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  1. i agree with spiedra about the self executing .tar file. it's easy & painless. but if ya want an rpm, try this........... RPMFind OOo Chris
  2. are you trying to do this while in KDE? if so, try booting into Gnome (or any other DE), force install the KDE libs first, then proceed with the rest of the packages. the key is to do it from a DE other than KDE. rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps nameofpackage.rpm or urpmi --force --allow-nodeps nameofpackage.rpm Chris
  3. i would try one of the following............ update the coreutil package from cooker. the current version is coreutils-5.1.2-1mdk. boot from the MDK install CD & choose "upgrade". it should detect any fubar'd packages & replace them automatically. Chris
  4. as AussieJohn stated, your Windows partition isn't gone, just (temporarily) unaccessable due to Mandrake overwriting the MBR. to get back into Windows, do one of the follow (whatever applies to your situation) boot into Windows rescue/troubleshoot mode (usually by hitting the f8 repeatedly key during the first stages of boot), get to a DOS prompt, type fdisk /mbr (for Windows95, 98, & ME) & hit enter, or fixmbr (hit enter) for WinXP. you can also use the fdisk /mbr command on WinXP if you use a Win98 boot floppy instead of the rescue mode screen. Chris
  5. the Soyo motherboard i settled on (see link) is the KT400 chip set & i had (nor have) nary a problem with it, installation, setup, detection, &/or performance wise. i settled on the KT400 chipset due to a combination of budget restrictions & my own personal computing needs. i didn't have to screw around with APIC at all. i do have it turned off now, not due to any problems or freezes (there were none) but because i don't use any power saving features other than having my monitor shut off after a given amount of time, so i just use the APM feature for that. i was intially gonna go with an ABIT mobo, but after researching i discovered that Soyo at least has some form of Linux support offered, versus none with the ABIT, so that was the icing on the cake. whatever you decide on, just take some time to research & use as much Linux friendly hardware as you can find & you should be ok. Chris
  6. updates have slowed down somewhat for MDK9.2, but they are still coming. just several days ago there was a kernel update (2.4.22-30), plus there have been several security/bug fix updates in recent weeks. check the Mandrake 9.2 updates page to get a list. or, just check out Aru's security advisory section in this forum. when you go to Mandrake Control Center & click "Mandrake Update", it should automatically ask you to connect to a mirror, then update that mirror before giving you results. are you using an outdated update mirror perhaps? check the Mandrake update mirrors status page to see if your mirror is up to date. if it isn't, change to one that is. and finally, you should update all of your sources on a regular basis, especially if you have contrib & cooker sources. to update all sources, open a terminal, change to root, then type the following & hit enter........ urpmi.update -a that will update all of your sources & give you output that can be useful (such as a source being unavailable). Chris
  7. just wanted to let anyone who might care know........ the beast has been built. actually, i did it 2 weeks ago. been up & running without any problems whatsoever since. installed MDK9.2 & it detected all hardware without a problem. i'm still giddy with the speed, power, & over all improved performance compared to the old box. it's like going from an old VW bug to a Maserati. so, if anybody ever wants to use the hardware specs i posted, or something in the same ballpark, i can vouch for the fact that it all works flawlessly. now, what to do with all of this space on the empty partitions? B) Chris
  8. hmmm....... i thought shorewall was installed as a default. maybe i'm wrong though......... if shorewall isn't listed in services, then go to mcc->install software & install it from there. or, you could just urpmi shorewall. once you get it installed, then proceed with my other instructions. Chris
  9. AFAIK, there's no tray icon for any linux firewalls. at least not for the ones that i am aware of. you could just use the built in Shorewall. it works quite well when set up properly. i test at both grc.com & dslreports.com & come up stealth on each. visit shorewall.net to find out different ways to configure it. they even have downloadable sample config files that you can tweak 'til your hearts content & lots of easy to follow docs. the easiest way to get it going with a stand alone adsl connection, is to go to terminal, su to root, type (all without quotes) "service shorewall status" (enter) to check if it's running. if it is, type "service shorewall stop" (enter) to stop it. edit your /etc/shorewall/interfaces file to read "net. ppp0. detect", save it, back to cli root & type "service shorewall start" (enter) & you should be good to go. again, there's a lot more in depth info at the web site, but that's a very basic adsl configuration that will protect you quite well. Chris
  10. neocytrix........ are you by any chance allowing KSCD to run in the tray when not being used? if so, quit KSCD, then try accessing your cdrom. KSCD will lock the device it's set to default to, as long as it's running. if you wanna test that theory, with KSCD docked in the tray but not playing a CD, run this command in terminal as root........... lsof -V /dev/(your cdrom device name) that will show you what app is using that device. bet it's KSCD. if you get an error "command not found" when trying to run that, then you must first install lsof. either do (as root in terminal)........ urpmi lsof or use MCC->install software->search->lsof. it's on one of the MDK CD's. Chris
  11. i only had time to try the urpmi --noclean method this morn.......... noclean is no go. i'll try some of the other suggestions tonight, or tomorrow when i get more time. i have done the rpm --rebuilddb method, several times. i even went as far as removing all the header files in the cache & rebuilding the /var/lib/rpm directory from scratch...... no go. i'll post back with any successes or failures. Chris
  12. hi all......... i'm having a problem here that's driving me crazy & i'm out of solutions to try. thought i'd put it out here in hopes of somebody having this same problem &/or a fix for it. here's the scenerio....... i have MDK9.2 installed on my new computer. going on 2 weeks now. i did a fresh install, then copied/replaced some of my old /home/chris stuff that i needed. all the updates have been applied (except for the one you'll see about in a moment) everything is just ducky, except for when i try to install some KDE packages, either via the MCC software installer or urpmi in CLI. it's basically an endless loop of dependency hell. what's happening is, i try to install packageX, it tells me i need package(s)Y(Z,F,etc.) as depends. i give it the "OK", it asks for the proper CD, downloads the packages, but bombs on install because of the depends. but, the weird part that's driving me nuts is that i already have the depends it's telling me i need. this is only with KDE apps, & only a select few of them. i can install 98% of the packages fine. i have no KDE cooker apps installed. it's a stock KDE3.1.3-79 install. here's the latest example......... there are several updates/security fixes available for kdepim, kdepilot, kdenotes. i select the updates, auto select the depends (libkdepim, lib kdepilot, etc.), it downloads them, but on install it tells me the following........ [root@default chris]# urpmi kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed (5 MB): kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 kdepim-kaddressbook-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 kdepim-karm-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 kdepim-knotes-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 kdepim-kpilot-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 libkdepim2-common-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 libkdepim2-common-devel-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 libkdepim2-kpilot-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 libkdepim2-kpilot-devel-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586 Is this OK? (Y/n) y installing /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libkdepim2-kpilot-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/kdepim-knotes-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/kdepim-kpilot-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libkdepim2-common-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libkdepim2-common-devel-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/kdepim-karm-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/kdepim-kaddressbook-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libkdepim2-kpilot-devel-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk.i586.rpm Installation failed: libkdepim2-kpilot = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-kpilot-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk libkdepim2-common = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-kpilot-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk kdepim-karm = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk kdepim-knotes = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk kdepim-kaddressbook = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk kdepim-kpilot = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk libkdepim2-common = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by libkdepim2-common-devel-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk libkdepim2-common = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by kdepim-kaddressbook-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk libkdepim2-kpilot = 3.1.3-22.1.92mdk is needed by libkdepim2-kpilot-devel-3.1.3-22.1.92mdk as you can see, all the depends it's telling me i need i am selecting. and, i do have all the older files it's trying to upgrade (i know i do, i went through them all & checked) so, if i have all of the depends it needs & all the old files it's trying to upgrade, why is it telling me i still need them?! i have tried the following............... removing & re-adding all of my sources (CD's included) several times. disabling sources. deleting the /var/cache/urpmi directory & letting it rebuild. deleting the /var/lib/rpm directory & letting it rebuild. i've run rpm --rebuilddb several times. i've tried upgrading to KDE3.2 from cooker, but that also bombs due to the same dependency loop! the only thing i haven't tried (yet) is trying the upgrade method with the 9.2 install CD's. i'm hesitant to do that 'cause it might undo all the tweaks & such i've accomplished these past 2 weeks. any help with matter would be greatly appreciated. there's free beer involved! if you need any other info from me (log files, error messages, etc.) please tell me what ya need & i'll supply it. awaiting on your replies....... Chris
  13. sounds like a cool idea tyme. once you know if/when/where it's gonna happen, i'd more than likely attend, since H-Burg is only 50 miles away from me. if i can get the overheating problem on my piece of shite car under control, that is. keep me updated, either in this thread or in musb when ya see me there. edit: there will be beer, won't there? B) Chris
  14. i haven't ever tried using external Nvidea drivers yet. i have a GeForceTi4200 card, but it works fine with the stock Mandrake drivers. i don't get awesome 3D excelleration, but then again, i don't play games nor do many video intesive things on my computer that i'd have a need for it. but......... one of these days i'm gonna try the proper Nvidea drivers, if for nothing else than a learning experience. i know there's several threads on this board concerning installation of the drivers (just use the search function for "nvidea" or "nvidea drivers"), but you might also want to check out this in depth "how to" on the subject........ http://www20.tomshardware.com/graphic/2000...geforce-03.html good luck....... Chris
  15. when you installed, did you test your video card & monitor before accepting the settings? if you get as far as the login screen, then the timer just hangs there, sounds like it might be video card/monitor related. to test the theory & make sure it's not just a KDE problem, have you tried logging into Gnome or another desktop? if you can't get into any desktops, & since it's a fresh install, i'd reboot using install CD1, choose upgrade, & when it gets to the final configuration screen, check your video card & monitor settings, adjust as needed, then test them before accepting. Chris
  16. sounds more like a video card problem than a monitor problem. what vid card are you using? what drivers are you using? i'd check those things first. make sure the drivers match the vid card, or a close approximate to them. post your vid card & driver info for better troubleshooting please. Chris
  17. check out this thread & all the follow ups. ignore the fact that it mentions xchat. in a nutshell, it sounds as if you're maxing out the number of connections you're allowed to be running at once. does this happen when you're dowloading things by any chance? running any P2P stuff? Bittorent? all those things, among others, could cause the problem. Chris
  18. here's what might sound like a far fetched solution, but it solved the same problem for me once.......... power down the computer as you normally would. once it's shut down, turn off the power with the switch on the computer power supply. unplug the computer from it's power source. let it that way for a half hour or so. plug everything back in, turn on the power, then start using your computer as you normally would. don't know why, but that solved the very same problem for me. Chris
  19. chris z

    Unable to update

    yer welcome Ronin :D took me almost an hour of searching numerous ftp sites lst night, 'til i finally came across that one. i installed a bunch of things from there without any troubles (except for that annoying "not up to date........" mesage that's been plaguing me since i upgraded to 9.2 months ago). other that that, everything installed & works fine. Chris
  20. chris z

    Unable to update

    red....... try this ftp site.......... ftp://ftp.proxad.net//pub/Distributions_Linux i was having problems with contrib & cooker sites too. i found the above site works for everything, even updates, & they have all versions of MDK there to boot. to add to your sources, go to the above link, open MCC->Software sources manager, click "add", make the source "ftp", name the source, copy & paste the ftp address into the url box for each source you want. (EX: for a 9.2 contrib source, you'd copy/paste the following location...... ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Li...2/contrib/i586/ ) don't put anything in the hdlist box, then click save. it will automatically retrieve the hdlist & add the source for you. repeat for each additional source you want, then when you're done, click "save" on the sources manager box. note........i'm sure there are other working sites out there now as things are getting straightened out, but i've found this one to be very reliable at the moment. hope that helps...... Chris
  21. not sure what you mean by "clear the bugs". if you just did a fresh install, go to MCC->Mandrake Update, connect to an update mirror, then get all bug fixes, updates, security fixes, etc. it's gonna be a couple hundred megs worth of stuff, but then you'll be up to date & bug free. also note, since you're using MDK9.1, due to Mandrake's time line policy for it's distro versions, desktop updates for 9.1 stopped on March 25 2004 & base package updates will cease on September 25 2004. see this Mandrake Time Line page for info. you might want to consider upgrading to 9.2 soon, or 10.0 when it's final to the public. Chris
  22. ok.......... back to the Kicker method i spoke of earlier. i'm home now & just looked. the option you are looking for is there, but i'm guessing you have to add it to Kicker because it isn't in the menu by default. open KDE Control Center->LookNFeel->panels. go to the "menu" tab. where it says "optional sub menus", put a check in the box next to "print system". click apply, restart KDE. you'll now have all your printer options in Kicker under a menu called "Print System". one of those options should be the name of your printer. if you click on that it will bring up the job que dialogue box. hope that helped.......... Chris
  23. if you're using KDE, go to kicker->printers-> & select either the KDE printer setup or system (MDK) printer setup link. (i can't remember the exact names of them right now..........at work). open those & there will be various menu tabs. one of the tabs will show jobs in the que. Chris
  24. AFAIK, there's no way to change the graphical login from Kontrol Center->LookNFeel. for shits & giggles, open Mandrake Control Center (MCC)->boot->DrakBoot, look in the "System Mode" section & see if there's a check in the box where it says "launch the graphical environment when your system starts". if it isn't checked, check it, save, then reboot. you should be back to your graphical login. Chris
  25. don't know if this will help, but here's the intstructions for compiling & installing from the LinkSys web site....... http://www.linksys.com/support/support.asp?spid=25 Chris
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