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  1. I think that SOS rpms are backports from cooker, so you could look at them if you can't find what you want from Ze/Thac. I've yet to have problems with using either MDE or SOS packages, but your mileage may vary.
  2. Ok, I've been waiting for FC5 to come out and now I have it in my possesion. But I have a question: I live in the country and am stuck with dial up (because satilite internet cost too much) and I'm wondering if this would be a distro for me. I read Cyber's article and now wonder how long a kernel update would take with dial up, on a so so phone line. (I seriously have the phone company out atleast once a month, and I live down the road from the man who used to own Iams pet foods and I can't believe he hasn't gotten them to do something). Arctic,Thanks for your review, by the way
  3. I'm trying Archie right now. Seems ok, I'll check it out more this weekend. But so far it seems ok. I think I would probally go ahead and get Arch for a install, but I do like having the ability to "test drive" a distro before installing. I tried Suse a couple of times and while it was ok, I felt better off with Mandrake. But maybe thats me.
  4. Move out to the country. My modem cuts off sometime after I go to bed, probally because of my crappie phone line!! So when I'm using urpmi to download something and going to bed, it's a gamble on whether or not I will actually get what I want!! So I too am interested in this dialer program for Linux to see if it helps me.
  5. I keep looking at other distros and always seem to come back to mandy. Now I'm using 2006, but I am reading up few other distros, like fedora centOS and Arch. So if I decide to change again, I won't come running back. But now for me, I'm so used to Mandy and it works for me, so I'm not real motivated to move. I just don't have the time to play with learning the ins and outs of other distros. But I'm not planning to go to 2007, when it comes out. So I guess its 2006 or bust for me.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you are supposed to be able to install it to your hard drive. Other than that I know very little about it. I would guess that it would have its own repository.
  7. I have been using copper.net for a while too. Does a decent job, but my phone line is crap. (i live in the country).
  8. I did have this early in the log: Failed to initialize the GLX module: please check in your X Log file that the GLX module has been Loaded in your X server, and that the module is the NVIDIA GLX module. If you continue to encounter problems, Please try reinstalling the NVIDIA driver. But everything afterwards went ok and I do see the NVIDIA logo on starup. now my /etc/X11/XF86Config reads this in the Section "Module" : Load "Module" Load "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension Load "v4l" Video for Linux Load "extmod" Load Type1" Load "freetype" Load "glx" # 3d layer Which I believe is correct.
  9. I'll post the results when I get home.
  10. After an unsuccessful attempt at upgrading to 3.5.1(don't ask) and my bumbling of reinstalling 3.4.2, (Don't ask) I did a reinstall. Everything went fine, no problems. I decided to use the Nvidia drivers (8178) from plf. Again no problem, edited xf86config from nv to nvidia, restarted X, so far so good. Then I installed cedega 5.1, went to set it up and suddendly my session ends and Im logging in again. I thought ok, maybe its a one time thing, so I tried again and same result. I tried to start it from a terminal, same result. So I removed it and installed 5.0, but got the same result. When I used the nvidia driver from nvidia before, cedega ran fine so I am wondering if it's the plf driver. Has anyone else had this experience? Any suggestions?
  11. grendal

    Oldies you enjoyed

    Here's mine: Quake 2 and its addons Unreal Tournament Madden99 /2000 NHL 2000 / 2002 Need for speed Sim City Rainbow Six Eagle Watch Some old baseball game I can't remember the name of, but thought it was great on windows 3.11
  12. grendal

    KDE 3.5.1

    Thanks for the quick responses. So who's private and who's offical? When I said Thac's I meant thac and Ze, but didn't say it. They're the name(s) Im familar with but inlooking at how to do it I ran across SOS, so then I asked this question and got these answers, so I......on and on.......
  13. grendal

    KDE 3.5.1

    I'm thinking of upgrading my mandriva 2006 install to kde 3.5.1. I've never attempted this before, and I'm trying to make sure I have my bases covered. But I have found two sources for the rpms. Thacs and Seer of Souls. I know many have used Thac's rpms, has anyone used Seer of Souls? They way I understand it the SOS kde3.5.1 is a backport off of cooker, what about Thacs? I'm not looking for either one to be flamed, I just what to know what the differences might be. Thanks
  14. grendal

    Google PC

    I'm guessing you would need high speed internet and not dial up. A PC over the net, wow what will they think of next. LOL
  15. Ok Forget I ever said anything about using Yoper, lets pretend I meant Fedora. I see that I have a couple of months for 5 to be final, so I guess I would have to try 4. Since I mainly use my pc for the internet, playing games and watching dvd's, am I going to have any problems setting these up? I mean, will I run into dependancy hell or will apt-get {package} get me taken care of? I'm guessing so, but I really haven't done my homework on this distro, other than knowing it has little multimedia at first, although cyberjackle has always raved about it. So I guess I'm looking for Artic and Cyber to steer me. Also will my mandrive rpms work with Fedora???? just kidding. I will check out the fedora project site and probally get most of my questions anwered, but I'm sure I'll have more. Thanks
  16. Ian, thats how I am. I try different distros, much to my wifes annoiance, but always seem to go back to good old Mandrake,eeeerrrr, Mandriva. But atleast I try, I guess.
  17. Ok, so I guess I'll wait a little longer, or maybe I'll just pass on Yoper. I keep debating on whether or not to play with Fedora, although I do prefer rpm based distros over debian ones, but thats just me. So now with a new fedora out, maybe, just maybe I'll try it. (It was Red Hat 7.1 that I originally wanted to try with Linux, but my friend who burned to isos, botched them and I went to walmart and bought mandy7.2.)But anyways........ Don't we all prefer windows? lol
  18. Lately I have been playing with both mepis and pclinuxos, but I'm not real happy with either one. Not that I have many faults with them, I'm just not ready to stick with them. (Especially since with pclinuxos cannot open any file on my windows partition, for some strange reason.) So now I'm getting YOPER 2.1.0-4. Has anyone here played with yoper lately? how is it. About a year ago I remember reading here about how yoper wasn't quite ready and to wait a while. so I waited and now I'm ready to try it. Am I wasting my time with this one? Go back to Mandy you say?? Stick with windows?? (WHAT??)
  19. My dad has been having trouble with his pc (it was infested with spyware and viruses, can you belive it??and he uses protection too!), which he then took to a retailer, who promptly wiped his XP out and reinstalled Xp. However he cannot update anymore, as microsoft is saying he doesn't have a valid version. He is calling today to try and get it straightened out. Enter LINUX. All my parents do on their pc is get/send email, surf the web and put in pics from their camera. So why not Linux? But he has a visioneer scanner model 8100, which doesn't seem to be supported in linux. So has anyone got this to work? What were you using? I'm thinking of having them try SimplyMEPIS (i'll take my disc over tonight). But I'm open to suggestions. They will need a fairly simple system to use, so maybe I'll even try mandy. Thanks
  20. That's just not right. You pay for something, they should FREAKING deliver the goods. It's outragous that their customer service is really non-existant (from what I'm hearing). I really like this distro, and have considered getting a boxed edition and/or joining the club, but everytime I think I'll fork over my money, I see another thread like this one. I guess if I want to get a powerpack edtion I'll still surf the web and find cdr versions for a fraction of the price, but atleast they deliver. Or maybe I'll go back to microsoft LOL (One of their reps actually called my dad to help him with streest and maps install (long story), now if they can do that what can't Mandriva?)
  21. sorry for not getting back to this. That video card was not an ATi card but an old nvidia tnt2 card, so I had no problems. So This can be called solved, i guess
  22. And my sister was nice enough to give me her dead pc. Which of course I took everything, short of the dead power supply and 500mhz celeron/motherboard. My question is, her video card will get me by until I can cough up some money for a new one, But its an ATI card , but hey it's free and only needs to last a week or so. I have the power pack edition, but can't remeber if Mandy had solved the ATI driver issuses I seem to remember (this is my first ATI card so I didn't really pay attention to them). So when I get home from work, it goes into the machine..should I expect trouble or am I worried about nothing? Thanks
  23. If I could get madden 2005 to run in cedega, like I was able to do with madden 2004, I wouldn't boot into windows. In fact, I'm still playin Steel Panthers version 7.1, instead of version 8.4 because I couldn't get it to run in cedega and didn't want to run it in windows. With madden, I bought the new game (SPwaw is free) and couldn't get it to install, so I boot into windows.That said, my wife and daughter rarely boot into linux even thought thats were I have our email accounts setup. I have taken the time to email EA sports (madden 2k5/4) and Matrix games (Steel Panthers World at War) to ask about Linux installers, but guess what? No reply. But I really do feel if enough of us (and thats anyone who plays games) at least try to communicate with the game producers, they may realize that we are here and make some changes, ie make Linux versions. OK so maybe thats a pipe dream, but if we as a community keep at them, and support those who do produce Linux titles, others will follow. In fact, I downloaded the new banner free opera for linux, not that i really like or wanted it, but just to add a number to the amount of linux downloads. People will look at how many people download which version,(linux vs. windows) and if they see that the linux numbers are growing they may see a marketplace. But that means we, as a community, may need to support these companies with our wallets from time to time. I bought UT 2k4, because it had a linux installer included. So maybe we need to be picky about which games we buy ( --sad about buying madden 2k5 ) Anyways, Im sorry Im rambling, what was the question again?
  24. wow that was fast, I was just about to repost that I found the answer about it being part of Opera. I'll investagte wether or not it sahres mail. That was something I have not been able to do in Thunderbird. I'd perfer to not boot into windows, but the bosses (read wife and daugther insist on keeping it). Ok- I'll admit it, I still use windows from time to time, and not just at work.
  25. is M2 part of Opera? or a seperate program? Also, will it share mail with a winxp(fat32)/madrivale2k5 dual boot?
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