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  1. Thanks, think I will wait, error occurred whilst running urpmi --auto-update --auto-select --test
  2. Tried the instructions at http://www2.mandriva.com/community/news/ to install KDE 4.4.2 Received the following error message:- "A requested package cannot be installed: otrs-2.4.7-3mdv2010.0.noarch (due to unsatisfied perl(Net::SMTP::SSL)) Continue installation anyway? (Y/n)" Should I still install? Or asking for trouble? As usual, T.I.A.!
  3. Doing a Google on this subject, I noticed a claim that a plug in mike will work (haven't tried it yet) and a general consensus that this problem is a bug in Skype.
  4. Similar issue here with Mandriva 2010 on a Toshiba laptop. Speakers work on one boot, not the next; or maybe for a few times then not at all; microphone has never worked. Using desktop install with latest kernel update. Any suggestions?
  5. KMail 1.13.1, KDE 4.4.1 KMail has alternate white and blue lines (highlighting the text) for every second entry in the folder pane and header pane. I would like to remove these blue lines, but how? I found this in KDE help on the web:- "In System Settings->Appearance->Colors->Colors. for each color set except Common Colors (which doesn't have it), change the Alternate Background to be the same as the Normal Background." (note USA spelling!) But what is the "Alternate Background"? Mandriva has so many possibilities! And none that I can see with that exact description or similar. Any clues? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  6. Thanks, now all solved. Follows advice from another forum which fixed:- "At the log in screen press ctrl+alt+F2 (through F6, any one of them) and get a non-graphical log in. Then log in as root and run this Code: urpmi icewm It will install any dependencies needed. When that's done it's just easiest to reboot with ctrl+alt+del. When it gets back to the log in screen, click the pencil and paper icon and change (select) to icewm for the session, then log in as your normal user. Run mcc ("configure your computer") and on the "boot" page select "set up display manager." Click the gdm box and OK. (you'lll need to log out at min, but I just reboot, gives me time to grab another coffee =] ) Once back to the log in page you should see a normal set of options, if the error you received is correct in that kdm is the culprit. Note that if gdm is not an option simply install it, either in the package manager or in a terminal (as root):Code: urpmi gdm Once you have a normalized environment you can begin figuring out how to fix it, or if you even want to try to fix it. Nothing wrong with using gdm or xdm, any dm can handle any environment on top of it. The main difference is the default log in/log out options. kdm is more 'user friendly' in this respect, but gdm can be altered to suit your taste." BTW how do I mark topic as "Solved"?
  7. Was running KDE 4.4.0 on Mandrviva 2010 Powerpack. Installed KDE 4.4.1 using the command lines as previously recommended. Boots up ok, but the log in screen is now the issue. As well as myself as user, it ists "nobody", "adm"; "bin"; "daemon"; "games"; "mail"; "news" etc as users with password. I log in with my name and password, get error message : "A critical error occurred. Please look at KDM's logfile (s) for more information ....etc" How do I look at this logfile if I can't log in? More importantly, what can I do to enable me to log in? Pretty new to Linux, so I hope I can solve this with some help so I can keep running it. All help greatfully received, please be knd as I am a new user! And please excuse the spelling, spell checker not working on this rudimentary version of Windows 7!
  8. Pardon my ignorance (new to Linux but willing to learn the easy bits), doesn't that just install KDE 4.4.0? At least it did on my pc!
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