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  1. I still haven't been able to find any info on fixing this problem anywhere. Am I the only one with this problem? Maybe I should try reinstalling Thunderbird?
  2. Thanks for the replies, It is not copyrighted or protected. I was able to save to a linux partition. Is there any way to fix this problem and enable acroread to save to a FAT partition? Thanks, Cmus
  3. sorry, but I don't speak German. Can someone translate that page? Thanks...
  4. cmus


    Try adding mplayer-plugin from urpmi, it worked for me..
  5. Hi - I am having trouble with Adobe Reader 7.0. I can open and view PDFs fine with this program, but if I attempt to save a copy of the file I am viewing I get an error message that says: Not super user. I am not trying to save to a directory that has root-only permissions, so I don't understand why I would get this error. Any help is appreciated... Cmus
  6. Hi, I am using Thunderbird 1.0.2 and can not open e-mail attachments. When I receive a message with an attachment, the attachment appears in the attachment pane. If I right click on it I get the options to open, save, or save all. If I select open, nothing at all happens. I am able to select save and then save the attachment to some other location on my computer and open it from there. Is there a setting I must choose somewhere to fix this? It is happening with all types of attachments from PDFs to OpenOffice docs. Any Help is appreciated.... cmus
  7. Anyone experienced this problem? In 2005LE, after I install software via urpmi, my applications menu stops working. If I click on it, sometimes it opens with extremely shortened lists of programs or it doesn't open at all. I must log off GNOME and log back on or else restart the system for the menu to work properly. Thanks in advance, Cmus
  8. Thanks for your help, It seems the rpm I got from the USC urpmi mirror is broken. It is version 3.5 or something like that. I got a newer one from freshmeat (4.8) which worked straight away. Hope this post helps someone else...
  9. When I run it from a console, a window opens up that says: "Welcome to the Limewire setup wizard. Limewire will guide you through a series of steps to configure Limewire for optimum performance." But there are no buttons to push for continue or next or anything like that. My only option is to close the window. I think it is a Java problem, but I don't know for sure. Thanks for helping Cmus
  10. Hi, On 2005 LE, I have installed the 2 RPMs j2re-1.5.03-1.101mcnl and limewire-3.5.6-1jpp Limewire will not run. Are these RPMs known to be broken or are there other configurations I need to do? I tried the RPMs because I thought they would eliminate my need to mess with the java installation instructions I have read on this forum and others. Maybe I still have to change something? Thanks for any help... Cmus
  11. Hi, I am using a Dell Inspiron 8100 with Mandrake 10.0. When I close the lid of my laptop and then reopen it I have a wierd problem. The display will come back on but the vertical hold (I'm sure this is the wrong term) is all screwed up. It appears as if the v-hold has moved down so that the screen is split and the top of the screen takes up the bottom half of the display while the bottom of the screen takes up the top of the display. Hope that made sense. Anyone know how to fix this? Aloha
  12. Hi Anyone know if there is an easy way to merge 2 spreadsheets in OpenOffice? I have 2 spreadsheets that are very big. In one of them I have (among other things) population estimates for certain species of fish. In the other one I have dietary habits of some of the fish species from the first spreadsheet. I want to merge the files so that a single spreadsheet will list the species, the population estimate, and the dietary habits in 3 columns next to each other. I can't simply sort them alphabetically and paste in the info from the second spreadsheet because there are multiple entries for some of the population estimates by date. Any help is greatly appreciated... Aloha
  13. Hey thanks everyone for the replies, I guess I will stick with 10.0 until I hear some really serious reason to upgrade. How is this going to affect the availability of software I can obtain through urpmi? I have only ever used 10.0 but I noticed that if you are running a different version of Mandrake, the locations of the ftp sites is different. Do programmers stop building RPMs that will work with older versions after a while? Mahalo, Cmus
  14. I have been running 10.0 on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 8100) for about 6 months now. I have things working very well and have managed to get all the important things I need up and running smoothly. I recently got a new desktop and installed 10.1 on it and it works great too. My question is: should I upgrade my laptop to 10.1, and if so how do I make sure that all of my installed programs and settings remain in place? I have an especially customized setup for my networking and wired/wireless networks as I take the laptop back and forth from home to work often. 10.1 is supposed to handle this type of activity effortlessly. Is it worth the trouble to upgrade? Mahalo, Cmus
  15. Thanks Steve, that worked. Now the next step would be to try to be able to get the links opened from thunderbird to be opened in a new tab within firefox if firefox was already running. Any ideas? Mahalo
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