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I know this probably sounds like a really stupid question, but how do I change screen resolution? Right now, I'm at something really small, so everytime I get onto Mozilla I have to press ctrl+ a few times. I can't find screen resolution anywhere in the configure options. Does anyone know how to change screen resolution for the whole computer?

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I don't really know exactly how to change resolution, on mandrake but I know how to change the font size in Mozilla and make it permanent, I use to have the same problem. If you are using Mozilla-firefox you can click on Tools > Options and under General look for Fonts & Colors then where it says Display Resolution pick 72 dpi and then on Minumum font size, choose some where around 13 or what ever you want, according to how big you want everything to show up. Also you should try to get mozilla-firefox from what I hear it's much better. It's easy to install thrue urpmi, you can click here to set them up just incase you haven't done so, and all you have to do is su to root and type the following,


urpmi mozilla-firefox


Hope this helps,



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