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Small but annoying issue


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Hi again


I have one small annoying issue with Konqueror that I am hoping someone will help me with??

While in Konqueror, if you right click on a file a small menu pops up and there is EVERYTHING on that menu except............COPY!!!

I find it really annoying. Repeatedly, I do it only to have to press control c or go up to the menu and hit edit copy.

Is there a way of getting copy onto that small menu??

Thanks if there is!!

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When using Kongi as a file browser, if you right click on the background you will NOT get COPY, you will only get COPY TO-> or MOVE TO->.


When you right click on a folder itself within Kongi you should always get both CUT and COPY options.


As far as I know you can't (unless you are a programmer who can do such things ...... I certainly couldn't ) change it to be right click available all the time. I could be wrong on this point.


Hope this clarifys it for you.


Cheers. John (69yrs young)

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Check the 'settings' menu in konq; you can create your own settings and call konqueror with the respective profile; to see what I mean, just rightclick on the home-icon on your desktop and check what gets executed (never mind that it actually doesn't say konqueror..).

Just save your profile under a new name whenever it is the way you like it, and in the future call that one with

konqueror --profile [profilename] &

(make the execute command of your icons like that).

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