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  2. I had this problem with pclos and it turned out to be a problem with xgl. Go to the mcc - hardware - 3d desktop and in the advanced section choose something that is not xgl, native something is what I remember. I'm not at my linux machine at the moment. I think you'll be pleased.
  3. Make sure your non-free repositories are set, use Easy-Urpmi for good results. Then go to the Mandriva linux control center > Hardware > set up the graphical server, your video card should be highlighted, pick it again and you'll be asked if you want to use the proprietary driver. Tick yes and the driver will be downloaded and installed and you will have to restart the graphic server, I usually reboot. Also when your in hardware there is a box to configure the 3d effects. Your current xorg.conf is using the generic nv driver so you wont get any 3d action. Good luck Mike
  4. Before you get to the video card selection, be sure you've enabled the non-free repositories,then select the video card from the list( I think you'll want fx or better) the manager will ask if you care to use the nvidia driver and enable the 3d effects, Tic yes and the rpms will be installed and the xorg,conf file will be changed to use the nvidia driver and you will be asked to restart your computer. Cheers Mike
  5. Remember when you are burning the cd or dvd to burn a disc image and not a data disc. I remember windows disc burning programs always made me work to figure how to make an iso. Welcome to the board Mike
  6. Open a terminal and type su Then type draklive-install That should get some action even if it complains that it can't find the command. Cheers, Mike
  7. You did it right. Every time you upgrade the kernel, go back to the control center and select the graphic card. It should let you know if there are proprietary drivers and it will download and install the ones you'll need. The control center has come a long way since Mandrake 8. Set up the 3d effects and try the cube, impress your friends. Cheers, Mike
  8. The short answer is the version of alsa that comes with mandriva doesn't work with the sound card on your laptop. At least the headphone part. I installed pclinuxos on my COMPAQ PRESARIO 3000 just to have the headphone volume work right. I check back with a mandriva live cd once in a while to see if the problem is fixed, but so far I haven't had any luck.
  9. mtriley98


    Go to configure your computer (mcc) then go to Boot, then Set up how the system boots, click on next, click on windows then click modify and tick the default box and click ok. That should make windows the default at start up.
  10. Go to the control center ( mcc ) and look at the installable or at the removable software. The year 2006 or 2007 will be in the package discriptions. Good luck
  11. Click on the star on the left - click multimedia - click Sound - Kmix - then the input tab, adjust the mic level to your prefrence. Make sure the green lamp at the top is bright. The Switches tab has a mic select option that may be useful. Cheers
  12. For the screen saver, go to Control Center-Periphials- Display and at the top click the Power Control tab and make sure the Enable display power management is not checked. For the date. go to Controll Center- Region & Accesability- Country Region & Language at the top click the Date & Time tab and change the short date format there. You will have to restart kde to make the date change permanent, I just reboot the computer. Cheers Remember to tick the apply button after everything you change.
  13. In KDE go to the Control Center / Periphials / Mouse / Cursor Theme and pick a cursor without so much twirly action. Gnome should have something simular, but I don't know where. Cheers
  14. Fedora's test = Mandriva's cooker I've been so intrigued by yum-ex and smart gui that I haven't configured yum from a terminal for some time. Here is a link to fedora 5.90 repo http://redhat.secsup.org/fedora/core/test/...os/Fedora/RPMS/ I hope this helps some but I'll try to help more when I have more time. gotago cheers
  15. When you installed linux did you install the boot loader in the root partition? When you install the gag46 loader I remember that you press a number to select the different hard drives but when you select the letter for the drive partiton it asks a yes or no question (I don't recall the exact verbage) but I select no and it seems to work. I've never multiple booted with windows or with a raid array so I can't be much more help than this. Cheers
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