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      Mandriva Official Documentation

      Official documentation for extant versions of Mandriva can be found at doc.mandriva.com.   Documentation for the latest release may take some time to appear there. You can install all the manuals from the main repository if you have Mandriva installed - files are prefixed mandriva-doc.
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      Forum software upgrade   10/29/17

      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
      A few things that have changed. We no longer have community blogs (was never really used) We no longer have a portal page.
      We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed (It costs money) See this thread: Here


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    Phenom II X4 955 Deneb Black Edition (3.2Ghz)
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  1. KDE 4.4.2

    I offer my thumbs up for 4.4.2, it's treating me very well (x86_64).
  2. KMail display issue [solved]

    There's a drop-down box on the "colors" tab to select "Color Set", choose "View". The first two entries are the list view colors. Change the second one (the Alternate) to match the first. :) HTH!
  3. 32 bit programs segfault on 64 bit system [solved]

    It was a wonderfully short wait. =^_^= Downloading the -3 kernel now. EDIT_____________ -3mnb works a treat, 32 bit programs are happy again in their 64 bit world :D
  4. 32 bit programs segfault on 64 bit system [solved]

    Just got that info, and: They feex! Yay! =^_^=
  5. All was happy and well in x86_64 land until updating my kernel to This is the kernel with support for Virtualbox. After that, all the 32 bit programs I'd been using just fine would instantly generate a segmentation fault - no other information given, just "Segmentation fault". This includes Skype, ETQW, and Second Life. Booting to the older kernel ( makes it all work again. (So glad Mandriva's updater keeps older kernels!) Anyone know why this is happening, how I might fix it? :unsure:
  6. KDE 4.4.1 released on March 2nd

    Anyone know when 4.4.1/Mandriva will have an x86_64? Me wants me bug fixen! :D KDE 4.4.2 has a x86_64. Yay!
  7. Got a New PC [solved]

    Sound chip-set for the M4N78-AM: VIA VT1708S (6 - Channel)
  8. Show off your desktop - January 2010

    Y'know, I really do like the swimmy penguins of Mandy Free. And who doesn't love Dust? I mean, besides when you have to clean house? ;) Here's my latest deskie. Wallpaper: My rainbowized 2009 USS Enterprise. Plasma theme: Perfection The system monitor plasmoid on the top right is one I'm developing. The plasmoid on the bottom right is an MPD monitor I'm developing.
  9. Thunderbird 3 is out

    *waves flag for KMail* I was happy with Thunderbird - for all its basic-ness - until I played with KMail. :) p.s. Just to keep my geek-cred up, I also use mutt. ;)
  10. OMG Trojan!

    'zactly. :D
  11. OMG Trojan!

    The only way to guarantee never having a computer virus is to never have a computer. :P This works for other aspects of computing: The only way to guarantee never losing data is to never have any data in the first place. ;)
  12. OMG Trojan!

    Yeah, they've registered on the IRC channel... :huh: :unsure: ...er I mean, Yeah, should be fine. :D
  13. OMG Trojan!

    I knew this was possible, but I had no idea there was any concrete examples of it already.
  14. OMG Trojan!

    You could "alien" it. I mean, if you really wanted to be part of someone's ddos attack. :P
  15. OMG Trojan!

    Luckily? :huh: Would you be likely to willy-nilly install a pre-compiled package if it was an rpm? I think not!