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  1. You got me on that one. Never had that problem myself and can't remember anyone posting a solution. I would make sure if they are ide drives that the jumper pins are set master/slave and not cable sellect. Microsoft doesn't care must about the jumpers anymore nut linux does. See if you can't change the bios to say LBA for each hard drive instead of something else. See if you can't get one of the live cd distros like knowpix or PClinuxOS. They run just from the cd drive and should be able to let you see if the install went well by mounting the linux hard drive partitioins and checking them out. Since its a fresh install you can always try reinstalling. Make sure to run the MD5sums on the iso's if you still have them.
  2. What text editor were you using? You had no need to reboot. And you should have used a text editor like VI to change the config file while in the command line. Look up the few quick commands for Vi you'll need to use it. Its easy once you know them and you'll find little need to ever use anything else for text editing. After installing the Nvidia driver you will not get it working with out changing the "nv" to "nvidia" and making sure that the "GLX" module is loading. You'll either get a no usable screens found error or you'll be using the old "nv" driver. Post back any further questions.
  3. You could try using the first Mandrake disk to reinstall the boot loader. Hit F1 and type in rescue You'll see the option to reinstall the boot loader.
  4. A Virtual Machine also tends to slow things down a bit.
  5. POS51 whats the code exactly? Eth0 Is your ethernet card. Mandrake is trying to start your card and also find an internet connection. It seems to fail at this. Thats fine it can be started at anytime later. For both POS51 and infiltr4tor retry configuring your vidio cards this time using the genaric VESA driver and a 800x600 genaric 60hts monitor. On the lowest settings. If your systems cant use this to get you to something better than there is more then just a video card problem. These are the settings used for a graphical install. If you installed by GUI then your system can use them.
  6. Thats under the system , configuration , KDE , Look and feel , Behavior.
  7. Try a text install. It might give you a better idea of what it stops on and when. Post back any error messages you get from the machine.
  8. LiquidZoo Thats a bit scary. What number am I thinking now? My next question is about the lottery but lets keep those numbers quiet.
  9. As a root user in a gui you'll get very few if any of the fun stuff as icons. Linux (Mandrake ) assumes you know that you are the admin and should only be doing admin things. Its recomended to always make a user for yourself and just switch user(su) to root when you need to do the big stuff. Since you have a basic system you can now add anything you want from the three disks you downloaded. The install option is in the MCC. And this can all be done as a user.
  10. No real solution here but I was thinking it might be something to do with the SCSI system. It soounds like linux is not communicating with the drive the right way. It stops at the point it requests data from the cdrom. If you could possibly switch it to an IDE cd drive you might be able to install that way then switch back. Or you can do a hard disk install. Basicly use the hard disk file like the cd drive. The instructions are someplace on this forum. I've never had to do one.
  11. I can't remember right now the exact command but from a terminal window type in nv then hit the TAB key. The TAB key tries to auto compleat the command from the first letters you give. You'll get a list of all commands starting with nv wich will include the nvidia-settings(I think thats it) command. The TAB key works for just about everything.
  12. My Mustec UB1200 works great with it. Though once in a blue moon for some reason Xsane can't find it right away. Retrying clears that up.
  13. Which fly by wire planes do you mean? http://www.fly-by-wire.freeservers.com/ Don't know why yet but I just don't like the idea. Could the singnals be intercepted by someone in the plane then later used to take it over? Really how much could a little fiberoptic cable weigh? Is it worth the safety question?
  14. I was looking more at the M$ totals pretty much staying the same. IE6 is just eating its own older brethren. Just watching the changing numbers from past to present. Moz and linux is eating M$ and not touching the Mac numbers. Mozilla is growing way faster at this rate than anyone thought and linux will soon be following that curve. Though it only reflects the reported browser and OS. I really don't think too many are miss representing. Its stats like this that tend to make companies take notice.
  15. You could always slip into the presentation a couple of the BSOD and a few screans that read something like "You've been owned! From your friendly hackers in outer Mongolia." "Brought to you by M$. Pay us now and Pay us later. Keeping more system admins employed the world over than anyone....ever." http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1104-5276901.html http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3906823.stm We have alread won. M$ is just trying to ignore it in hopes that no one notices. The only problem with that is everyone is noticing but they just don't know the alternatives yet. Governments around the world are insisting on linux. The US military loves it and if a company wants to stay in the game they better learn the new rules and play. Probably can't use any of these ideas but heck I just wanted to spout off.
  16. i would say that Lindows made a big slam dunk on this one. HMM we don't have to sell anything and M$ gives us 20ml. We just have to stop using a name that sounds like that bug ridden OS. How could Linspire loose out? They get a 20ml paycheck and a shiny new name. Man I would love to be at that party.
  17. I like that link. Though in some ways it tries to be a little missleading if you look at the numbers for all M$ os's they are fairly steady in number, only loosing a few tenths over the last year. Mac is dead steady in numbers. And Linux is making the best headway almost gaining 50% over january numbers. Mozilla is blasing up the charts in usage and Exploder in all forms is the only one loosing out. I can almost see the M$ gleam starting to tarnish.
  18. Pzatch


    Like I origionally asked "could you set it up without the router"
  19. Use the genaric VGA driver instead of the Nvidia one. This is the driver used for the GUI install and should still work after the install. After that you can ofcource try switching to the genaric nvidia driver that comes with Mandrake first and if that doesn't work you can also try installing the Nvidia driver from their website. Also remember windows is odd. So somethings don't directly translate into linux from windows. Try using a 800x600 resolution. Try using a genaric monitor settings instead of the manufacturers ones listed in the install. Remember to test the configuration at the end of the install untill you find a usable setting. Shoot low untill your up and running. Took me a week to figure out the new kernel and the Nidia drivers drop off my normally high resolution for my monitor. I eventually had to test different settings out in the custom monitor area.
  20. The LG drive problem was fixed very quickly so your Lgdrive is safe to use in Mandrake 10. Basicly what happened was that LG changed the commands for its drives. So when some distros of linux used the 'flush' command to clean out the onboard drive memory it actually 'flushed' all the memory on the drive. Including the hardwares firmware memory area. Thus rendering the drive totaly unusable untill it was reinstalled with the updates LG firmware. All would have been fine if LG had not changed its command list or if they had at least told someone about it. Mandrake was the first but not the only distro this problem cropped up in. Basicly all the 'first adopters' in linux. Those distros that used old kernels because of stability and proven reliability didn't have the problem. Just one of the things that crops up when you want to use the latest and greatest.
  21. And family makes the worst clients, they complain to you more than anyone else because you are family. But they are also your best unpaid sales men. If they like something you do they will never stop telling people about it.
  22. You could try reburning. It sounds like a bad burn so far. Its probably stuck reading from the cd and can't get past a bad file or two. Burn it slower and on a cdrw if possible. When it asks for the 4th cd just continue without it. You can install everything on it later from the net.
  23. painesy Please start a new thread. But since its here already lets start at the begining. What hardware are you running? Be as detailed as possible. Who knows it could be one thing that some one else already figured out that has the same hardware. What error messages are you getting and when does the system stall or quit on you? If you can use the text install since it gives better error reports than the GUI normally does. Since you made sure the cd was burned from a good ISO and at a slow speed. Try booting with all the usb hardware you can unplugged. It can be installed later.
  24. Pzatch


    Have you set the router to DHCP? You should get a sub net address automaticly from it then. Set the mandrake system to LAN and you should have any need to put in much other info. That is if your using the MCC to setup your internet conection.
  25. Pzatch


    How do you have the network or dsl modem and router laid out? It should be modem then router then computer. Can you setup the computer and dsl modem without the router? If you can it narrows down the possible problems quite a bit.
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