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  1. Have been trying to get Amarok to play my audio CD's. The Amarok program starts off alright but all i can hear is static? Can't even get KsCD to make a sound? Have been trying to locate VLC but no luck so far? Help any one please. Thanks
  2. Job done now Greg but thanks anyway!
  3. How do i configure the desktop to remove unwanted icons? I am running Mandriva One 2008, KDE 3.5 Thanks! [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  4. Hi guys! Just like to say thanks for the help and advice concerning EasyUrpmi and i managed to do the updating as you advised as well.
  5. Can somebody help me please. I am a Mandriva Linux newbie. A friend of mine persuaded me to let him install Mandriva One 2008. But now he's nowhere to be found and i am lost! I need some help with the following: 1) Do i have to install EasyUrpmi and if so how? 2) I can play CD's using Amarok but there's so much interference that you can barely hear the music. 3) There is an orange ball with a question mark in it on the task bar and when i put my mouse/pointer over it i am informed: No medium was found. You must add some media through "Software Media Manager. Would really appreciate any help and advice to get me up and running with Mandriva.
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