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  1. Last week I was playing around with 2007rc2. (Now I am downloading the offical version, both the 4 disc set and one-kde). I used the plf nvidia drivers for my card, a 4400 series card. Everything went smooth, the Logo showed up like it was supposed to. Then I installed cedega, to see how well Madden 2006 plays on Mandy 2007. But when I try to run cedega, sometimes I would get to the p2p screen to install Madden, the screen flashes and I have to log back in. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a glitch in rc2 only? I'm glad I tried this on a spare h.d. and didn't trash my 2006 setup, which runs nice. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. at the bottom of the page it says that it will be released in a couple of days. So I would think you'll get the email you are waiting for.
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    I have the same problem. I do have my NVIDIA drivers installed and the couple of game I run the use 3d acceleration run fine
  4. I agree, marketing is the key. And it seems that Linux has no marketing scheme besides word of mouth of its users. Then when someone is thinking about trying Linux, they have so many choices they are overwhelmed, imho. First you have to pick a distro, then a DE and so forth. While microsoft and apple both say here you go.
  5. Thanks guys No I don't really need bleeding edge, but who really does? And Gowater, you read my mind. If I can get get a list of the files I may need and the repo for them, I could be off and running -i.e. get a cd full of stuff. To start out, I'll stick it on a spare HD and plug it in whenever I have time to play around.
  6. I'm downloading Arch 0.7.2(full iso), from what I've read it seems to be a very good distro to really learn Linux and I must admit that even though I've been using Linux, Mandriva, for a couple of years, I still know very Little. My question is since I live in Dial Up 'ville, will I spend a lot of time doing this: Here is what I use my pc for: 1) the play Madden 2005 (via Cedega) 2. internet (kind of surf & email) 3.watch DVD's and sometimes TV. 3 listen to music and burn discs. 4 Play native games. 5) Use Open office 6)I prefer KDE, but gnome doesn't bother me either. I have a NVIDIA card, so I will be installing those drivers, any links to a how to or is it basically like Mandriva? After that all I can think of needing are Java, flash and a pdf reader, but I'm guessing those aren't too painful. So with the little bit I do with my pc, should I expect any real problems? I mean I am getting the full iso, so I'm hoping that should provide me some ease of configuration (ie staying off the net to get a ton of files).
  7. :ph34r: Its a need to know site, and you don't need to know ;)
  8. I know you have just nstalled, but there is a kid safe pclinuxos available, that has internet filters built in. I'm just throwing out a suggestion, good luck and I hope he is having fun.
  9. I'm pretty sure skype is available for mandriva 2006, not sure about 10. Maybe try: urpmi skype or install from the mcc, search for skype. I've never used skype, the hole I worked at before used it alot to call Isreal from the US,but I have no idea how good or bad it is.
  10. I should add that you need to have your system fully updated. Then remove your discs as sources
  11. This works for me, from Seerofsouls.com forums: Believe it or not,removal can be done with one simple command. Code: rpm -e --nodeps `rpm -qa | grep -i kde | grep 3.5` **NOTE** Please change/edit the 3.5 to whatever version you currently have installed of KDE. It is also very important that you use ` in the command and not ' The ` can be found on most keyboards on the key immediately to the left of the number one(1) key. You will also need to perform these commands just to be extra safe: Code: rpm -e --nodeps kdevelop then to reinstall: Once you have the source added it's probably best to perform the following commands: Code: urpmi kdebase Code: urpmi kdeutils kdeaddons kdeaccessibility kdegames kdegraphics Code: urpmi kdebase-kdm-config-file kdebase-kdm
  12. from their site: We currently have a few database problems - please call back soon. thanks for the tip. But at least I'm not getting the error 404 that I got this morning. Hopefully you'll be back in the morning. In the mean time.........
  13. Thanks A.I. your'e site is a wealth of information.
  14. I finished downloading it. ( my work is very gracious in allowing me to do this.) I have a question however, can I download the updates and install them from a disc? I live in the country with horrible phone lines, thus crappy dial up. If not I may not burn these.
  15. Arctic, I see you have removed fedora from your sig. Are you giving up on it for now?
  16. will this ever be available as a non-dvd /non-torrent download? I have dial-up at home and that's the only place I could do a torrent download. But I could do a normal iso (cd) download here at work, if it was available.
  17. so do these updates make it so you can install NVIDIA drivers? I seem to remember people having trouble with that.
  18. I found this : http://www.linuxloader.com/modules.php?nam...showpage&pid=25
  19. ok, I may be wrong on this, I'm guessing that you probally boot into the nvidia kernel, which has no source installed. THIS IS JUST ME, but I think I would boot into the stock kernel, then try to install the drivers. I've never used the nvidia kernel so you may want to wait and see if anyone has ideas about that. That's the great thing about this place, help usually comes fairly fast. Don't worry your close.
  20. try this: rpm -qa | grep kernel the results should tell you what kernel is installed and if you have the source installed. (if I remember correctly, I'm at work on a windows machine.) Or go to the MCC-remove software. Then search kernel. JUST DO NOY REMOVE ANYTHING. This will also tell you if the source is indeed installed. From there you could simply do the same in MCC-install software, then match the source to your kernel.
  21. How many of those 14 cd's do you really need for Debian? Is there a list of what is on those discs, so you could chose say 5 or 6 discs. I don't know, just asking. With a 14 disc set (or a large net install, i guess), I wonder how many people actually run Debian vs. one of its much fewer discs offspring?
  22. I don't own a Mac, but isn't there a ppc version, which I always thought was a Mac version of Mandriva?
  23. If you haven't already, you need to have urpmi not remove the packages after install, which it does by default. This can be done by the command : urpmi --noclean then check /var/cache/urpmi as Arctic said
  24. my first love was windows 3.11. My first linux love was Mandrake 9.1, I still have the discs, including updates I downloaded. I just can't seem to throw them out. Windows 3.11 on the other hand is long, long gone, with win95, winME.
  25. Ok, I admit it. I've used that distro before. Nothing to write home about, but it seem popular enough. It may even knock Ubuntu off the top, so it can't be that bad can it?? LOL
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