonight. Meanwhile if somebody has other suggestions please let me have them. I wont my system to run at max power
  5. hm, I dont have the old drivers anymore. perhaps any other suggestion how to overcome this?
  6. Meanwhile I have been scrutinizing the logs for irregularities. This is wat I found: Syslog: kdm: 0[6530]: IO Error in XOpenDisplay kdm: [6251]: X Server for display 0: terminated unexpectedly kdm: [6251]: Display 0: cannot be opened kdm: [6251]: Unable to fire up local display 0:, disabling. Also I checked the system settings for irregularities and found /etc/modprobe.preload: ... nvidia amd64-agp amd64-agp amd64-agp ... I tried to uncomment the last 2 seemingly duplicate lines but the errors remained the same Last irregularity i spotted was during boot. At some point it displays starting dkms: followed with the message that nvidia was already loaded. Any help please?
  7. Here it comes: I already tried to add "Load "glx"" in the module section to no avail, I also tried to select different driver settings, depth, vesa, size. But the signal 11 error popped up every time. -edit- For thos interested I attached the Xorg.0.log
  8. Hi all, please I need some help. I tried to install Mandriva LE2005 on my AMD 64 system obviously trying the x86_64 version of MDK. All seems to go fine untill the reboot when the systems drops back to the command prompt aka startX failed to load. The error I received was: "Fatal Server Error: Caught signal 11. Server aborting" After that I checked the /var/log/Xorg.O.log the following warning messages were given: "... (WW) Open APM failed (/dev/apm_bios) (no such file or directory) ... (WW) LoadModule: given non-canonical modulename "/usr/X11R6/lib64/modules/extensions/libglx.so" ... (WW) NVIDIA(0): not using mode "768x576" (WW) NVIDIA(0): horizontal synchronisation width (846-832=14) not a multiple of 8 (WW) NVIDIA(0): not using mode "576x384" (WW) NVIDIA(0): horizontal synchronisation start (589) not a multiple of 8 (WW) NVIDIA(0): not using mode "360x200" (WW) NVIDIA(0): horizontal synchronisation start (378) not a multiple of 8 ..." Could anyone please help me with this. BTW i am using an NVidia FX5900 vid card. Thanks
  9. the way to connect to your DSL, assuming you mean your dsl router, you open a browser window (either konqueror, modzilla, or any other web browser) and type the local ip address of your router (ususally this is or you should now get the login screen as you are used to. Good luck
  10. hm i have no issues sending or receiving files at all using gaim be it that it dumps it all in one location. You can set the preferences to ask confirmation for each download. Neither do I have any issues people seeing me online, except the dont see my avatar. I believe you can set the online status in the accounts section. Hope this helps ya, ill check later today when i am behind my system.
  11. Yes indeed my bad, hdc is your cdrom drive. Did you verify that the downloads are valid (sumcheck) and that your cd's are burned correctly?
  12. Nice peace of work afrosheen!!! I have become a little less of a noob to linux :D Here my comments to it. Please regard them as positive gestures to improve your artwork even further. a. Chapter 1 page 4: You are refering to an install from linux on a windows based machine. However I got a little confused when I got to your second and indeed extremely important step no. 2 defragging before attempting to create a partition from empty space. I would reiterate that it is the second crucial step when moving from windows to linux and creating a partition from empty space. b. Chapter 1 page 5: I missed a section to explain what I have to do if my piece of hardware is not supported? This would be the ideal spot to refer to this mandrake user board for instance to find additional information and/or assistance. Also my experience is just to give it a try as the generic modules included most likely will work anyhow. c. Chapter 2 page 6: You explain that root is the lowest level like the roots of a tree. However in the next line you state that directories can be put 'underneath' root. In fact you meant that root is the reversed image from a tree so the root is listed on top, ie we start at the top and go down following the various directories created underneath root. d. Chapter 2 page 6: You missed a typo here 'staple' is 'stable' e. Chapter 2 page 9: I missed a section about selecting a desktop. I learned that various programs i preferred to use afterwards like 'gaim' were included in gnome. My advise would be that if space was no problem to install the gnome desktop as well. Perhaps you could even shed some light on pros and cons to select a desktop. f. Chapter 3 page 14: You refer to 'What To Do' as part of configuring your KDE desktop. Thusfar I was unable to locate what you were suggesting? g. Chapter 3 page 14: Another suggestion when using KDE is to include proper microsoft fonts instead of the ugly X11 look alikes. My eyes thank me every day i downloaded and installed the proper ones :wink: h. Missing: I missed a general trouble shooting section you referred to. I assume that one is still in the making, if not i would certainly include it. Including a reference to this community for instance where users/members devote their time to help others.
  13. Hi and welcome to linux and this board! By the sound of it you need to install gtk as gaim is designed for the gnome desktop and mdk installs by default only kde desktop. To install gtk just navigate to the mandrake control center (mcc at the command prompt) click on software icon and search for gtk. Make sure to include the lib file gaim specifically asked for and accept any other files that are required due to dependencies. Next install gaim again. Good luck
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