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  1. text mode install appears to work but still stops installing somewhere on disk 2, prolly a bad disk, ill let you know. i hate not being able to use the graphical install tho :x
  2. Have to power off system right after selecting a language. Anyone else have this problem know a solution? I seem to be having nothing but problems with this version of linux when I can get gentoo up and running fine. Shouln't it be the other way around? heh
  3. ahh good idea. my card is the 5700 ultra and i used the nvidia gf4 generic driver.. the bootsplash displays fine, but even with the VGA16 boot option anything after the bootsplash doesnt display any good, and at that point i think its using just a base vesa driver or some such, i didnt choose GF4 generic until the X config. with the vga16 option it does 640x480 at 16bit color, lol its sad that that displays wrong
  4. figured it out.. kinda stupid.. my formated drive still had the grub master boot record.. and my bios wasnt looking for the cd at boot.. works fine now.. cept for another problem.. which i just started a new thread for..
  5. I have a 17 inch HP pavillion monitor capable of up to 1600x1200 at 60 hz but even trying much lower resolution with 16 bit color depth results in a screen i cannot see.. the only install method i can choose and get away with is text, then once i configure X no res/color depth i pick will make it so X is usable.. on other flavors of linux ive been fine with 1024x800 @ 24/16 but for some reason everything i try is all fuzzy and unviewable. is there something i should pass to the kernel? maybe?
  6. i tried the second disk of regular and it yielded the same error, ill try it again just in case.. and i am running amd64 3200+
  7. I've tried using both standard 10.0 and amd64. The cd1 from each set will not boot. It starts to boot, but gives me a grub error 17. My master hard drive is an empty unpartitioned HD. I tried the regular version after having this problem with the amd64 cd thinking it may be too new and buggy.
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