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32 bit programs segfault on 64 bit system [solved]


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All was happy and well in x86_64 land until updating my kernel to This is the kernel with support for Virtualbox.


After that, all the 32 bit programs I'd been using just fine would instantly generate a segmentation fault - no other information given, just "Segmentation fault". This includes Skype, ETQW, and Second Life.


Booting to the older kernel ( makes it all work again. (So glad Mandriva's updater keeps older kernels!)


Anyone know why this is happening, how I might fix it? :unsure:

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The kernel itself shouldn't be responsible. However, there could be a gcc update, and some lib32-something compatibility libs being broken.

Try running a few of your segfaulting 32-bit apps like "$ strace -o ~/errorlog programname"

strace should be installed of course, and you can also try/install gdb, which cooperates with the KDE4 crash handler.

Then, you can pick the full debugging info from the textfile "errorlog" located at the root of your user partition. This logfile can be HUGE.

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Well, it'll be fixed whenever the new kernel release comes out. Just have to sit and wait.....

It was a wonderfully short wait. =^_^= Downloading the -3 kernel now. :thumbs:





-3mnb works a treat, 32 bit programs are happy again in their 64 bit world :D

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