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  1. Wireless and WPA problem [solved]

    Thanks all for your help but I think this is the good chance to re-install my Mandriva 2007 that is in a bad shape. Thanks again to all, MODs can close/delete this topic.
  2. Hi all! From a lot of time I installed my Sitecom WL-170 wireless PCMCIA card on Mandriva 2007 and with ndiswrapper I surfed the web without problems. A couple days ago I discovered some new drivers for my card and I installed them. I took them from here. My card uses Rt61 driver. However, now I can't acces to my wireless home network. I found 2 active interface, ra0 and wlan0. I can see my card works, I can see my home network BUT there's always WEP encryption while I use WPA. I think the problem is in WPA settings but I could have no idea. At least I can unistall Rt61 driver and use ndiswprapper but I don't know how to do it. Can you tell me something? Thanks in advance.
  3. Wireless firmware needed [solved]

    Hi all! I suggested ndiswrapper 'cause it worked and works fine for me with my Sitecom WL-170. Of course, I'm a Mandriva's newbie but all I understand I want to share. :P
  4. Wireless firmware needed [solved]

    Hi! Did you try ndiswrapper? Maybe this way could solve your problem... At least have a read on it. ;)
  5. Links to be added

    Ok, forgive me. :woops: BTW, I added that wiki's page on my bookmarks... :D
  6. Links to be added

    Hi all! #1: http://www.mandrakeitalia.org/, an Italian forum for Mandriva users; #2: http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/, a powerful tool for wireless network cards. Bye! ;)
  7. Hi! I could help with Italian, if you want. ;)
  8. USRobotics VoIP Internet Mini Phone

    Hi all! If someone finds a solution please inform me... US Robotics said me this phone isn't tested nor supportes on Linux...
  9. USRobotics VoIP Internet Mini Phone

    No, forgive me for not understanding. :unsure:
  10. USRobotics VoIP Internet Mini Phone

    Do you know someone can do this?
  11. USRobotics VoIP Internet Mini Phone

    Hi, now the problem is: who can write a driver? I have no idea how to make it... :unsure:
  12. Hi all! I've installed Skype on my Mandriva 2007 and I would use my VoIP phone. This phone of course hasn't a Linux driver, so i would know if someone has an idea to make it working.
  13. Yes, locales-it are installed and Mandriva was succesfully updated (I downloaded and installed 131 packages). I think at this time the problem isn't so big: Firefox and OpenOffice are both in Italian and if the rest is in English... I will accept it. Of course, if you have solutions let me know! :D
  14. For example, my terminal is all in English, I have "FIle - Edit - View - Terminal - Tabs - Help" on the up bar; right-click on Terminal gives me "Open terminal - Open tab - Close windows - Change profile..."; on desktop I have "Applications - Places - System". If I log-out and select Italian I expect all is in Italian, not only something. Firefox now is in Italian, after I uninstalled previous verions and installed Firefox 2. OpenOffice needed a language change: after I did it now is in Italian. "Confogure your computer" is also all in English. I'll try to switch on more times the language with Gnome... I hope these info could be useful to understand what's going on... :unsure: