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  1. Have you tried simply mounting it somewhere to check if the file you need is still in tact? You can mount the file like this from any Linux OS: # mount -o loop <loopfile> /mnt/younameit
  2. Hi, great! Thanks for spreading the word! World domination will be ours!
  3. Huh... this is the same netbook that wouldn't boot beta3? Veeeeery strange but great it works so well! :)
  4. The release candidate is here! Not much has changed since beta3, just some minor issues were fixed. If no new issues are found, this one will be renamed to final. :) See the official announcement here: http://www.mandrivaclub.nl/site/index.php?showtopic=11266
  5. I'm afraid we cannot solve this one for you. If it would at least start to boot, we could see where it hangs and try to solve that, but this can only be a bios issue in my opinion. Bummer. :(
  6. Seems right indeed... What do you see when you try to boot the stick? Doesn't it boot at all? Do you get the graphical boot menu?
  7. Lets get back to the basics, what commands do you use to put the image on the stick? What steps *exactly*?
  8. Hi.. this is a strange issue, but I do not believe it has anything to do with "Kris" at all, but more on the stick (or the machine) as you suggest yourself. Have you tried Mandriva-Seed to dump the image on a stick?
  9. And here it is! The third beta! Kinda hoped to be releasing the first RC now, but since some big troubles were found in the second beta I thought it would be a good idea to do one quick beta before. Download Beta 3 can be directly downloaded from the mcnlive.info site at this point. The mirrors don't have it yet. http://www.mcnlive.info/downloads/mcnlive-kris-beta3.iso MD5: 073b4739443fb07389428b23364c2e18 Most significant changes since beta 2: The new bootoption "nomount" is introduced to prevent the system to mount your local partition on boot. This option is in the menu as well to make your life a bit easyer. ;) Some more control over the halt script. The remaster script does not touch it anymore. The hmconfig script now checks if it is running "live" and removes the live halt if not. The init script now checks if the halt script is there already and doesn't replace it if our script is already there. Fonts in KDE should look a lot better. :)
  10. Update 03-18-2010: The second beta has hit the mirrors! Most important changes since the first beta: - Mounting local partitions when using copy2ram has been fixed. - The remaster script now checks if there is a partition for the temp files before going on. - The vesa bootoption now places a default xorg.conf when none was written by drakx11. - Antialias settings have been fixed. - Allowed root login through KDM.
  11. Hi, great to hear it is working well for you! :) There are still some issues with it, but most seems to work pretty well. For example, local disks are not mounted in copy2ram mode, which is a problem when you like to do a remaster as there is no partition to place the temp files on. This is fixed in my new config script which will be on the next beta. Besides the remaster script now quits with an error if there is no partition to place the temp files on, instead of just going on and crash because of low memory. :P The vesa bootoption is not 100% as well, since it relies on drakx11 to write a xorg.conf. In the next version, if no config file is written it places a default vesa xorg.conf in place. Furthermore, Kris (the person, not the iso :D) doesn't like the antialias settings, but somehow the preconfigured settings won't stay in place... have to look into that once more. :)
  12. Well, in that case it might be a good idea to create a new topic about the beta for questions? This in order to prevent loads of topics about a beta as you cannot expect anything to work just fine when using a beta. Besides, its hard for us to keep track of all issues when people just post their questions anywhere.
  13. Please note that "Kris" is still in beta, please ask your questions about that version in the announcement topic here: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?/topic/101143-mcnlive-kris-beta/ or directly at mcnl here: http://www.mandrivaclub.nl/site/index.php?showtopic=11226 Do you still have a problem or was the problem just that you didn't know the password for user "live"? :) We should have mentioned that in the announcement... sorry for that.
  14. MCNLive Kris - BETA/RC After a few years of silence around MCNLive, here we are again with a brand new MCNLive release, based on Mandriva 2010.0! It won't have all the nice features you might remember from MCNLive, but the most important things are there. Copy2ram is present, remastering on-the-fly is possible again and even booting from USB is no problem at all! Note that the way MCNLive is put on an USB stick has slightly changed. There is no wizard for this anymore, but you can simply dd the iso image to your stick, just like Mandriva One. You should even be able to use Mandriva Seed to put the image on your stick! :) As I said, there are things which we didn't got running (which doesn't mean it won't return in a next release, just not on "Kris"). For example persistent changes with a loopfile are not possible. Also the boot screens are not graphical (the boot menu still is though). Since you need a lot more memory to run Mandriva 2010.0 with KDE 4.3 then you needed to have in order to run Mandriva 2007.1 with KDE 3.5, we added a bootoption 'useswap', which searches your drive for swap partitions and enables them, giving you some more space to breathe in. ;) The name "Kris" Kris is offcourse the nickname of the original MCNLive maintainer, so in some way this can be seen as a tribute to her work. On the other hand, a kris or keris can be a weapon, which is processed in the wallpaper. ISO contents MCNLive Kris is based upon a fully updated Mandriva 2010.0 release, with KDE SC 4.3 as desktop environment. SMplayer is added for your multimedia needs and since we do have a remaster option, we added K3B to enable you to burn the remaster directly. :) Firefox is the default web browser but you can use Konqueror from the menu if you wish. As you see, "Kris" is not filled with loads of software, but since you are able to remaster it you can easily create your own version with the pieces of software you need. :icon_idea: Beta testing While most should work fine, it can perfectly be that it won't work on your hardware. Besides you might find some issues we haven't found ourselves. If you run into problems running "Kris", please let us know by replying in this topic. Please do not reply with "it doesn't work", but try to ground your reply. One small side note: if your hardware doesn't work on Mandriva One, it probably won't on MCNLive either. In case of hardware problems, the output of this command can be very helpful: lspcidrake -v Putting "Kris" on USB As said, you should be able to use Mandriva Seed, but if you're not affraid to use the command-line you can easily use the dd-command. Note that you put the image over the whole stick, not on a partition so you lose all contents of the stick! dd if=mcnlive-kris-beta1.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M && sync Where you change sdX into the device of your choice. Please be careful selecting the right device or you might overwrite your harddrive. ;) Download You can download the beta on one of these mirrors: ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/man...l/mcnlive/Kris/ ftp://ftp.surfnet.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/m...l/mcnlive/Kris/ If you like torrents, you can check out our page on OssT: http://www.osst.co.uk/Download/?id=32
  15. Just a small teaser: a screenshot of the upcoming public beta:
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