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    time flys when you're having fun. my bad, it is 2010.0 im using and 2010.1 i'm hoping will improve things. to recap Eschalon worked ok in 2008, worked great in 2008.1 but unplayably slow in 2009 and 2009.1 In going to 2009 I had to change to xorg video drivers. and eschalon no longer worked. And with 2010 there has been no improvement. I liked the eschalon game, and the sequel is about to come out, buy I dont want to invest if its going to be as problematic. (these are linux games) Thanks Nic This is a laptop, hp zv5000, 512 ram, with a nvidia 3200 video card.
  2. synthecin


    It's been a long time and you helped me in the past, I'm back for more help. Eschalon a rpg game, ran very well on mandriva 2008.0 and .1 However on 2009 it runs incredibly slowly, the music and actual graphics are fine, but the mouse movement is very jerky and the play is almost standstill. I am using a hp laptop (old) with a nvideo 3200 vidoe card. and a xorg driver. any help would be appreciated. thanks Nic PS. video in general was better in 2008.1 than it has in 2009, I'm hoping 2009.1 will improve matters as 2008.1 over 2008 did.
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    First of all I'm a big Opera fan. but...... I have been using opera's built in e-mail. But with so many issues with flash, I find myself starting to use FF a bit more often. That of course means if I want to check my e=mail I have to open opera again. So I thought I'd try Kmail Is this a good idea? and how do you set it to auto check for mail and notify you? Thanks Nic
  4. Edit: I figuered it myself, Quite proud, thumping my chest right now. Had to do with installing libcurl.so.3 tx anyway
  5. Well, I did it again. Broke something that didn't need fixing. I had flash working reasonably well, but in trying to make some improvement on my own rather than wait for the next release, I somehow uninstalled my existing flash, as I was trying to download and install the latest beta. End result is opera is not seeing the new flash, (it's not showing in the plugin list). How do I tell opera where it is? Thanks Nic PS also asked at opera Forum jump:
  6. does it run from the live cd? I had a similar problem, turned out the iso was corrupted. It took several attempts to download a clean one, but once done everything went smoothly
  7. Also posted in mandriva forum 1st Problem --- When the software management programs starts up I get a window stating Fatal error could not find mirror in $mirrorlist after clicking ok on about 15 of this boxes a mirror is finally accessed. How do I get rid of these bogus mirrors? 2nd Problem, --- I've down loaded flash 9 something. and when I run it's rpm installer I get window saying it could not find the mirror in the $mirrorlist. I click on ok, and it ends the program. How do I install flash Thanks Nic
  8. In KDE if a program hung, I could kill it with Ctrl/alt/dlte But since I changed to KDE4 nothing happens, regardless of what combination of Keys I use,. I've tried Cnt/Esc, Ctrl/ALT/Esc, Ctrl/ALT/Delete Can it be done? Nic The need for this is that sometimes when I close Opera 9.51, and then try to reopen it, I get a pop up that tells me that Opera is already running, do I want to start another. This 1st instance of opera is nowhere to be found. (I closed it that is why I'm trying to reopen it). So, I'm forced to start this 2nd instance or reboot. While I'm at it. If I do choose to reboot. (or on any fresh start for that matter), once having done so, I have no internet connection. I must first unplug my modem cable, wait a moment, a pop up then appears that says I have lost my connection. Next I Plug the cable back in, at which point I get a pop up telling me that I now have a connection. Once this is done, I then able to connect to the internet. Isn't that odd. Any suggestions. Nic [moved from Tips & Tricks by spinynorman]
  9. Hmm, maybe the above was too convoluted, let me try to simpliify. Internest access. (I have DSL) On Starting up the Computer. Mandriva does not connect to the internet. I need to physcally unplug the DSL cable (at which point I get a box saying Ethonet 1 is down) Plug it back in (I then get a box saying Ethonet is up) And voila I have internet service again. Why isn't Mandriva able to see and connect to the internet with boot up. Why do I have to to unplug tht cable and reinsert it. PS. Turning the modem off and back on give me a connection to. Thanks Nic
  10. First of all, I don't really know what I'm doing. That admitted. I Tried to install Gnome over my KDE4 But I could not find task-Gnome for some reason in the manager, So I just sellected all. After what seemed like hours of downloading I still didnt have Gnome. So I removed all the Gnome files with manager. And gave up on it for a while. (I did later find Task=Gnome and installed it, and it seemed to work fine) IN the meantime However, This is the odd part, My internet connection would sometimes dissappear. and The only way I had success in getting it back was buy unplugging the modem and plugging it back in again, and there it would be again. Just when I lose my Internet connection, I'm not quite sure. But it seems to be when I turn the computer off and restart it. I am not positive about this. The other odd thing, is that about the same time I upgraded to Opera 9.51, Everyonce in a while I get this message saying that OperaPluginWarpper has Crashed. And I send the suggested Bug Report, But I'm not sure what it's talking about, because everyseems to work ok. (no Crash in other words) As for Gnome, Looks good, Think I stick with KDE4 though. But would like to solve that odd thing of losing the internet connection. And now that I've reported the Bug. I'd like that to go away to. Thanks for any help Nic
  11. how about this one http://incrediblehulk.marvel.com/ works fine in firefox, But in opera, i just get a grey box And there's this one http://www.expelledthemovie.com/playground.php ... actually this one works and there's http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/wa...mall/final.html Thanks Nic
  12. I thought I had all my sound problems resolved. It works great on ghe game Eschalon it works pretty good on youtube. But when I try to run a movie trailer there is no sound. I'm using opera 9.5 ...... Just tried firefox, seems to work fine there. must be a opera problem anyway any ideas Thanks Nic [moved from Games by Greg2]
  13. Thanks, It's up and running perfectly now. And just in time as I have a part tonight. Thanks Nic
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