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  1. Switched to a rather minimalist WM--Ion. And I like it lots. Click for larger view. 93, -Sascha.rb
  2. I asked id about the Linux installer, still waiting for the reply ... they're sort of busy right now. ;) 93, -Sascha.rb
  3. Check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the line (II) NVIDIA(0): Detected AGP rate: 4X (or 2x, or 8x) As has been mentioned before, AGP is often reported as PCI. The nvidia-settings tool that shipped with the latest NV drivers (www.nvidia.com) has more information about your card at your fingertips. 93, -sascha.rb
  4. OK, tried it out too--flattened my Mandrake box yesterday and installed Arch Linux. Great stuff! The "other" fstab / devfs format needs some getting used to, but is logical and easy to understand. And pacman plain rocks. Thanks for all the info in this thread, helped me lots. :) 93, -Sascha.rb
  5. Nope, no such cards are available (yet). ATI at least should ship some in Q4 2004, NV will probably, too. NVIDIA's SLI won't help as logically, i.e. from the perspective of the application, API and OS, only the memory on "one card" is available. e.g. two 256MB boards in SLI = 256MB of VMemory. Reason is that both cards need the same data onboard to be able to work on the same frame; neither the SLI bridge nor PCI-Express are fast enough for one card to fetch stuff from the other's video memory, so SLI doesn't support it. 93, -Sascha.rb
  6. Hehe. I can relate, SoulSe. :D btw, we asked Duffy, and the "ultra" mode will be available no matter how much video memory you have--it's just not enabled by default on cards with less than 512MB and you'll have to hack the .cfg file. Looking forward to the slide show on my 5800 / 128MB :D 93, -Sascha.rb
  7. I, too, gave Window Maker a shot after my first encounter with GNOME 2.4. I still have GNOME installed, but only as my fallback system. Window Maker all the way here. Does exactly what I want, looks exactly how I want it to look ... yes, Fluxbox et all can do even more, but I'd spend ages to get it look right to me and would end up with a Window Maker clone. ;) 93, -Sascha.rb
  8. ... unless they were official beta testers, of course. ;) I hope id will release a Linux demo, too, not only a windows demo. The demo should be out shortly after the game's launched, which is somewhat a novelty for id. 93, -Sascha.rb
  9. id never released a public demo of DooM3, not even magazines officially received any demos. Exception was Anandtech, who got a sneak preview via NVIDIA a while ago. What was floating around was the leaked Alpha of last year's. This "demo" (as Anand's) is in no way comparable to the final game's performance or gameplay. 93, -Sascha.rb
  10. Short addendum: That's what you need, minimum, to have all visual effects. Older video boards (as old as Geforce2 / Geforce4MX) seem to be supported, too, but won't have cube mapped reflections / highlights on top of the normal mapped model as well as no environmental bump mapping effects (which are few, it seems, anyway). If you want to play DooM3 with surround sound, you really need a > 2GHz class CPU. DooM3 uses an own surround sound algorithm which relies solely on the CPU for mixing. At least, that's what I'm told. ;) I should get my official copy in about ten days' time, will know more by then. 93, -Sascha.rb
  11. You'll buy the PC version in the shop, and download the Linux client online. i.e. you get both. 93, -Sascha.rb
  12. From that web site: They don't list those "other sources around the Internet." So, for what it's worth, these figures just reflect who's browsing www.w3schools.com as well as those unnamed web sites, and doesn't take the huge number of office workstations or the vast majority of home computers into account. Not everybody builds web sites as a hobby (or as his day job, either). Browser stats are a poor means to gauge market share. 93, -Sascha.rb
  13. Steven Jobs mentioned in his latest key note that "OS-X is the Unix derivate with the highest desktop market share worldwide". AFAIK he counts Linux as a "Unix derivate". He didn't provide any sources for his claims, mind. 93, -Sascha.rb
  14. According to Todd, the Linux version won't be just done yet when the PC version ships. There will be a binary download (content from PC version). http://www.webdog.org/plans/6/ 93, -Sascha.rb
  15. I don't have that problem with the same combination, but then, I don't use the TV output. Have you checked your X config? (either xorg.conf or XF86Config-4?) IIRC they changed some of the settings between drivers. What's your Xinerama status? Enabled or disabled? 93, -Sascha.rb
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