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  1. LeoK

    OO.o 2 Install

    I have just downloaded it from their website and it is a folder with a bunch of RPMs inside it. Only problem is they each seem to depend on each other so if I try to install oo.o-core1 it depends on oo.o-core4 which depends on core1... I guess there is a certain way to do it, I just can't work out how!
  2. I ended up installing kdebase-devel which had what I needed, only problem was then it wouldn't compile but got errors on the make stage :(
  3. I have Mandriva 2005 LE and I want to use the latest version of Baghira, version 0.7. I am currently using 0.6 which I installed with an RPM but the new version doesn't seem to have a mandrake RPM. I found a guide on their sourceforge website explaining howto install it; http://baghira.sourceforge.net/OS_Clone-en.shtml#step1. I understand everything there apart from the bit which says, As far as I can see there is no libkde-dev RPM in the installation CD's and I can't find it using URPMI. Can anoyone tell me how to get libkde-dev or howto install Baghira 0.7. Does anyone have an RPM which will work with Mandriva 2005? Regards, Leo Kent
  4. LeoK

    OO.o Directory

    I am quite new to Linux and want to know where I can find the main directory for Open Office. On Windows finding these sorts of directories was so much easier
  5. LeoK

    High RAM Usage

    I am using Mandriva 10.2 with KDE 3.3 running on a 1Ghz CPU with 640MB of RAM. When I used to use Windows XP it was very rare that I would ever use all of my RAM even when I was running many programs. However on Linux I can easily use 400MB of RAM with just Firefox and Kwrite open and as soon as I open Photoshop I start getting close to 640MB usage. Is there any way to lower the RAM usage apart from disabling services, which I have done. Also can I see what programs/services are using the RAM up like you can in task manager in Windows. Thanks in advance, Leo
  6. Hmm, out of interest how were you able to create the RPM from tha source without ./configure?
  7. Nope there is not one of those, there is a ./configure.in.in, but that will not run.
  8. I am trying to install the Linspire Clear theme onto Mandriva 2005 LE. The source can be found on a link on this page: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?c...ad&tan=97529096 I know the title says it's an RPM for suse, but there is a link to the source in the comments. However when I download it there is no ./configure file in the tar ball. So how and I suposed to install it? Has anyone got a Mandriva RPM for the Linspire Clear theme? Thanks for you help, Leo
  9. I have Mandriva 10.2 LE 2005 and am so far very happy with it. After a few searches of the forums I found a post that told me how to change the kde start menu icon (the star). But I can't get rid of the word menu that hovers above the icon, as I have the bar size set to tiny it really gets in the way of the icon. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? [moved from Tips & Tricks by spinynorman]
  10. /lib/modules/kernel- no such file or directory. stop Nope don't have the kernel sources installed, how do I install them, would it be in: Menu -> System -> Packaging -> Install Sorftware?
  11. Hi, I am fairly new to Linux but I have used it for about 4 months before. I am trying to install the rt2500USB wifi card drivers to the PC. When I do #make I get an error that /lib/modules/kernel-2.6.../build cannot be found. So how can I get it working (I can't seem to find an rpm for the drivers :( ) Thanks in Advance Leo Kent
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