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  1. I see a boot.iso in install/images, that might work. ftp://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/pub/linux/MandrivaLinux/official/2010.0/i586/install/images/ Ken
  2. Your md5 and ISO files don't match or are not in the same directory. Please post the output of ls from your Downloads directory. Ken
  3. K Bergen


    Odd but here's what I get and everything works cat /etc/hosts localhost You could try editing the file taking out localhost.localdomain Ken
  4. Agreed. You have a good system and only need more RAM. Ken
  5. Fred, go to the same place you downloaded the ISO from, there you will find another file with the same name as your ISO plus a .md5 extention. Download that file and put it the same place as your ISO. Then open a console and cd to that folder, use ls to make sure your in the right folder and can see both files. Then md5sum -c *.md5 After a few minutes it will tell you if the ISO is good or not. Ken
  6. I would suspect a bad download. Did you check the md5sum of the ISO? Just because it works on other PCs doesn't mean the ISO is not corrupt as all it would take is one tiny mistake in a driver needed for your hardware but not needed on the other PCs. Ken
  7. I've heard of successes and failures using that method. You'll have to use urpmi at the command line not MCC though as MCC only uses the updates repositories for updates. urpmi --auto-update Bear in mind that you will be downloading thousands of packages and if something goes wrong part way through like a power failure the install will probably be broken requiring a re-install. Ken
  8. It seems that the Free-Dual is not a hybrid ISO so you can't use Mandriva-seed to write it to a USB drive. dd should still work with it though. Ken
  9. The mandriva-linux-free-dual-2010.iso is both i586 and x86_64. And yes all the One CD's are i586 only. Ken
  10. That would be adding the word to your personal dictionary. Wouldn't be simpler to right click the word and in the pop up choose add to dictionary? Ken
  11. Triumph = oil on your floor

  12. /usr/bin/mcc is in the package drakconf so urpmi drakconf I'm not sure how many other packages will be installed as dependencies. Ken Edited to correct typo.
  13. As scoonma said gparted can do it but drakdisk cannot. With drakdisk you could shrink /home and then add a second swap partition after it, Linux has no problem using multiple swap partitions. Hum, but I don't know if it can suspend to multiple swap partitions. BTW You don't have 4 gigs of swap, you have 4088511 kilos of swap and 4 gigs is 4194304 kilos. The modern rule of thumb is slightly more swap than ram if you want to use suspend to ram, but not double. Ken
  14. From what I hear it has been fixed, it may take awhile to hit the mirror your using. Ken
  15. I believe the Live CD ISOs are to be released tomorrow. Ken
  16. ba56a61ecfedf26ec043e7af8799c8f8 Is what I get for my download to so I assume the mandriva-linux-free-dual-rc2-2010.iso.md5 file is incorrect. Ken
  17. I'd try the avasys driver http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/ink/DL1.do Ken
  18. What I would do is make an image of the drive dd if=/dev/sdX of=flash-drive.img when you want your stick back just reverse it. dd if=flash-drive.img of=/dev/sdX An even better way is to use mandriva-seed.sh to write the ISO, that way you can partition and use the space beyond your 700MB bootable partition. Ken
  19. /var is a system folder, it's better you set the mount point to somewhere in /mnt or /media Ken
  20. Does iscan run as a regular user work? Ken
  21. I have to use the force option to get my Epson working so try rpm -ivh --force iscan-2.20.1-1.i386.rpm Ken
  22. I don't use Gnome but I have heard that the default file manager has problems with partitions mounted in /mnt. Most of the suggestions I have seen are to mount them in /media instead. Ken
  23. Or urpmq --fuzzy coreutils There are many ways to skin a cat. :D Ken
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