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  1. Thanks for checking....I hope it get corrected soon.... Cheers......
  2. Can anyone confirm if the mandriva-linux-free-dual-rc2-2010.iso image have the right ms5sum wich according to mandriva-linux-free-dual-rc2-2010.iso.md5 is e0a4013311fe4646821d9bed75246a64 but even after 2 downloads from 2 diferent ftp i always get ba56a61ecfedf26ec043e7af8799c8f8 for the md5sum from the iso. The ftps are: ftp://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr ftp://ftp.u-strasbg.fr Thanks....
  3. Theres a firefox extension called Xmarks that syncronizes every firefox bookmarks you have on several computers. Cheers.
  4. All of this is sad for all,as for Mandriva and for all the community and linux/mandriva users around the world... It really makes me sad ... :sad: Cheers...
  5. Actualy no....since i have the same problem in x86_64 arch.Even when pinging inside ips on the local network i have Network unreachable error everytime.Quite annoying though....
  6. Nomachine nxserver works like a charm.....even more easy to setup than freenx rpms provided by mandriva in the mirrors.....so if you want to set it up very easely just install the i386 rpms(they are 3 of them) from the nomachine website and install openssh-server too if not installed yet. All you have to do is to create a new keygen for ssh to authenticate the user....just run: nxserver --keygen and copy the key to the client. nxserver --useradd username to add a user named username in this case to the allowed users to connect to nxserver(should be a valid username in the system and must be able to login via ssh) nxserver --restart and off you go....should be able to start a session. If you run nxserver and a command not found is diplayed you need to put /usr/NX/bin/ in your PATH.If you run in a konsole: export you will be able to see if nxserver bin dir is in your PATH if not then you need to: PATH=$PATH:/usr/NX/bin/ Hope it helps.... Cheers....
  7. All i did to make mine working in a 2009 install,after bannging the wall with my head,was to changes some settings in the sshd_config related to X11 forwarding,where is the settings: AllowAgentForwarding yes AllowTcpForwarding yes X11Forwarding yes X11UseLocalhost yes PermitTunnel yes That did the trick in my case,just uncomment out those lines and change if not equal... Cheers.....
  8. You have to edit the /etc/sysconfig/vncservers and put the number and name of the user in which vncserver will work for(there is a line in the file as an example)something like: "fred:1" this will bring back up vncserver in the desktop :1 loading user fred as the owner of the desktop. If you want the desktop 0 which is the same as you see in the monitor when you log in in the machine,you have to use the x0vncserver( i dont recommend this otion since it will eat up all your cpu time when you login to x0vncserver,at least in all machines i tested it eats all cpu time and the machine is almost "unworkable").For the vncserver to log you in you need to setup the vncpassword for the user it will run,example assuming fred is the user: open a terminal and run vncpasswd as the fred user,it will prompt you for a password(thats the password for login in to the server when you connect to it. Dont forget to run "chkconfig --level 345 vncserver on" as root to enable the startup of vncserver when machine boots. If you deleted the service just uninstall and install vncserver again => urpme tightvnc-server and then urpmi tightvnc-server in a console as root. Hope you understand :unsure: since i hate writing.... Cheers....
  9. Be aware that you could trash your system like i did 2 days ago so.....you have been warned and a backup of the old system seems a good idea. Cheers.
  10. Yes....mklivecd is not broken,just the distribution have to be tuned for the mklivecd to work....so why ship with mklivecd if the distribution is not tuned for it?? And then again PClinuxOS is the best choice IMHO,works like a charm. Cheers
  11. Well...its sad to see that mandriva ships with a broken mklivecd script(cant figure out why it is been ship if it doesnt work)....I have tried MCN live but for me its a bit minimalist and if you update the system(recommended) so i tried PCLinuxOS and even after tons of updates and add some software,I just run the mklivecd script ,burn the output iso to a dvd and works like a charm....for me is awsome(NOTE:I am not the biggest fan of PCLinuxOS but this cool feature works solid).Too bad Mandriva is only concerned with the One version(again very nice as a livecd but not possible to remaster). Now with the departure of chris of MCN live there isnt anyone to continue her great job. Cheers.
  12. Thats true, but Mandriva Control center and PClinuxOS Control center are the same base of code. I think what a regular user want is to be able to download and install a rpm of a theme or a cursor theme and then choose it at the kde control center.Somehow PClinuxOS have more kind of this things.More confortable IMHO. What i mean is install mandriva tune it to your taste,install software at your will and make a livecd of it,very handy.
  13. Isn´t PClinuxOS a fork of mandriva? Doesn´t PClinuxOS use almost the same tools provided by mandriva? There are 2 things i like in PClinuxOS: 1 - Wide variety of software in the repos,from cursor icons to kde themes,things to make it graphical more neat. 2 - The ability to once installed in HD,make a livecd of it and it works all the time(can´t figure out why mandriva ships with mklivecd package if it doesn´t work out of the box),even when its updated(cant do that with mcn live). These for me are the most important diferences between PClinuxOS and Mandriva. Both are very nice distributions but dont forget that PClinuxOS is a fork of Mandriva as Mandriva was a fork of RedHat, if you don´t agree take a look at mcc/drakconf a.k.a Mandriva Control center/PCLinuxOS Control center they are almost the same except the look the functions are the same. Cheers....
  14. The windows cd is always useful to restore windows bootloader.In this particular case id would try : 1 - Try to restore windows to boot,just boot from the windows cd and using the recovery console,once in the command prompt just type:fixmbr and press enter.this sould be enough to boot windows. 2 - Try to install grub as described above by artic with the live cd and chroot to the mandriva installation. I think that might help you out but supergrub disk is also a good idea. :) Cheers...
  15. I use my iPod nano with amarok without any problems at all.It seems that the iPod only play music when the mp3´s are in some way (iTunes way) get into the "structure" of the iPod,amarok do this just fine in linux and yam for windows if you ever get tired of iTunes. Cheers.....
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