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  1. Burn to CD using iTunes, Rip from CD using your favorite ripper. Totally legal, costs some change out of your pocket. But yes, getting non-drm'd files is a better choice. If only (all of) the record labels would realize that DRM doesn't stop piracy, it only encourages it.
  2. You have to manually change the package selection, I believe. ATM I can't recall where in the 2009.0 installation procedure this can be done, but if they still have the overview at the end it can be done there. This, however, isn't possible using Mandriva One and installing to the HD - since it doesn't have KDE3 on the CD it can't install it.
  3. different ones are configured differently, are intended for certain setups, or (as scarecrow pointed out) contain experimental features. you only need one installed, though. it's that whole "choice" thing that linux is so famous for.
  4. tyme

    smb4k issue

    Maybe that's the intended way, but it hasn't been my experience. I could be wrong too, though :)
  5. So wait, Ubuntu is getting closer to Windows, when it's simply implementing the features available? Using HAL For detection of the input is a pretty common thing these days. And a feature is provided to override it's settings. Xorg.conf is being used less, in many distributions (not just ubuntu), relegating the task of hardware detection and configuration where it belongs - with HAL.
  6. I still have to get Episode 1 :( Not enough time right now, though. Fallout 3 has consumed my soul.
  7. agreed ;) (distrowar averted...go back to your regularly schedule programs, people!)
  8. tyme

    smb4k issue

    IIRC, that will only apply to the current terminal session. If you close the console and open a new one, you would need to do source ~/.bashrc again.
  9. Good Marketing != Good Distro. I'd rather have the latter - and Ubuntu is not a good distro (for me, anyways - though it may be for others). and no, i'm not trying to start a distro war :P
  10. uninstall the packages? if you don't use them (especially the nvidia drivers), uninstalling them should be a sufficient solution (except where required by other installed packages, in which case - you do use them) :unsure:
  11. I don't think it's normal either :) - I was just curious what it sounds like. For you to get an audible click caused by the power on, volumes would need to be set before the sound card is initialized - not likely, but you should check dmesg for any weird errors me thinks. Also, mute all output in alsamixer, save the config and reboot - see if the sound is still there.
  12. But I like the cheap shots :P Where's the non-user-friendly feature list?
  13. is it similar to the sound you might hear when turning on speakers (i.e. desktop speakers)? I know on my desktop 5.1 speakers, whenever I turn them on, their is an audible "crack" (if the volume is up).
  14. take a look through the output of dmesg - it may give a clue as to whats happening.
  15. do you mean a black macbook? IIRC, there aren't any black pro's ;) download the gparted live cd and try to do the partitioning/formatted with that: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php alternatively, use OS X's Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilies) to create the partition (format it HFS if required, then reformat it during install).
  16. don't create a swap. IIRC, there's some oddness that occurs with mac and more than 3 partitions. how much ram do you have? you'll probably be OK without a swap.
  17. Create the partition and reboot before you format it. Then, in refit there is a tool to sync the MBR partition table - I don't currently remember what it's called or the exact commands to make the sync occur, but you need to use this tool. Once things are all synced up, you should be able to format and install on the newly created partition. If you need more details, let me know. I have an MBP at home that I can test-install on and help with the exact steps (after I'm off work in 7 hours :) )
  18. I would guess those programs have beagle-dependent features, or beagle plugins, which causes Mandriva to think if you remove beagle they have to go too. Is there an option in urpmi to not check deps when removing a package? Try doing that - you should be OK.
  19. tyme

    smb4k issue

    Anytime you make changes to .bashrc you need to (at least) log out and log back in. In some cases (though rarely) a reboot may be necessary.
  20. These three seem like possible bugs. I would report them to Mandriva - perhaps adamw will stop by and let you know if he (er, Mandriva) has already come across them.
  21. yes, sorry. gtk-window-decorator is what i was referring do.
  22. If the same issues are occurring no matter the OS, it's a hardware problem. Based on the issue with suspend, I would guess it's a RAM issue. Download memtest86 as arctic suggested, and if it comes up with errors, ship it back - if you don't do it now, the problem could get worse, and eventually your warranty will be expired.
  23. I assume it's a plasmoid, so you should be able to right click on it and in the options, set it to stay above all windows (aka "always on top").
  24. How are you going about installing the nvidia drivers? Download from their website? I would recommend going through the Mandriva Control Center, under Software Management -> Install Software and searching nvidia. You may already have it installed. Then go into your Hardware (also via Mandriva Control Center) and ensure that the video card is set to use the "proprietary driver". I'm not sure of any easy way to configure the logitech. last time i had to setup back/foward buttons on a mouse, it required editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf - someone else may have an easier way. p.s. - welcome to the forum :)
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