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  1. ezroller and tyme - I used this mirror last night, and I for some reason, had to press the play button on kget to force the download to start. I was using konq (KDE 3.1) to open the sight and normally the downloads start right away, but for some reason the iso's did not. The files also did not seem to finish, but the filesize was correct and the md5sums checked out. Also, 3 full ISO's in 2 and half hours, wow, that was nice, Go PSU.
  2. Seems like the mirrors will be hammered for a while now that 9.1 final was announced today. A few lucky ones jumped the gun yesterday and downloaded the "RC3" release. I think we should join the effort at http://www.pclinuxonline.com/modules.php?n...rticle&sid=4749 and offer it on eDonkey or whatever P2P program we are running. I would setup my ftp for members here, but being with Comcast, I have a whopping total of 12.5 K/s upload available (data wise)--- so I figure the donkey is the best way to share this treasure.
  3. If I am looking to print at a professional level, I have to boot another OS to use photoshop. But if I just need to print a photo I find the gimp or whatever web browser prints things just fine to my HP 940c, its just off a bit on the size for some reason. I eagerly await some development in this area, along with hoping someday to be able to use my HP scanjet 3300c in Linux.
  4. That would be a very good feature to have. Seems corrupt iso's and bad burns is the leading cause of installing problems.
  5. scoopy

    Part Image

    willisoften - I would go and download a utility called powermax from maxtor's website (assuming it's a maxtor drive making the noise). This fixed a "clickity-clak" noise mine was making.
  6. Sounds like a puzzler to me. Not that I am any good at solving these problems anyway. This was a bit confusing to me (the way I am reading this), and I wanted to be sure we were straight on this one. The bios normally has a line asking: PnP OS installed You need to select the no option here. This would make the bios BIOS initialize any plug'n'play devices instead of the OS. "That can help GNU/Linux recognize some devices in your machine, which it would not be able to initialize otherwise." - from www.mandrakelinux.com/en/doc/90c/en/Quick_Startup.html/before-installation.html#id2862077 I would beg, borrow, or steal (well actually I would buy a new one, they're less than $20) a floppy drive so you will be able to boot some kind of boot disk for troubleshooting purposes. I would triple-check your setup, all connections, jumpers, and ribbon cables, etc, again, just to be sure Also, if there was anything needed to be saved from this drive, I would look at hooking it up as a slave to another and making a copy at this time.
  7. super, thanks. qt3 now compiling It seem to want the same version number (3.23.52 and not the other versions on the ftp sites) so I tried urpmi and kept getting "cannot connect" and as I went to smack my puter something downloaded and installed. It looked like it was "libmysql10-3.23.52" and not "mysql-devel-3.23.x". Anyway, we move another step closer to compiling KDE 3.1 thanks for the help
  8. I can't find this this file anywhere and I am not sure why I even need it for qt3. Should I force no depends here and what would the correct syntax be? I've checked my discs, various ftp's, google. [root@localhost scoopy]# rpmbuild --rebuild qt3-3.1.1-13mdk.src.rpm Installing qt3-3.1.1-13mdk.src.rpm error: failed build dependencies: MySQL-devel is needed by qt3-3.1.1-13mdk Here's what is installed: MySQL-3.23.52-1.3mdk MySQL-client-3.23.52-1.3mdk Here's what is available to install: MySQL-bench-3.23.52-1.3mdk MySQL-Max-3.23.52-1.3mdk thanks
  9. So, where did you REALLY want to go today? In case of crash, break open and install me! I agree, Marketing is very important to get the word out and to sell people on Linux. As I understand, there really are not that many "average joe's" that understand that Linux is an viable option to the OS they currently use. And of those that do, most still believe that Linux is for "geeks" and "gurus." Aquiring some major advertising revenue is highly unlikly, so something like your "Street Team" thing might be a do-able solution. Maybe along the lines of a "grass roots" marketing team. My immediate idea is something along the lines of those AOL discs (It worked for them did it not?). We could come up with a slogan, cover art, flyer, and package with a cd (Keep it to one disc?) together and get our favorite shop to display at a "FREE, take one" display. I think most here could afford to burn some CDs and print some covers for this. Get people to use it now (and like it), and maybe they turn into supporting club members and future pack customers Some good planning would be in order as a campaign like this could "make or break" the Linux image.
  10. Think I found the culprit --- qt3. I think I am caught between two conflicting qt versions. I backtracked and got KDE 3.0.5a reinstalled, but the "look and feel" stuff acts really goofy now. I noticed my qt is version 3.0.x, but the qt libraries are still 3.1.1. I also seen something on the KDE site that qt3.1.x is needed, but this was not listed in the requirements lists I had found for KDE 3.1 I have rebuilt the the newer autoconf and automake rpms as well and will upgrade these and my qt later tonight and attempt this one more time. I really didn't like the default look that I seen so far --- it was "too X Pretty" for me, but I was just hoping it would run a bit smoother. I imagine I will find a theme I will like if I get it running. Thanks for the help, and I will still fiddle with that fluxbox paul.
  11. I have been trying those missing files without any luck. With urpmi kdedebase-servicemenu I got: Installation failed: file /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/convertpstopdf.desktop from install of kdebase-servicemenu-1.0-6mdk conflicts with file from package kdebase-3.1-7tex I gonna try removing the .kde and .DCOP files now. I think maybe the customizing I've done is part of the problem here because sometimes I get my liquid widgets and sometimes I don't and I think this should force the desktop to rebuild. If this happened on my mac --- My first choice would be its rebuild desktop option on bootup. If this doesn't work I think I may try building KDE from source --- don't got much more to lose at this point, do I? Meanwhile I have installed fluxbox and am kinda liking it. At least I have another working window manager to fall back on. I just need to find a file browser to use in place of konqueror (this seems to be only KDE app not working)
  12. Got KDE 3.1 installed but when trying to boot into its own window manager, I can not get past the splash screen to the desktop. It gets to the point it says "KDE is up and running" then freezes with xconsole showing the services that are running (which I never had that there before). Programs such as kword, kwrite run in gnome and say they are running in KDE 3.1.0 Installed are these: arts-1.1.0-2tex.i586.rpm kdeartwork-3.1-1tex.i586.rpm kdebase-3.1-7tex.i586.rpm kdebase-nsplugins-3.1-7tex.i586.rpm kdegraphics-3.1-2tex.i586.rpm kde-i18n-en_GB-3.1-1mdk.noarch.rpm kdelibs-3.1-7tex.i586.rpm kdelibs-common-3.1-7tex.i586.rpm kdemoreartwork31-liquid-0.9.6-0.pre3plf.i586.rpm libarts-1.1.0-2tex.i586.rpm libqt3-3.1.1-12mdk.i586.rpm libqt3-common-3.1.1-12mdk.i586.rpm mandrake-mime-0.3-1mdk.noarch.rpm I tried deleting temp files and the desktop, but that did not work and I guess I am lucky I did not mess things up any more. Oh boy, what did I do (or didn't do) ? thanks,
  13. Thanks beesea, that did it. (and was on cd 2, along with libglib 1.2-dev-1.2.10-6mdk , which was also needed) From what I saw there were files from both gtk and gtk 2 on my system. I knew gtk was running fine seeing that the gimp works, and I was thinking the version 2 was installed over a version 1, but I guess this is 2 separate gtk's running independant which led to the confusion.
  14. Not having any luck here. The only mandrake gtk dev rpm I can find is libgtk+2.0_0-devel-2.0.6-8mdk and I get the same messages as above after installing it. RPMfind.net only shows PLD's gtk+2-devel-2.1.0-0.i686.rpm but it wanted its own gtk+2 plus a doc rpms. Figured I better not do this. Maybe I should stick with the Donkey--- Nah, gotta keep trying now.
  15. thanks for the quick reply and those tips qnr, I get gtk-config: command not found My next hunch was what beesea suggests, which I am working on. I am trying to find the dev package that goes with it, but more problems, I lose my connection, and rpmfind is overloaded at this time. I'll let you know how I make out with the dev packages asap.
  16. Seeing I could not find a rpm, I tried to compile Lobster 1.2.0 source and got this: checking for gtk-config... no checking for GTK - version >= 1.2.0... no *** The gtk-config script installed by GTK could not be found *** If GTK was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in *** your path, or set the GTK_CONFIG environment variable to the *** full path to gtk-config. configure: error: GTK is required! [root@localhost lopster-1.2.0]# But I do have gtk> 1.2.0 installed and running? [root@localhost scoopy]# rpm -qa | grep gtk gtk+2.0-2.0.6-8mdk libgtkhtml2_0-2.0.1-1mdk libgtk+-x11-2.0_0-2.0.6-8mdk libgtk+2.0_0-2.0.6-8mdk Where would I enter the full path to gtk-config and where do I locate this gtk-config file in my LM 9.0 system? thanks
  17. Check out the online options here: http://www.irs.gov/app/freeFile/welcome.jsp I filed with TurboTax through there and it didn't cost me a dime and got my refund in two weeks. I would suggest using Mozilla (to avoid script problems like with Konq) and have something installed to read pdf files (for the final forms you will want to print out and save). I just wish I could throw my windows out like that.
  18. No, it is NOT shown, and I have no idea why, but you have to manually type it in. Here's a link that might help: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=2373
  19. I'm thinking you may have missed a closing tag somewhere, thereby leaving the font size set to just one size. Just make sure all the font sizes are in quotes and all the </font> are in place and see if that fixes this. ex: <font size="10">Text</font> <font size="+2">More Text</font> Then we can try getting a bit fancy: <p align="center"><font face="arial, helvetica" size="+2" color="#FF0000"><b><i>Big Bold Red Italicized Text</i></b></font>
  20. Not to take you away from your Psych studies, why wait for your ISP to fix their problems when you could sign up for some other free web space. Cnet.com reviewed five popular choices here: http://www.cnet.com/internet/0-3799-7-1554905.html or search Google for "free web space" --- there is plenty out there for what you want to do.
  21. scoopy

    Windows media player

    mplayer is probally what you want for this (and most of your video needs too). I run a pre9 version that plays mpegs, avi, divx, and even those .wma or .wmf files. It could even play quicktime if I ever get around to installing the plugin. There's also custom skins available. http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design5/news.html You can get the rpms for mplayer .90rc4 and mplayer-gui .90rc4 ftp://plf.chem.yorku.ca/pub/plf/9.0/i586/ You will also need the win 32 codec package there. As for the setup, cross your fingers and expect to spend some time in dependacy hell. Just make a folder to collect the needed rpms and use urpmi or use the "add source" method describe elsewhere on this forum and it should install with all the depends. You may have to start the first time via terminal (I vaigly remember doing something like this).
  22. Sounds like it may be time for a new modem. Is this a winmodem? They will do weird things sometimes. I have seen them work the day you install and quit working the very next day. Could also be something with your ISP's equipment. I once dealt with dialing in and connecting to a bad modem, and had to disconnect and reconnect and hope I didn't get the same one. Otherwise, I don't know what else could cause such strange behavior.
  23. Uh, nevermind- Got around this mail issue by deleting postfix and installing sendmail instead. Took me a bit to figure out I needed to add sendmail's path in php.ini: ;sendmail_path = /etc/mail But the site works and users can now register (even tho I still don't know what I am doing).
  24. I am trying to get postfix to run for a nuke site @ localhost. webmin tells me to manually config postfix and Konsole: [root@localhost /]# postfix check postfix: fatal: parameter inet_interfaces: no local interface found for This is an old IP that I can't figure where its coming from. I looked in the postfix config files and checked in the network config of mcc. I would imagine that wherever this is coming from should be pointing to either current IP,, or localhost and then things should be fine. thanks
  25. Thanks treeg, a tutorial even I could follow. This pointed out that maybe I needed to install mod-php, which I did, and now it seems things are working.
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