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    pulse audio

    What are the benefits of pulse audio?
  2. SilverSurfer60

    pulse audio

    Try disabling pulse audio in mcc. That works for me.
  3. Hi tfi, you may want to disable pulse audio in mcc. Then depending on what card your system reports it as you should get some more options in the sound control setup in KDE, if you are running KDE that is. I have a laptop the creates an awful scratchy type sound if I have the modem speaker unmuted. My pc gives me the same mixer control as you describe with pulse enabled. Disable pulse and see what you get.
  4. You can count me in Paul. As Dexter11 says there's nowt much to talk about yet.
  5. SilverSurfer60


    The link is working for me as is the address which I have bookmarked.
  6. Thank you Ian, I have just tried brasero and found the problem. The image won't fit on a cd. B) You'd think with my experience I would have noticed this. Just goes to show how one can overlook the obvious. I hope someone else can benefit from this. Thanks again Ian.
  7. I've had a pair of DVD/CD writers for a couple of years and always been able to write to cd's on both units. I've installed 2010.1 a little while back. I now want to write to a cd. Oh No. Both my units are classed as DVD/Blue Ray in K3b and won't write to cd. I can't find any writings about it. Has anybody any ideas please.
  8. Agreed that relax is the order of the day. Nexus has some real valid points. It's no good jumping the gun and being negative about this. We have enough with the daily press reading the future. To answer your question Nexus, if Mandriva management don't know how business works they wouldn't be in the commanding positions that they are. Maybe they don't know how the Linux community works. That's different from business. A great many people cannot understand someone else having a passion and not earning big bucks for providing something. After all the real Linux community are passionate hobbyists. Same as Paul who runs this very forum because he enjoys doing so. Relax man!
  9. So in other words it's a complete mess. Thank you Ian. I did find a workable rpm right here on our own sight supplied by one of our own members. I think you should see the reply I gave the man. This is not doing the name of Linux any good, in fact it's going backwards don't you think. I still love it mind you and will stick with it.
  10. As most of you know I've been with Mandrake/Mandriva for a couple of years now. I was always under the impression that the distribution was based around Red Hat. That assumption has been now brought into question. I have been toying with building Mysql-Workbench from the source files from the mysql website. During the process I came across some dependencies and discovered they were more pertinent to Fedora. The question is Are we Fedora rpm based, Redhat rpm based or a mixture of the two? I am confused. Easily done for me I know. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  11. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you once again. Your work is appreciated. No I have learn how to use all the information I have in front of me. It gets harder as one gets older. But I will persevere.
  12. Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately I have come across a problem, and this happens with any workbench.rpm, except from the official mirrors. When I try to install I get an error say the package needs pexpect. It is already installed. Have you any ideas as what is wrong please? What a wally I am. I was trying to install a package I had downloaded from the MYSQL website. Your package has installed. Now to try it out.
  13. Just to add to what John says, read the list very carefully.
  14. Of course one could read the errata posting the Spineynorman has kindly put up for us. The answer is there. Thank you Spineynorman.
  15. Guess nobody knows. Anyway now made a dual boot with both versions sharing all but the boot partitions. I can play about as much as I like knowing I have a working system if it all goes *its up.
  16. My answer will not help you get flashplayer running for you. I couldn't get it to work either on an x86 64bit. Finish up I downgraded to the 32bit version of Mandriva. Installed the version from Adobe site and it works without problems. As well as flashplayer not working correctly I had a major problem with a program that I wrote which accesses a Mysql database on a remote server. Short of re-working the application there was no alternative but to downgrade. To be honest I didn't see any improvement by using the 64bit version. So unless anyone comes up with the solution for you you may think about installing the 32 bit version.
  17. The magic brush has been at work here as well.
  18. Sorry John I can't help with this one.
  19. Sorry you are having so much trouble erniev. I may have misled you a little with the instructions. The ndiswrapper -e does not require a path to the filename. Just supply the name as given in the list by ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper will delete it. By the path that you have given in your last post I take it you have copied the *.inf & *.sys files to your computer. Do you have access to Windows 98 and other Windows drivers? Sometimes a different flavour of Windows driver will work. It's a bit of messing about but there is no way of telling you which driver to use. There is a website devoted to ndiswrapper, or there used to be, maybe you could find the information on there. I have installed a few wireless cards in the past and not had this much trouble.
  20. From your list of drivers I see there are two for the same card one with an 'a' as appendix. This maybe confusing ndiswrapper. I would suggest removing both of those drivers with ndiswrapper -e [followed by the driver name as listed in a konsole. Do this for both drivers. The reinstall one at a time. If one does not work uninstall it before installing the next one. The install command is ndiswrapper -i [followed by the full path of the .inf file] It is possible you may need to try a Windows98 Driver instead of XP. There is a wiki page that lists all known drivers required for given wireless chips. You would need to find out what chip the card uses and do a google search and then search the database on the wiki for you chip. Also to help there is a man page for ndiswrapper that lists all the command options. I hope this makes sense to you.
  21. As part of a fault finding process I would check the driver for the card was in fact loaded for ndiswrapper. If you haven't already done so issue the following commands in a konsole. ndiswrapper -l note that is a lowercase L. This will give you a list of drivers installed and will tell you if the hardware is present. If you get an error or no drivers listed then the driver needs to be installed. I usually do this manually in a konsole. If you are not sure about this please let us know.
  22. Well I have used a Belkin Wireless G Notebook Card (F5D7010) with ndiswrapper and the Windows XP driver successfully for quite a while now with Mandriva 2010. I use wpa2 encryption which is a piece of cake to set up. Have you tried using ndiswrapper?
  23. I would be a bit careful of removing any actual apparently unused kernels as there may be occasions when the libraries are accessed. As you rightly say the easiest way to clean the grub menu is via mcc. Just leave the entries you want. If you really wish to get rid of all excess baggage then a clean install may be the way to go.
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