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    world wide web

    posted by Ixthusdan When are you opening a branch in scotland? I was impressed with your command of the english language till it dawned on me Valparaiso IN means Valparaiso Indiana USA. (at least i think it does). I would love to find somebody locally that can offer tech support for linux but the only one I did find let me down rather badly. there is a finite amount of time i can afford to spend teaching myself IT. Right now I am trying to decide whether it is worth the effort to learn how to compile a data base for myself or throw myself on the mercy of a software company for a hefty licence fee. I use firefox whenever i can but keep meeting the MS mafia. posted by reiver_fluffi Came across this issue inadvertently. Not sure how IE works with braille readers etc but would be willling to bet not very well or without buying extra software. http://www.webswonder.co.uk/accessibility.shtml
  2. gmac

    world wide web

    posted by aussiejohn I don't, listen I mean, that's why i've been playing about with mandrake. He did say it would work with mozilla but not to use mozilla to download it. He obviously has a vested interest in working with microsoft. On the other hand there isn't a version that works with linux. Most sites I use for work are currently accessed using passwords that I don't keep anywhere on my computer or ask to be remembered but this is an electronic password to access secure sites with one electronic signature instad of umpteen passwords and it looks like i will have to use it eventually. The individual password suits me as I am not restricted to one computer and can use a clients if appropriate. It just seems bizarre that in the interests of security I must have software on my computer that if hacked in to gives access to a load of confidential information on supposedly secure web sites. Can't think what use it would be to anyone but it is the principle of the thing. Since I am liable for the security of my data when i ask the obvioius question-if you are insisting I use this software and leaving me with no choice will you indemnify me against it being hacked they dodge the question saying it won't happen because it's more secure and it is up to me to keep a firewall etc. while the brighter of my colleagues twig what I'm getting at. Best case scenario the bloke believed what he was saying which makes me wonder how interested he is in his job-you may not work with linux but if you are in IT how can you not be aware of open s which hardly inspires trust. Funniest response I've had when asking if someones software worked with linux was "it works with any version of windows."
  3. I keep hearing two sides to the story. On the one hand the techie support on some web sites that i have to use tell me they won't design their site to work with mozilla et al because IE is the standard and more secure. On the other hand I am told that MS refuse to use international standards and are trying to force everybody to adopt their system. I use mozilla firefox and thunderbird and much prefer it to IE and to me a computing numpty it does seem a lot better. Most recently I was told by the techie at a security company whose universal internet security pass i will have to use -it's one designed by origo that mozilla design their browser so it doesn't work properly with the vast majority of website providers and refuse to be compatable with everybody else. What is the real position on this?
  4. gmac

    corrupt hard drive

    When I installed I formatted the disk first. All the data I want to keep is on the second hard drive and i have it backed up anyway so losing it would not be a problem. I'm going to have to buy a second tower since that is cheaper than trying to install XP.-I work from home and am stuck with windows for work purposes , howevr, I'm going to experiment more thoroughly with mandrake till i can suss out what i am doing with it. I'm noyt in IT if you get my drift. I've never been able to get linux working properly beyond the installation stage mainly because i was trying it on old computers. The one i am i]using has `a new motherboard and processor-sods law you upgrade then the operating sytem dies. Why would the computer freeze when i try and mount the second hard drive? Also fsdisc. How do I get that to checjk the drive. I'll try the ubcd, I'll have to download it on another computer.I'm also having problems with the cd writer. can't decide wj=hether i am just unlucky or thick.
  5. gmac

    corrupt hard drive

    I have two hard drives installed on my computer, one 40gb contains nothing but data, the other was dual booted suse and windows 98, the windows failed completely and utterly, not being happy with suse I installed mandrake 9 on it (i had a box set from earlier experiments) seemed to work fine, upgraded to 10 albeit from a free magazine installation. all seemed to go OK but on booting up all I got was a blue screen, pretty but useless. I reinstalled the 9.0 version and it seems to work OK, however when i try to mount the other hard drive everything freezes and I have to reboot. Similarly when I open several applications things grind to a halt. I suspect there may be a physical fault somewhere but having pored over the forum I have two quesions. Memtest-exactly what do I do to carry it out. disc check, I know there is some way I can chck the physical condition of the drive but agian exactly how do you do it? Any help much appreciated. even if it might seem an obvious question to ask.
  6. Well, just in case anyone is interested I installed it and it works fine apart from not shutting down properly
  7. Curses`I was about to try again the powerpack version 9 that I still have. Didn't work before due I think to failed hardware, and i didn't want to play around with my only working computer since I need it for work. Tried SUSE, installed by an "expert" don't like. Got a magazine copy of mandriva that went on like a dream unlike my previous experiences with mandrake. Since my windows 98se software has just died and it's actually cheaper to buy a new tower I think I'll try mandriva on what is now my the old one, seems to be a lot more numpty friendlythan it used to be.
  8. I use both, I prefer oo now for letters etc I need SO for the database but use OO all the time for everything else. but I see OO is now producing one which i haven't tried yet
  9. How about multipage scanners? I've been using a lexmark with open office on windows OO is brilliant in that I can scan to any format I want, but I need a multi page one and would go for one that will work on both linux and windows (needs must I'm afraid). Does anyone have personal experience of HP or Fujitsu multi page scanners? They seem the two best options, about £300. Sole use is document scanning. I've had a look at sane and which ones are supported but would appreciate a recommendation. My apologies for leaping in to your post solarian
  10. Just imagine you are in intensive care-beep, beep and the computer crashes
  11. it gets worse http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/10/28/egu_oss_policy_v2/ I reckon china is going to be an increasingly important market, I can't see them going the microsoft route. France and Germany are possibly wanting to encourage their own indigenous IT as a rival to microsoft. Only a complete idiot would want one company to have so much power, but then we have a bunch of idiots in charge just now don't we. You would have thought after being caught out with that altered word document they would want sometimg a bit more secure. What happens if somebody's medical records get hacked in to who is liable the medical practice or an NHS which dictates the software is to be used? I have to use various company web sites rather a lot, when you ask the IT guys they mostly use linux themselves but at work use what they are told to. I think the biggest problem in uk industry is managers dictating policy on IT without knowing enough about it, as well as admin systems designed by people who don't use them. Again most of the admin staff that I speak to are never asked about how they use the systems and what they need. they just get given it and told not to complain. I have to contend with on line application systems that if I want to alter anything or give instructions I have to fax it to them, wait two days till they scan it on to their system and somebody can deal with it. I can't e-mail because of security reasons. The sheer stuupidity beggars belief. The numpties have got control
  12. http://www.guardian.co.uk/microsoft/Story/...1359068,00.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/microsoft/Story/...1359599,00.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/microsoft/Story/...1360031,00.html One thing that amazes me in all this why would any pc manufacturer want microsoft to have this kind of power. Can't see the chinese wanting to ley ms get that kind of power over their industry.
  13. There is only one centre suggested in the UK based in sunderland. Courses available as listed below * Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCP) * Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) Certified Citrix MetaFrame Administrator (CCA) * Certified Citrix Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Cisco (CCNA, CCNP) ITIL Foundation Certificate PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Not too impressive.
  14. Boy can I relate to that, It's the one thing that really bugs me. I bought the mandrake manual which is pretty useless for a novice. Then again you have to learn windows anyway, the difference being you can get manuals to help you. But I only got to where I am with windows cos you get plenty practice with it when it crashes. It is only this week I discovered there were web sites I could go to to obtain corrupted files and look for fixes. I still almost nothing about linux but in one respect it is exactly like windows yoiu have to stick it on your computer and use it to learn. The difference is it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. At least if you are doing computer science there should be plebty of people around to help you if you screw up. If they don't know about linux they won't have much of a career in IT. people who are not interested per se don't last long. This forum is good, not too patronising apart from the odd pimple that replies RTFM to which you should reply FOAPWYYTW and somebody else will help you.
  15. thanks for that. I've been looking at getting a server and have been swayed towards suse because I can get the tech help if i need it but intend to keep that isolated from the internet just for added security so i might keep mandrake on one for regular use and to play with where it wont matter if i cock things up and suse on the server where I need to be sure I wont lose any information through my own stupidity. The only thing I am sure of is I would like to get away from windows but it looks like I shall have to upgrade to xp at some point. I would like to think I could acquire the expertise to do it all myself but i need to keep my computer going
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