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  1. Man, I deleted the directory where I'd put the code for this only this week.
  2. I found it quite heavy for tasks like adding new SW.... its proably doing a great job sorting deps but it felt heavy for me. (running as a virtual machine) Yep any Deb or *buntu based distro should be fine..you can just apt-get different WM's you until you find one your happy with then remove the others... .. I actually got converted over to Debian with a combo of my laptop which never ran Mandriva well and XBOX .... The XBOX was a bit of the available distro at the time ws Xebian... a debian for XBOX's so I figured I'd better learn it... However it copes really well with 64MB RAM and a slow virtuial FAT fs and a 667 Mhz celeron which is what's inside the xbox... Memory wise the nvidia driver is huge.... so if you don't *need* it you save lots of RAM.... No reason amarok shouldn't work except it uses lots of KDE libs... so you need to load them too but the one thing I could never get on my crappy cheap lappy was video playback or any accelerated GL stuff.... I just learned to live with it and its a matter of getting used to.... If you just want Internet access, basic office stuff etc. , music then its fine... OO takes forever to Open but its usuable once open... and I keep lightweight stuff for just quick edits... You might squeeze KDE in... its a matter of tuning and what feels acceptable to YOU.... I tend towards using IceWM on my lappy it doesn what I need which is start programs in Windows... its not pretty but ???? Anyway, if you strip away eye kandy, don't wanna use google earth or picassa etc. then it should serve as a fine GP machine... Distrowise.... I don't think is that important so long as the distro has good software installation ... if you can add/try/remove progs then you can work out what works and doesn't....
  3. I disagree, it makes complete sense if Microsoft are interested in spreading FUD.... Its pretty much the big corps who are threatened the easiest... and I agree with what you said that but not This is the whole reason MS allows them to make under the table nominal payments.... They get a nominal "get out of court free card" .... and MS succeeds in splitting the linux user community.... It equally eats away inside the corporation..... Even though they are happy with Linux the corporate lawyers want to excerize caution... At a director level they have to balance a technical reason by the IT dept (presuming their IT dept actually wants to use Linux in the first place) vs the legal one from their lawyers. What it comes down to is corprate lawyers are generally risk averse to taking risk in areas which are not a key area for that company. An oil company will happily take risks over environmental issues or trading with a country they are not meant to because that is key business.... they are unlikely to want to deal with legal risks relating to non-key issues... so their attitude is likely to be if you can just pay it under the table then lets get clear and concentrate on whatever it does their corporation actually does.... A hard nosed director or president might ask the IT dept straight out... Ok we are saving money but can we cut off Microsoft tomorrow and continue .... From the technology we are talking about here which is compatibility software between Windows and the rest of the world then that answer is obviously no, otherwise they wouldn't need samba at all. IBM has a whole team of IP lawyers and enough in the bank over what MS has ripped off from them to ever be scared of an IP battle with but this is their core business. A broadcasting corp, car maker or most over companies in the Fortune 500 are less liekly to have this as CORE business.... Hence if you believe the purpose of MS is to divide the linux community then this is an effective way.... it means they can attack the companies using Linux without having to deal with the big guns...
  4. As i mentioned a while ago discussing the Suse takeover.... MS has given up trying to fight Linux and OS head on.... Instead it relies on FUD and divinding the Linux community.... this article bears that out....
  5. http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2007/02/13/ibm_open_client/
  6. Well not exactly what your looking for but cups keeps all the jobs so if you make yourself a marker... (like a printer alignment page you print after cart changes) you can count the jobs inbetween.... You need to toggle "completed jobs" to do this though...
  7. You seem to be using the old installer which is why X was not installed.... hence why Arctic was asking... The newer installer actually automatically installs X unless you tell it not to, something I foind annoying for servers but I see the point. Anyway from my server,,,, # dpkg -l | grep webmin ii webmin 1.180-3sarge1 web-based administration toolkit ii webmin-apache 1.180-3 apache control module for webmin ii webmin-core 1.180-3sarge1 core modules for webmin rc webmin-exim 0.2.6-3 exim mail server control module for webmin ii webmin-exports 1.180-3 NFS exports control module for webmin ii webmin-fetchma 1.180-4 fetchmail mail retrieval module for webmin ii webmin-grub 1.180-4 grub control module for webmin ii webmin-htacces 1.180-3 htaccess/htpasswd module for webmin ii webmin-inetd 1.180-4 inetd control module for webmin ii webmin-mailbox 1.180-3 user mail reading module for webmin ii webmin-mysql 1.180-3 mysql-server control module for webmin ii webmin-postfix 1.180-4 postfix control module for webmin ii webmin-proftpd 1.180-4 Proftpd module for webmin ii webmin-samba 1.180-3 samba control module for webmin rc webmin-sendmai 1.180-4 sendmail control module for webmin ii webmin-softwar 1.180-3 software packages control module for webmin ii webmin-spamass 1.180-3 spamassassin control module for webmin ii webmin-sshd 1.180-3 SSH server control module for webmin ii webmin-virtual 2.50-1 virtual hosting management module for webmin To get it up and running you can just apt-get install webmin-core Additional stuff can either be done through webmin or apt-get as you prefer.... Since you have a GUI you can also apt-get install synaptic or apt-get install kpackage To give you a decent GUI installer .... Im presuming you want one since you installed a GUI...
  8. Well, at least it's shorter than your usual postings :P Not that I mind, don't misunderstand me. But I think if there was a contest on who posted the most *amount* of text in these forums, you'd definitely be in the top 3 ;) LOL, I actually meant Dexter not me! Funny thing I was at my girlfriends folks last night and her mom has some freelance work using Adobe in Design2, anyway we are spec'ing up a PC and all including SW. We can buy InDesign for $799 (about Euro 600) in the US but in France it costs $1399 although if you get the English version its $1099??? She has no wish to connect the PC to the internet. It just seemed like Dexters arguament, we can buy the crippled (product activation) version in one language and jump through hoops (like provide a US address and bank account) to save nearly 50% ?? or pay $1399 .... or get a "cracked" version for free? We have all these questions like what if she buys in the US (she is a US passport holder) but then wants to activate it from France? Bear in mind this is simply a price hike, this is actually the "downloadable" edition. Is it just me or is something wrong when you are considering buying the legal version but trying to get a cracked one to actually use so as not to worry about product activation or jumping through hoops?
  9. Yep it really sounds like something striaght out of Dilbert.... I remember a while back BA made a big study about "air rage" ... somehow they didn't understand why people were still getting angry on flights after they cut back on alcohol? Apparently several hundred thousand dollars later they found out that heavy smokers on long haul flights get a bit uppety? I really wish I could get paid huge amounts for stating the bleeding obvious :D
  10. LOL, true but the other point I have made before is for dictionary cracks it helps a lot if the username itself is not common if its an internet facing account.... If for instance you have ssh open (because you use it) then unless they find a valid username the password doesn't help.... Indeed what I found having a weak username is once they find a valid username they get all excited and regardless of the length and complexity of your password they keep going from more and more machines... if you don't do anytthing eventually you are inconvenienced by a DOS just from the pure weight of attacks. So anyway.... my procedure is only have one external facing account and make it a complex one and not used as a normal user. Then block all other users from outside your own net... When the crackers can't find a username they move on in my experience but once they find one your screwed anyway... even if you then remove that username they dumbly go on and on...
  11. In general its probably not in the xorg.conf.... here is the model... Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Generic Keyboard" Driver "keyboard" . . . Option "XkbOptions" "altwin:left_meta_win" EndSection
  12. LOL ... so true...! Really, its so simple..... would you like the free <item> which is completely yours to do as you wish ...... or would you like to pay for the <item> but then be limited in what/where you can use it? Only the second most nor brainer though, after "what color was the white rangers white horse" (profound post of the month nomination goes to this ^ post, so short, so succint! )
  13. Dude, that's definately not why I posting.... I welcome any move away and on top of that I am willing to look into an iPod if this goes through... Erm Iphitus was defending Apple if you wish to define it as attacking/defending in the last thread... As he explained ... another dead one led him to revise is opinion which is no surprise, its what intellegent people do... On the contrary they have a few things to offer, Im just asking id at the price they are worthwhile for everyone. If money was no object to me I'd have a full Apple kit and not care if I was locked-in or couldn't choose a different player for my iTunes etc... it wouldn't matter because its only money and Apple kit is cool... it would plug into my Apple desktop and iBook as well.... However money does matter and value for money matters. When I pay more for something it has to have some extra reason like reliability but at the same time I don't want to pay extra for something because of reliability when its quickly outdated and locks me into a product cycle.
  14. What is the basis of this opinion? From the figures, I saw a large increase in expenses and with a company like mandriva, that usually corresponds to employee salaries. I imagine that's their single largest expense. Do you have some inside info as to the current staffing at mandriva? Mandriva has made a lot of acquisitions over the past two years. Unfortunately, for the employees caught up in that situation, what generally follows is cleaning house and getting rid of redundant employees, mostly from the ranks of the acquired companies. I don't need inside information to see the results and make descisions as a consumer (which I once was) and as an investor (which I'm not) I can only make decisions based on the financial information they release. Likewise the Mandriva web site is full of errors and old information, last time I checked a week or so ago they still had Christmas specials listed ??? (seems to have finally been changed but then I did point this out to Remi so its hard to say if that had any effect or not) This allows me to make up my own mind as a consumer... along with anyone else who was thinking of purchasing... However it still says "save and exchange your data in 1GB of free space!" which apprently is not true or even close... rounding 600MB to 1GB is not really honest, is it? So every customer buying this for whihc 1GB was important is going to be pissed... pure and simple. Many of these customers might have also boutht a powerpack had they been really happy. http://www.mandriva.com/en/your_opinion This still seemingly points to a black hole.... I did fill out one a couple of weeks ago, I'm waiting for a reply :D if I was a potential customer I'm still waiting but why can't Mandriva answer...? The only generous answer I can think of is they don't have the staff? The only other explanation is I was unlucky ? or they don't give a monkeys ass? The fact I never heard of anyone getting a reply from the contact us form leads me to beleive its not just bad luck that mine was lost!
  15. Well firstly as Iphitus said there are a lot of people who do have problems and just because you didn't hear about them doesn't make it not so. It can equally be region specific? Perhaps iPod quality testing is different dependent upon where they ship and what is costs Apple for returns or to ship defective products back top China for refurbishment? From my perspective as a consumer this is the most important thing, not to mention many iPod users are using their iPod as a extended hard disk (stupid perhaps but I know lots who are)... Shipping off a unit with your personal stuff on it is already a big put-off but shipping it when you don't expect to get the data back is another step. As to if it happens or not then I doubt a copmpany would set up solely to recover data lost on iPods. Also if you read it it describes what must be common scenarios? After all its trying to sell itself? http://www.recovermyfiles.com/ipod-recovery.php http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-...amaged-ipod.htm The two are not necassarily linked, crash testing a CD can be done by immersing it in hot coffee over it and passing it through a magnetic field etc. both of which will kill a HDD or those old things we used to call floppies but leave it out in bright sun for a while and ....... The issue doesn't seem to be over the durability of the case or the deasign of the iPods but over the quality control. You can compare this to chip manufacture where new chips commonly have very high failure rates but the question is the numbers the slip through to consumers and tolerance of these units. So what this comes down to for me as a consumer is do I want to pay extra (and quite a bit extra) on top of a cheapo MP3 player when for a lot less money you can get mp4 and lots of other formats to play as well? If the unit fails after a certain time its just a gamble... have you had your money's worth or not. Its the same with cheap electronics world over and if the iPod fails outside warranty then its time to decide whether to pay to buy another anyway and unless you purchased AppleCare then if it fails after 6 months its $30 shipping and handling fee (for a product still under warranty) Now seriously nearly $70 to replace a battery is ... pretty steep and if its a couple of years old then you are paying a significant proprtion of buying a brand new device with a lot of extra capability if you look into 3rd party options. Just quickly checking Apples prices ...on the same Apple site as above I just selected the first one, Apple charge more (excluding P&P) to refurbish or as they put it.... I don't want to appear sceptical but charging $10 extra + post and handling fee for a used refurbished unit doesn't sound like deal of the century? One could draw a conclusion from this that Apple are trying to discourage returns? Unless its still under warranty then being able to return it to Apple and pay more than a new unit seems pretty worthless to me, its not like your going to get the data back so from my consumer perspective paying an extra $10 + postage (and taxes etc.) wouldn't feel so much like customer service as a good solid kick in the nuts.
  16. As per my earlier post: As per http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6338603.stm I might not be correct but Im not alone :D \
  17. Much as its not my choice and my personal distaste aside Suse ?
  18. Don't know about dream linux but isn't PClinuxOS based on Mandy???? The prob I found with my laptop was anything based on Mandy didn't work... always the same problems on booting PCMCIA through version after version... for quite a few I just turned it off in bios then when I found I needed the slot for wifi/card readers etc. I just gave up... (even thoiugh at that time I was still using mandy as my main distro)... Basically for my laptop and Ians might be different it always worked on any Deb based distro like Linspire, Corel Linix and the old Mepis ??
  19. This cost me 150 AUS$ so about 100 Euro ..its only the 1GB version but expandable with 1GB mini SD cards... the click wheel which makes navigation&control very easy - the fact you can plug it in and it acts as a USB flash drive (1GB in my case) - the clear and crisp screen - the backlight! - the weight and size - not heavy and I can put it nearly anywhere (I don't know what it weighs but you can see the size ..it wieghs nealry nothing) - long battery life & charging through USB cable! Well battery life is crap (1-2 hours) but you can attach rechargable battery things for iPods via USB and its lasts for hours... (these are a bit clunky being 4x the size of the player but still the whole thing is less than a fullsize iPod although a different shape... If you want the dial ... http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.ph...inch-tftscreen/ 4GB for US$70 ... I think the fundamental problem is that once you build in obselence in one part (battery) then overall build quality goes out the window... mainly from a perspective you are either building a product to last or not... and once you decide not then the rest of the build quality sufffers as a consequence. These cheapo Cinese ones are crap build quality.... but hey... the chance is in 1-2 years something much better and cheaper will come along... and they support much more file formats than iPods... build quality is crap but then your only wasting $70... if you get one of the external batteries then this is still usuable even if the unit fails so you can use it on the next one... My GF got an iRiver from J&B for considerably less than an equivlant iPod...and it supports ogg... even if the music indexing sucks since you need a Windows app at the moment to use some of the cooler indexing features..
  20. Long or short answer ??? Short answer is yes but you just try the CD so far as hardware.... if it works Debian unstable will work (with the same settings and all) because there is nothing in kanotix that is not in unstable except configuration tools and the LIve part... but unlike knoppix which is a fine live distro kanotix was designed to be 100% Debian once installed... If it all works you have a few choices... given the dev team all left when Kano announced switching to a *buntu base instead of Debian....(well it was as much indecision that split everyone being honest... ) 1) stick with kanotix and if kano ever decides to go ahead I'm sure he will, he started it alone 2) switch yourself into SID... which basically means you lose the nice part of kanotix .. peopple used to ask why use kanotix and not just install Debian.... the answer is becvause then you have to keep SID stable yourself... All kanotix ever did was tame SID, mix unstable testing in the best way and add lots of drivers.. When I say all that is far from trivial for all the Debian packages... even the most common 5000 ... but you don't need all those, only what YOU use... (i.e,. 1 wireless driver, one sound etc.) Indeed except for SW that needs to be updated (p2p, IM clients... basically things where the protocol changes) then it runs quite happily without doing anything... especially in a laptop scenario if you don't *need* the last OO etc. it runs fine and if you chose your IM client and p2p SW carefully then this can just be incrementally updated.... Basically use GAIM not Kopete etc. because the KDE stuff will pull in dependancies on lots of stuff that makes for big changes... whole libraries etc. and deps on those libs... My laptop is still running a year old+ kanotix, haven't updated anything in ages... because for what I use it for there is no point. 3) Switch to Sidux... this allows you to switch sources and dist-upgrade. The present sidux release candidate is quite small (380MB) but its quite functional if minimal... for instance its only got OO writer but of you want the rest you just apt-get install openoffice.org Sidux is simply just putting some nice stuff on top of Debian and taming unstable and making some sane choices on default installs. However the release is only weeks away so I'd wait for that instead of having to play with upgrading later... unless like me your interested in contributing. Hence my whole reason for trying it... guess I covered that. Try any live CD... but bear in mind two things, the packaging.... and the percent to which the live CD install is 100% compatible with the base distro.... Knoppix is great but ... it depends if you want an installed distro tested through a live CD or a LiveCD...
  21. Try the last kanotix release RC4 (I think).... Give it 1 hr.... if everything works then you know you can install Debian unstable .. if not you only wasted a download.
  22. True but neither has the market.... Mandriva don't need to publish this because of the trading floor they trade on but that doesn't mean investers are going to be thinking hmm. perhaps they are doing much better than this appears but are not publishing the facts... The fact they are publically traded means they have to play along with the market so even if the figures are better it won't help support the trade price of the shares. Oh come-on.... they are already stripped down to the bare minimum of developers, they already can't handle orders efficiently, they fired their lead dev... and switching back to a 6 month cycle will either require more dev time or a crappier product. Its hard to see where they can cut costs based on performance as a company and still turn out anything. Indeed I think its probably better for them to increase costs, spend some money on proper marketing and long term development but they seem forced into the same old grab a few new customers this financial year and worry about them returning next year cycle! 2007 was a disaster, probably the biggest in a few years because it just didn't work for so many people first time. The marketing of a USB key with 1GB free that's really only 600MB .. doesn't help ... people think "oh well... I won't fall for that again" and don't purchase the next product/release... Just think all the people who bought move who might have been impressed and then bought a powerpack for a permanent install! Lost business and negative marketing....
  23. Yes and No .... First a lot of countries are legislating againt iTunes type services where its locked to a player, secondly, it really can't work for copy protection while you can still make a CD and if you can't its less attractive to a lot of people. iPod has already become synonimus with MP3 players... especially in popular culture and Apple will always be regarde as "The original" but the iTunes thing has put some people off so they lose some market share over this. As was put on the other thread... its only a lock-in if you can't burn a CD... the thing is its lock-in by making it difficult not because you can't copy and re-rip. But I don't mind so much being locked-in through it being the best product, I mind being locked in by design which I feel is different. I'm not sure you can say iPod is "the best" either. Its certainly technically very nice and well built, but its also very expensive for what it does. You can buy something equivalent to a $500 iPod for <$100, its not so well built, the battery life probably sucks etc. but if you take price into account then the Apples are well built but over priced. So it depends what you want to do with it, which formats you want supported and other grey import products handle more formats etc. As for iTunes being a support service not a business I don't think you can seperate the two with the current model. If Apple were not making money from it then why do it when there are plenty of other legal download services (you just can't use them with an iPod directly) ... As I pointed out in the other thread I think Apple or Jobs have realised that this whole market is set to fall apart very quickly. The French already passed legislation and the recent Australian legislation on modchips is applicible to an iPod since the court summary (or what will be used from the case as a test case) actually doesn't just say "The defendent is not-guilty" but that so long as you are maing a device they removes an artificial block on the functionality of the device then it is OK. This will very quickly change to other things because Australia gets a raw deal on DVD's being the only English speaking zone 4 country... so unless its legal for them to play zone 1 and 2 films which you are lucky to have in South Africa then they can only get what the film companies decide is worth releasing to Zone 4... and just to illustrate how stupid a large percentage of Australians, especially Sydney and Melbourne are bi-lingual but in greek, italian, cantonese, hindi or urdu, russian or ukranian but Spanish falls way down that list... Region coding itself is technically illegal in quite a few countries its just not enforced ... but I think we are starting to see a point where govt's will start taking issue with region coding. A large reason will I think be Vista and DRM ... people in general are just getting more pissed over restricting what they can do with THEIR hardware they purchased. Its worth considering though HOW Apple got to be a lock-in company, pre-iPod era ... This was largely down to device support, compatibility and drivers and quality assurance. The idea was always you plug the thing into a Mac and it just works... and Apple were not intersted in grey budget devices to be attached to their beautiful machine. OS-X partially changed this and moving to Intel partially changed this again. Releasing iTunes for Windows changed this... etc. So overall (outside of iTunes, iPod) Apple has become more open... it was only the music side which remained closed. Steve Jobs is a smart guy, no denying that so I think he is more likely to have spotted a trend and decided to get ahead of the wave.... well .. it works for me :D suddenly an iPod is looking more attractive.
  24. I agree and hurrah.... As we discussed before this is my main objection to a iPod... and as I pointed out it doesn't work.... nor can't work while you can burn then rip a CD .... along with interoperability of music downloads. This is largely why I still have a huge CD collection, just to be able to rip the CD and play it on whatever player I choose and why I didn't subscribe to iTunes or others which restrict this.... The bottom line is I agree and its been my opinion for a long time that the record companies are just trying to eek out a business model that no longer works... there will always be those who copy regardless and equally those who want to pay.... I just reserve my paying for something I "own" in that I can hold it and play it where I want... I'd give up being able to touch it ... if I could keep the file myself in an open format... I don't even own a standalone Cd player anymore anyway... :D
  25. You can find a list of valid ones here http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt I can't exactly see why the Mac is invalid? Other than 00-18-37 (hex) Universal ABIT Co., Ltd. but even thought its not correct for the vendor Im not sure why its invalid?? anyway a £3 solves the problem :D but Im wondering of you couldn't have just bypassed udev completely? http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/changemac see but of course you would need to exclude this from failing on udev by excluding it or you are still left with the escalting number problem...?
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