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    Intel 2.6 HT
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    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
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    2x256 meg paired
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    80 Gig SATA
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    Onboard Realtex AC'97
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    Compaq 7550
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    Logitech Optical Pro
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  1. Thanks for the help guys, Looks like that did the trick first try. Nice to have a Linux version on the laptop again - Xubuntu was the only one I could get to install. Seems like there's some general I/O issue preventing other distros from loading the LiveCD; this xfwm4 corruption suggests that is the case. We'll have to see if there are any other suprises.... Thanks again, Jeff
  2. Hi All, I recently tried installing Xubuntu 9.10 (Xfce) on my A21P laptop and have a good start - except for this Window Manager problem. The Window Manager is not available through the Settings menu nor the Xfce 4 Settings Manager - it's like it's not there. When I open a new window, there are no close, maximize, or minimize buttons. I cannot shade, move, or resize windows. To further frustrate things, the windows cover the top panel - so I can only open one application at once. If I do manage to get two applications open (like opening the online help for an application I have open), I cannot alt + tab between the open applications. Workspaces are also ineffective - it says there is a workspace 2, but I cannot access it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks for the inputs guys - 2 gigs memory on order now and hopefully a fine running machine next week.
  4. Hi There Everyone, My computer is getting to be around five years old and is just now catching up to me on speed - time for something to be done. When using Firefox and OpenOffice Writer, I start to see some slow performance (especially on Mandrivausers.org); editing pictures with GIMP can become extremely cumbersome - the pictures are only about 7Mb. I like working on somewhat a shoestring budget, which thankfully means I build my computers with further upgrading in mind. If I can get away with a simple tuneup, I'd like to, but I'm wondering if it's time to scrap? Currently the memory situation is about 1/2 gig at DDR 400 (I presume 400 - is there a way I can check without pulling the heat spreaders off?). A typical use memory situation looks like this - Am I correct in assuming Swap is memory temporarily moved to the hard drive - like how Windows uses Virtual Memory; Page File? At any rate - it's apparent my memory situation is getting a bit crowded - I could easily triple this for a reasonable price - there is another pair of memory banks open. But, I'm wondering if the rest of my hardware could be past capacity as well.... Other major points of hardware are the video card, ATI RADEON 9800 @256MB (maxed out for this board); SATA (1) HD I'd like to replace; and the Intel P4 2.6gHz Processor with Hyper Threading. My main uses for this machine are web browsing, document and web-page editing, and photo editing. Do you think the memory upgrade will be cost effective, or is it time to scrap? Thanks! Jeff
  5. Thanks Ian, that did the trick! Jeff
  6. Hi all, I recently installed my 2009.1 on my machine, then within on weeks time, upgraded that installation to the 2010.0. Now, I cannot install gnucash. When I do try, using Software Management, I get the following error Is there anything I can do or is this just a problem with 2010.0 that hopefully gets worked out? Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hi Ian, I think that makes sense. So, if I wanted Internet on all of my other machines too they would have to be bound to the card on this machine configured 192.168.1.*?
  8. glad to be back on Mandriva

  9. Hi Folks, I'd like to learn how to set the default network card when I have two installed. I have one 100M card and one 1000M card; both are connected to their own nodes on my switch on my home Ethernet network (the switch has no control interface to my knowledge). Mandriva is automatically selecting my 100M card as my default card which seems to make my 100M card handle most of the incoming signals while my 1000M card handles most of the outgoing (which I think would be great if I wanted to ever make this computer a web server). Is there a way I can switch their functions when I know traffic will be acting in one direction or the other? On another note, but on the same topic, is there a way to dedicate one card to one path? I was thinking the network would operate efficiently if one card was dedicated to the Internet and the other would be allowed to handle requests from my internal network; do you think my reasoning is correct or would this particular computer be better off with one card behaving as they are already (one in - one out)? I use this computer personally while two or three remote users on my network would access files and print from this computer - the remote users bypass this computer and connect to the Internet from the DHCP/Gateway/Router. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Okay, after getting the tip to start looking at the monitor settings, I downloaded the Compaq 7550 Manual and viewed the list of available display settings. My screen is now running at a happy 1280x1024 as this was one of the approved settings per the manufacturer - selecting other settings was actually getting me 1024x768 no matter what I chose. I wish the monitor had a few more settings, but that's just the way things go with hardware... My wife's computer on the other hand - the max resolution is 1280x720, so we're just stuck. Thanks for you help Arctic!
  11. My monitor seems to be fine. The original setting was Plug 'n Play Compaq 7550 monitor - then after your post I tried to set it to Compaq 7550 Color Monitor and I get the same result.
  12. I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800 PRO card and Mandriva One 2009.1 or 2010.0 (I upgraded to 2010.0 but then it said it was going back to 2009.1), either way. When setting up the graphical server in the Control Center, the Graphic Card is automatically properly set to ATI Radeon X1950 and earlier, but no matter what Resolution I select (as long as it is a 4/3 resolution - which my monitor is) the displayed resolution is 800x600. This problem is similar on my wife's computer which is a Gateway GT 5620 with a stock, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 display card (Mandriva One 2009.1). It's Graphic Card is properly set to Intel 810 and later, but no matter what 16/9 Resolution I set, the displayed resolution is about 1280x720. Anybody ran into this before?
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