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Mageia 1, Beta 2 released

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Downloading here, and installing it into a virtual machine later on.

Did the Alpha's the same way, and worked all just fine.

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Have already downloaded and installed it.


Now in the process of playing around with it and trying different settings.


Seems OK so far.

Cheers. John.

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Downloading through Ktorrent mageia-1-Beta2-DVD-i586.iso went pretty smoothly,

approximately two hours.

Installation in a virtual machine (VMPLayer 3.1.4 build 385536) went without


The familiar rituals that everyone knows by now.

Configuration used for the virtual machine:

* RAM: 1500 MB

* Hard disk: 50 GB


Installation to reboot, including updates (only 4 packets) lasted 24


Reboot went smoothly without errors in desktop.

Ready-to-use desktop (all starts) in Alpha 2 in 77 seconds.

For the Beta 2 was 53 seconds.


When installing a package message appeared, saying that the CD-ROM

CoreMedia could not be found.

Have this medium disabled via "Software Management" now.


installing Flash Player plug-in went without difficulty through "Software

Management ". Flash worked flawlessly.


And then just a short test for libre-office.

It took 35 seconds before I could begin in a text document.

In a second attempt I could start using a new text-document within 12 seconds.

And a libre-office calc document I could use after 12 seconds.


So far very pleased with this next version in the preliminaries.:thumbs:

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I downloaded the Live CD and gave it a quick spin. I could not set up my Sierra Wireless 890 AirCard. It keeps asking for a PIN number which I never needed in any other OS. I tried some standard 4 digit combinations without success. I connected successfully with my Intel 6205 WiFi, but the connection seemed temperamental. Sometimes I could connect and other times not.

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Downloaded full version, installed as a dual boot. Apart from a few problems with my USB keyboard and Logitech Bluetooth mouse all went well. The small niggles are now sorted and for a Beta the release is better than some Mandriva finals that I have installed. It is good enough to use as a main desktop as is, so I am looking forward to the final stable release.

Met some very familiar names in the forums. That was an added bonus. :thumbs:

It could be that Mageia will become the main distro on my machine and Mandriva as a test distro in the future. ;)

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I have posted my positive experience in the new forum. I am testing in Oracle's Virtual Box.

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