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  1. I installed the iso file to a U.S.B. stick and booted into the liveCD option. Everything worked. I chose to install the operating system to a SATA hard-drive partition. I opted to install the GRUB boot loader to pclinuxos's root partition as I have a boot loader already in the MBR. I couldn't boot, however. I then booted back into the liveCD option to try to install GRUB via the command line. I did: (as root user) Grub find /boot/grub/stage1 root (hd1,7) setup (hd1,7) as the root partition is on sdb8. This did not work. I also tried grub-install /dev/sdb8 Any ideas?
  2. I have two modems: a 3G & a dial-up modem. Unfortunately, the NetApplet network-manager software assigns both of them ppp0. How can I assign a different value, say ppp1, to one of them?
  3. I have it solved. I looked at the link at the bottom of the Unetbootin page which shows a page listing all its commands. From this I was able to determine the correct way of using the software: ./unetbootin-linux-585 installtype=HDD targetdrive=/dev/sda3
  4. All nvidia cards work in Linux. Their drive software works for all of them. Look up the card details on wikipedia.
  5. I used the Unetbootin software from http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ I have several Linux partitions on the hard drive and use the GAG boot loader to boot them. When I use Unetbootin it tells me that I do not have p7zip, which is not true. It gives you the option of installing the iso file to the hard drive but it doesn't let you specify any specific partition (you can only specify "/"). The grub boot loader for my main Linux operating system did have an entry called "Unetbootin" but selecting it did nothing. So, I want to install an iso file to a partition of the drive.
  6. I've solved my problem now: in the Mandriva Control Center, after unmounting each partition, for each mount point I pressed the backspace button to erase its name. I can't believe it but it worked.
  7. I installed Mandriva 2008.1 on my new hard drive and using its Mandriva Control Center mounted various partitions on the old hard drive. I've now tried to unmount those partitions on the old hard drive using the Mandriva Control Center. However, when I reboot they are then mounted again. If I switch off the PC and unplug the old drive and then turn the PC back on again it cannot boot up. How do I unmount those partitions?
  8. Does it need the cd-rom software to handle the backlighting control? I've read that the Samsung ones do. However, I know that the iiyama ProLite E2473HDS works with Linux. I'm thinking of getting a HP 2011x.
  9. I use an ssh tunnel which needs a password, where the characters entered are not displayed. I tried different methods: #!/bin/bash sh -c "password" | ssh -L 6700: user@sshtunnel.net #!/bin/bash ssh -L 6700: user@sshtunnel.net sh -c "password" I tried 'echo "password" | ssh -L 6700: user@sshtunnel.net' but this only works where password characters are displayed. The technical support guy said that the ssh server won't allow public-key placement because of vulnerabilities of openssl. Incidentally, it always says "#!/bin/bash: no such file". I checked: it is there. I also tried to change the algorithms: ssh -c aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr, aes128-cbc, cast128-cbc, arcfour128, arcfour256, arcfour, aes192-cbc, aes256-cbc, 3des-cbc but it always says there's a problem resolving the second algorithm.
  10. prost

    Do I have glib?

    k bergen, yes. Thanks Kieth. It worked.
  11. prost

    Do I have glib?

    I've looked in the Mandriva Control Center, but it has other similar things. I want to see which version I have.
  12. It's in the Mandriva Control Center, v1.2.6, but if I type "mono -v" it lists the help options but no version number. I'm trying to use the openbve simulator game.
  13. I have now installed it. I had to install 'kernel-desktop-devel' first, then it worked.
  14. I've been using on-board graphics with VESA. I then plugged my nvidia card into the motherboard. I left the monitor connected to the on-board and switched on the PC. It could not reach the login screen. Plugging the monitor into the card, I switched the on-board off in BIOS and I still could not reach the login screen. When I took the card out and tried to install the nvidia software in runlevel 3, it said no card detected and would not continue. It said something about kernel sources. I have kernel-sources, gcc and make installed in Mandriva 2007. Later, I plugged the monitor into the card and when it reached the grub loader, I entered run level one. Then I typed 'login' and logged in. Then I entered root mode, and typed 'mcc' (which was the same as 'drakconf') to enter the Mandriva Control Center in text mode and selected the vesa driver. I left root mode but I couldn't reach the gui by typing 'startx'. 'rpm -q kernel kernel-source' gives: package kernel is not installed package kernel-source is not installed yet in the Mandriva Control Center they are installed.
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