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  1. OK! I am typing this over the wireless connection. I could not get the native drivers to work and they kept freezing up the computer everytime I tried to configure the wireless connection. I got lucky and a friend came over that is good on linux systems and I told him where I was at with it and we decided to try the ndiswrapper route. We downloaded the card's XP driver from the internet into a folder and configured it via the MCC option. and voila! I had access. I have learned a lot over the last few days and I want to thank everyone that offerd their suggestions and help...Thank You! "Everything should be made as siiimple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein
  2. I redid everythig over again and this is what came up. cp: overwrite `/lib/firmware/tiacx111r17'? y [root@localhost acx111_1.2.1.34]# insmod acx insmod: can't read 'acx': No such file or directory [root@localhost acx111_1.2.1.34]# modprobe acx FATAL: Module acx not found. [root@localhost acx111_1.2.1.34]# I went to MCC and configured the Wireless connection (before I tried your suggestion) and as it says "congratulations you have set up ..." it freezes up and I have to reboot. I did this 4 times so i know it wasn't a fluke. ????
  3. Greg2, Your the greatest! Thanks! But I still have not connected the wireless. The first attempt I crashed something and whenever iI tried to test the wireless connection it froze up. I ahve reinstalled the program (with manual partioioning so I have them the way I wanted) and I redid what you suggested. Everything works great until the "modprobe acx" when I get the following return. I will start from the end of the "cp ....." command: FINISHED --15:16:01-- Downloaded: 269,297 bytes in 13 files [eric@localhost temp]$ cd [eric@localhost acx111_1.2.1.34]$ su Password: [root@localhost acx111_1.2.1.34]# cp tiacx111 tiacx111c16 tiacx111c17 tiacx111r16 tiacx111r17 /lib/firmware/ [root@localhost acx111_1.2.1.34]# modprobe acx FATAL: Module acx not found. I then went to the wireless connection to check it and I do not get the errors that I used to get; in fact I get nothing, a couplle of windows appear very rapidly but are not present long enough to read. Other than that...nothing. Can you tell me if there is something wrong with the end of the code in root, or is it in the configuration fo the wireless. Almost there!!!
  4. Thank you all for your attention to my problem and it sounds as though it is an easy fix. However, I have just spent, literally, the entire time since your reading your responses, studying the userguides and online lenux guides trying to figure out how to download something from someplace and actually do anything with it when (and if) I even get it on my desktop (the default download point). I know I said I downloaded a package to my desktop but it was the wrong one and I cannot download the ones that were suggested by Greg2. When I cliick on the link provided it just opens a page full of garble. Also, I have tried to find and load the ndiswrapper (which I think I somehow successfully downloaded on to my desktop) and needed files from Windows (which I cannot locate), and there I am. I cannot figure it out!! I feel like I must be pretty stupid (luckly I know different ;) ) because every bit of guidence I can find assumes that one would already know this. I knw how to use graphical interfaces...not the Konsole or DOS, yet B) . Can someone please point me to a good resource or provide a relevant example, step by step, from A to Z how to download a driver or program from the web and stick it into the file where it belongs so I can install it. Even a good up-to-date Mandriva guide I can purchase from somewhere would be a start. Thanks for your patience with me...I will not give up :D
  5. Pluto, I just tried what you suggested (to a degree) but it sounds way too complicated for my level of competance right now. Thanks though for the alternative. Greg2 That is where I actually downloaded the file from-- to my desktop but there I am stuck Is that correct so far? I know how to login as root, but do not know how to copy those files to a folder from root.----I am new to the Konsole commands. once I get them copied I think I will be ok :unsure:
  6. I actually had this question posted with the hard drive partitioning question but realized that two questions in one, kind of hides one of them from other users identifying needed topics. So I have started this as a new topic. I had no problem connecting to the internet with via ethernet but my wireless connection says that I need firmware for the following device. It says: Some packages (acx100-firmware) are required but aren't available.Info: due to missing /lib/firmware/tiacx1* The required files can also be installed from this URL: http://acx100.sourceforge.net/wiki/Firmware It even gave me a website to get it but My wireless device is: Vendor: Texas Instruments, Description: WLAN Device TNETW1130(ACX111) I have gone to Sourceforge.net and tried to download from their via the MCC and urpmi but to no avail. I actually was able to download onto my desktop a folder (from somewhere) that supposedly contains drivers for all the various acx111 cards but I can't do anything with it, and maybe that is a good thing as I am not really sure if it is compatable with Mandriva 2007. :unsure: Any suggestions here? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. lxthusdan and aioshin, Thank you for your advice, you both were right, in my circumstance. I was not able to create a file: "/" and move everything over to a bigger partition, but I was able to compromise satisfactorily. I created a 50GB partition and named it: /user, which, it seems, is the mount point for the files that download when I use the MCC. Now instead of seeing a "1 GB file space remaining" I now see "48 GB" !! And everything is working just as before...no crashes! I also used it on my older computer that I loaded with Mandriva and have two 16GB drives on it. The main drive had a 5.7 GB "/" paartition with aa slightly larger /home" partition and I could not get the hdb drive to get anything. Thanks to your advice I took the hddb drive and created a /user partition and it now has 14 GB of space into which It can grow Therefore, I feel you both have solved this issue for me. As for the second issue about the wireless, that is not going so well lxthusdan asked: "What is the brand of your wireless device?" My wireless device is: Vendor: ?Texas Instruments, Description: ?WLAN Device TNETW1130(ACX111) I actually was able to download onto my desktop a folder that supposedly contains drivers for all the various acx111 cards but I can't do anything with it, and maybe that is a good thing as I am not really sure if it is compatable with Mandriva 2007. Any suggestions here?
  8. Hi Everyone, thanks for all the great info that is passed along in htis forum. I am a week long user of the linex system and have Mandriva 2007 installed. I have a 110GB HD and when I downloaded the osftware it only gave me a 7.8 GB user partition which is rapidly approaching capacity. I have used diskdrake, unsuccessfully,and have not been able to resize the partition. The home partition has nothing in it and is 100GBs. When I clich on unmount while in MCC I get an error message "Error unmounting-No such file or directory". Can I resize this partition? Is it safe to do so? B) If I may ask a second question here, My next major objective in this Mandriva learning curve is to get my Wireless internet connection working. I have finally learned (I believe how to use urpme and MCC. However I ma not sure how to get the package I need to download for my wireless card. I get the following info when I check the wireless connection: "Some packages (acx100-firmware) are required but aren't available.Info: due to missing /lib/firmware/tiacx1* The required files can also be installed from this URL: http://acx100.sourceforge.net/wiki/Firmware" Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thank You,
  9. i have 65% LEFT on / and 99% LEFT on the /home partition!! : ) Hi theYinYeti, I am having the same problem, where all the downloads are squeezed into a small partition that tthe install created. Could you elaboreate a little...what is "LVM"? Thanks ComputerDexter
  10. Hi Arctic, Thank you for your instructions that you provided Doctor Praetorius. I am a brand NooB with only a week of lenix system experience. I downloaded Mandriva 2007 last week and have been trying to figure out how to use easy urpmi and when I read your comment it finally clicked! I was able to use the Konsole for the first time...and I am now using the new resources to download additional software. Thank You! ComputerDexter
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