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    Doom 4

    My understanding was the DirectX thing is mostly to do with XBox, although there has been uncertainty as to whether the primary development is now DirectX as apposed to what it has always been, OpenGL. this could all be speculation, as there has been little info released, except for what I said above about a comment made by John Carmack. They have stated that Rage, their new IP developed on id tech5, will be available on Console (PS, XBox), PC (Windows) and Mac, which of course means OpenGL, it's not like they are dumping it or anything, but nothing actually mentioned about Linux. I also remember at that same time as the comment I mentioned above, John Carmack had some non to flattering things to say about Linux and open source in general, can't remember the exact details now, but I think it was something to do with the zealotry in the Linux/Open source community, and may have also been to do with the fragmentation of Linux in general. I do remember at the time I read it, it made me a little sad, and unsure of the future of id games and Linux. It also seems that JC has become more and more impressed with DirectX over the years, so much so that he also made a comment along the lines of, that there is no longer any reason to choose OpenGL over DirectX Although the above is to do with Rage, and not Doom4 as such, they are both being developed with id tech5. Also, this is just what I have read. I read, watch everything concerning id software and id software games that comes my way, as in the gaming world, nothing else really interests me. So make of it what you will. Myself, I believe that Doom4, following the tradition, will be available for Linux, I am just not, as John Carmack said, taking it for granted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a personal note, this is all a moot point for me personally, as I have been offered a place in a project which will require me to use specific hardware and proprietary software/file formats, namely ProTools, which will not function under Linux, this is so I will have compatibility with the other band members, and that projects can be taken from home-rehearsal-studio, while maintaining full compatibility at every step. It is an offer I simply can't refuse, I have purchased THIS, which should be arriving tomorrow, I will then have to reinstall Windows, so my Linux time seems to be at an end. It's not all bad, as I will be certain that Doom4 will work for me :), plus being an avid game mapper/modder, I will also be able to get back into that when the time comes, something which I would not have been able to do in Linux, regardless of whether there was a Linux release of Doom4 or not, as the Modding/mapping tools are win32 only, from Doom3 onwards (Quake4, ETQW) with the built in editor and tools, it has been this way, and apparently there are no plans for that to change, no plans to make the tools Linux compatible. This is something I have missed under Linux, while I still have been able to continue dabbling with Quake, Quake2 and Quake3, the later games are just not possible with Linux. Fare Thee Well Good people Have one on me
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    Doom 4

    Although John Carmack has said not to take Linux support for granted when speaking of idtech5, and Rage, but I don't disagree with you, as I stated in my above post, I believe it will. It is the first time they are splitting off from openGL only, and going the way of DirectX.
  3. Should be fine, may not be of course, but you'll even find 2008 .rpm's in 2008.1 repositories, I think I may even have spied the odd 2007 .rpm's in there. Will it work, most likely you'll have no problems at all. Having said that there may well be the odd occasion where it wont.
  4. aphelion

    Doom 4

    Well id Software have announced Doom 4 is in production, no real details yet, but considering id's past track record with support for Linux, it may be safe to assume that Doom 4 will be coming to Linux. Yeah, lets hope so.
  5. Soon you may be able to add THIS to your list. Fingers crossed
  6. What about starting it via the konsole, and seeing any messages/info there. (You probably already done that but . . .) The only audacity stuff I can find after just a quick look, is the .audacity-data folder in your home directory, which among other things contains a .cfg file, which may not have been created for you if you didn't get far into the start up., and /usr/share/audacity
  7. type draksound in a console as root, and you should see the options there. Or, you could go Configure Your Computer/Hardware/Sound Configuration, which ever you prefer.
  8. aphelion

    Sound problem

    I don't use Pulse, this is just from memory of some stuff I have read, I have read that you need to adjust the volume in 2 different locations, in kmix (or equivalent) and from within Pulse's settings thingy whatever, this is just what I read, so it may or may not be correct. My first experience with Pulse Audio (in RC2), was that it gave me low, thin sound, I didn't have the time or desire to mess around and see if I could get it to my liking, so I just disabled it, and haven't looked back. Beautiful full sounding music and games, no messing about, it just works.
  9. Unless he is like me, the trash can is only for decoration, nothing ever goes there, delete is delete, the end of the road.
  10. What about just dragging the one from the taskbar/panel/kicker whatever you like to call it, drag it,select copy here. That any good? Or you can just Right Click- Create New- Link to Location (URL) etc, etc, call it Home, give it the same icon.
  11. Well, the default sound card changed again today, so I guess I didn't have it after all :sad: I will try something else, then I will try what jkerr82508 suggested above.
  12. Lasso, you know, left click and drag around the files you want to select multiple files. For me It doesn't matter which file I right click on, I can click on any of the selected files, select delete and they will all be deleted, I can't imagine it being any other way, it seems strange to me that it would be any other way.
  13. Works for me, either hold CTRL and select, or lasso select, whatever, then right click/select delete, deletes how ever many you had selected. (or selection, then shift+delete)
  14. Yes, but I think your shovel has a longer handle than most, certainly longer than mine. (and I am talking about shovels here, shovels and nothing but shovels)
  15. And you do it so well :) That is meant as humor, and in no way shape or form meant to reflect on you or anything else what so ever at all
  16. I see you have gone red again (active users thingy)
  17. The decision of course is totally up to you, but, all that really matters is that you know that this is not true, and those that know you the best, would also know this, what the others think, bah, who cares what they think As long as you don't let yourself down. Do what is right for you, of course there will be other considerations, but in the end, it's not a life and death matter, so, Do what is right for you
  18. I only have Mandriva, I have over the years tried quite a few other distro's, but I found myself always coming back to Mandriva, I just like it for what ever reason, maybe the fact that it can be easily both very user friendly and you can dig deep if you desire, maybe just because Mandrake was my first venture into Linux, and I am familiar with it now ? But I have noticed that I don't check out other distro's much anymore, maybe that will change if I set up another PC for that purpose. For me Mandrivia iz da shiznitz
  19. Type the followng in a console rpm -qa --last | head -100, it will show you a list of the last 100 packages installed. Have a look through them and see the extent, how many cooker packages you actually have installed. You can also increase the number from 100 to whatever you wish in checking. You could also just bite the bullet, and remove any cooker repo's from your sources, and continue on, and see how it goes. I say remove the cooker sourses, as just unselecting them may not be enough, as there was a bug that even thought you may have unselected them, or didn't have them selected as update medium, they would still get used. If you use the MCC, and check updates from there, and select ALL updates, it will also show them I believe, and if you selected to install all the updates shown there, you would get cooker stuff, so it might be best to actually remove them, you can always add them back temporarily if you need a quick trip to cooker land :) It will be around October I guess, going on a six monthly release schedule.
  20. Do you/have you had cooker repo's enabled, during and after your upgrade?
  21. Did you try that? All I had to do when I got the no stream found to handle url dvd://1 with Mplayer was go into Preferences/Misc/DVD Device and CD-ROM Device, and change them to the appropriate setting, in my case /dev/hdd
  22. Well, I didn't use the CLI, just the old kdesu konqueror and edit in GUI, only a technicality I know ;) , but I understand what you say, and agree, it would be best for an option somewhere that you can just click to set, like in Windows, easy as, maybe one day. Thanks, Ill keep that info in mind for further use if needed. With the entry in the /etc/modprobe.d/sound file, everything is fine so far. I'll just see how it goes for the next few days or a week, hopefully it stays.
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