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    Gimp 2.6

    Gimp 2.6 is released. Read the Release Notes for details.
  2. What did you try so far? Anyway you can try to click on the icon in the upper left corner (FF logo in your pic) and choose Special\Special window settings (or something similar I don't use English here). But if memory serves well that not only maximizes FF but all its pop-up windows too. So if you got a message or want to save a file etc those windows will be maximized too.
  3. There's a bug in 3.0.2 caused by bad converting of ASCII to Utf-8. If you have this bug than you can't access your old saved passwords and you can't save new ones. from: http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev...47739c7e3345f0# The solution is to either 1, create a new profile and you can save new passwords, you can't use the old ones though 2, edit signons3.txt in your profile and remove non-ASCII characters or convert them to UTF-8 3, wait for FF 3.0.3
  4. X.org 7.4. has been released. Phoronix has a detailed overview of the new features and those which didn't make it into this release. Firefox and 3.0.2 has also been released. These are security updates and Mozilla strongly suggests upgrading to one of these releases. You can see which vulnerabilities were patched here (FF and here (FF 3.0.2).
  5. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Mandriva-20...1-1-92970.shtml
  6. This is not the official Mandriva package. Official Mandriva packages use the mdv or mnb (for the core packages only) letters. looks like you used Google to find Mandriva packages, as you wrote, but didn't find the official ones. You can add them with a few clicks with MCC.
  7. If you can't wait until Mandriva 2009 comes out your best option is to find Mandriva packages of KDE 3.5.10 in an unofficial repo. So check (Google for them) Mandriva Italia Backports or MDE. Or search for other unofficial repos. I checked Seer Of Souls but I couldn't find any KDE packages. Maybe Hawkwind will make them later I don't know.
  8. dexter11

    KDE 4.1.1

    The KDE community ships the first translation and service release of the 4.1 free desktop, containing numerous bugfixes, performance improvements and translation updates. Read the Release Announcement. The Changelog is here.
  9. The EULA has already been changed. The technology (one process per tab) is very promising. I wonder if this is the way Opera is working because it is very stable here apart from minor glitches. Since it's BSD licensed nothing stops anyone to use the technology if it's really that good, as ffi pointed out but only a few noticed on the web. As for me I rather use a browser which is released at the same time to all supported platforms and has some adblocking which is unlikely in a Google browser. But the question remains. Why did they do it?
  10. Thanks. I think I found it on kde-look.org. Though I'm not sure.
  11. This way is very convinient: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Docs/Basic_tas...tions_available Of course since it's official it doesn't add the plf mirrors.
  12. The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.5.10. While not a very exciting release in terms of features, 3.5.10 brings a couple of nice bugfixes and translation updates to those who choose to stay with KDE 3.5. The fixes are thinly spread across KPDF with a number of crash fixes, KGPG and probably most interesting various fixes in kicker, KDE3's panel: * Improved visibility on transparent backgrounds * Themed arrow buttons in applets that were missing them * Layout and antialiasing fixes in various applets Official announcement, Changelog
  13. You should install GRUB into the MBR of the default hd, I guess that would be the first. Why Linux doesn't start is a different issue. Try pressing ESC right after you selected Linux. And copy here the last messages you see.
  14. Most browser implementors are quick to adopt emerging Internet technologies, but Microsoft can't or won't make Internet Explorer a modern web browser. Its mediocrity has arguably hampered the evolution of the web and forced many site designers to depend on suboptimal proprietary solutions. IE's shortcomings won't hold back the Internet for much longer, however, because Mozilla plans to drag IE into the next generation of open web technologies without Microsoft's help. One of the first steps towards achieving this goal is a new experimental plugin that adapts Mozilla's implementation of the HTML5 Canvas element so that it can be used in Internet Explorer. Read more...
  15. The AMD Catalyst 8.8 Proprietary Linux Driver has been released. The new features of the new driver are: CrossfireX support - This allows the graphics rendering workload to be split between multiple Radeon GPUs to deliver faster performance. For more, see the phoronix.com article with pics (warning 10 pages long). Adaptive Anti-Aliasing - this improves the quality of images by anti aliasing the transparent pictures. Linux kernel 2.6.26 support ATI OverDriveâ„¢ official overclocking utility (see Phoronix.com article) support of Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.2 and 4.7 ATI MultiViewâ„¢ You can read the Release Notes. The driver can be downloaded from the AMD website.
  16. One practical aspect is that you use the GPU to draw windows not the CPU. About it's all eyeycandy: I think it's at least 70% true for Compiz fusion. OTOH when I used Metisse I really liked it. But it wasn't too stable like compiz. But that was a long ago.
  17. No you can still use OpenOffice since Lotus Symphony IS OpenOffice. At least it's largely based on it and from what I heard it's not a positive change.
  18. SPE, along with a lot of other things, is in the Mandriva repos. Version 0.8.2.a_wx2.6.1.0-2mdv2008.1 is in contrib. I don't know if it's the latest or not but before installing an rpm file which is designed to run on an other distro (bad idea) try searching in the software installer.
  19. Which latest kernel? The latest kernel for Mandriva 2008 should be automatically downloaded and installed with the update applet. The latest vanila kernel from kernel.org won't really work since Mandriva is using a lot of patches, mainly for better hardware compatibility.
  20. The new Linux Developer Network has started. It is giving help for Linux application writers, ISVs with documentation and some helpful applications. As the first application, they released the first beta of Linux Application Checker. This checks your application compatibility. Which distro will it run on? Is it LSB compliant? And it gives advice for better portability.
  21. For those who try to install Flash this way: there is an rpm package of Flash. Just install it and it works under Mandriva.
  22. Never tried it myself but I know that Mandriva is using their own utility called draklive to create live CDs. Anyway did you read this topic: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=44188
  23. NVIDIA Linux Display Driver 173.14.12 was released yesterday. New features are: Added support for GeForce 8600 GS. Fixed a problem with missing rendering in OpenGL Workstation Overlays. Fixed a problem with running some SDL applications and virtual terminal switching. Fixed a potential crash in nvidia-settings when saving to the X configuration file. Improved error recovery paths in the case of corruption of the commands sent to the GPU. Can be downloaded for Linux x86 , Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T), Solaris x64/x86 , FreeBSD x86 Also ATI Catalyst 8.7 Proprietary Linux Display driver was released more than a week ago. It's mainly a bugfix release. Now it officially supports Ubuntu 8.04, SLED 10 SP2 and openSuSE 11 but still no support for Linux kernel 2.6.26. You can read the Release Notes for the other new features. Can be downloaded for Linux x86 and Linux x64.
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